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Sarah Stewart
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Whenever someone accidentally turns off the Xbox when trying to turn off a controller instead, we call it "doing a Wheaton" because of this story. ;)
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Regarding Rock Band at ECCC: I was the band leader and guitarist for your opening act. I realized, in retrospect (hindsight is 20/20 after all) that YOU should have been on vocals or guitar for the first song, not in the back on drums. It was your show, man! People should have been able to SEE you for the first song. But the two random folks I got teamed up with could only play bass and vocals (sort of), respectively. And, while I could have drummed (I play everything, even sing and guitar at the same time both on Expert, however I'm weakest on drums), but I wanted to show off my mad guitar skills. Which, given I saved our poor singer, did come in handy. I would have loved to have played in your Dungeon Delve, but there was no advertising for it. I asked various con-staffers about it, but none of them seemed to know anything. I learned on Sunday about your Twitter post - alas that I do not have remote Twitter! Anyway, it was really fun jamming with you, even if you were behind and to the far right of me. And playing, even a toy guitar, in front of that many folks is pretty darn amazing. I'd happily play Rock Band with you any time you're in Seattle! I thought you were awesome (certainly compared to many of the other folks on that stage). It's just wonderfully geeky fun to play a toy guitar pretending your a real band in front of a real, excited, geeky crowd! Thank you so much! -Sarah
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Mar 19, 2010