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Sara J McBride
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The post from Ed H about the percentage of female readers got me thinking about what the percentage is, of course, no way to tell. I read TOP every day, posted once or twice and have emailed Mike about a car he was selling (Yay Miatas!). Then I thought... "Not a lot of females? Better chance of winning!" (Yay me!)
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2014 on For Women Readers at The Online Photographer
I considered an addition to my home as I have my Epson 3800 is in my living room and my work desk and two other printers in my bedroom. The builder I spoke with advised adding a second floor as I couldn't add a room to the main floor due to the house sitting in a flood plain. Besides the cost, I realized it would be more square feet to clean! Work area still in bedroom, Epson still in living room. And as I'm the person who has to live with it, I'm happy with the arrangement.
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Apr 5, 2013