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I love my digital editions, but I would love to bookcross this book. (check out for explanation) I think it could be a good way to get more readers and donations. A lot of authors actually give out free early copies just to get them passed around the site. Plus, setting up this book in a public place for someone to discover could be hilarious.
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As another immuno-suppressed person, I totally get the no-contact rule. I would also recommend, as others have, to find some way to sanitize the the dice before you handle them. On a slight tangent, I went to LeakyCon (Harry Potter con) last year where there was a massive swine flu outbreak. Somehow, I didn't get it. The only pattern we noticed was that the people who got very little sleep, got sick. So, get enough sleep! *Nerdfighter salute*
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Aug 9, 2010