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Just a thought - have you considered getting plantable seed paper for your DVD holder thingie deals? You know, so that when folks have put everything from the disc onto their fancy technology, they can go plant the holder deal and then there will be flowers or herbs or lettuce or something leafy grown from it. I mention it because it seems a responsible resource use kind of thing, and you seem to be that kind of guy. Quite the cool notion, to my mind. I know that there are paper companies out West that make such stuff. @porridgepapers in Lincoln, NE (which is not the same as the West Coast) is the only place that I can think of, but that's because they are the ones that I know! (natch) Also, very happy the DVDs were so popular. Something I would enjoy to have, yes. "Sleeves" yep. the word is sleeves. ~Sarah
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This has been making me happy all week. Well, this and knowing that all of my friends are watching it repeatedly at their workplaces. My history entertains my friends and confuses the professors. What joy! Thanks for posting it!
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1) I absolutely love that so many of those activities that seemed kind of silly or not terribly worthwhile by the time I got into my 20s have become so much a part of my creative process now that I'm, well, not in my 20s anymore (thank you, Whoever). 2) also, I am fully prepared for your leadership as I practice grocery store dancing with a certain disturbing level of regularity. Usually to "Walking on Sunshine" or "Life is a Highway" or, well, anything that I know even half of the words to. 3) Good Luck on the Goth Xmas-ness. (is that a valid holiday wish yet?) Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it much.
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