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It's sad that Mel Gibson, a very talented, passionate and visionary artist could end up in this trap. I understand he may have made some mistakes but he has apologized for them and lots of people say all kinds of things they don't mean that are totally not politically correct why is he any different? That he is a celebrity? Well in that case the public should stop snooping into celebrity's private lives and then publicizing their private thoughts and comments. But getting to this case, its very clear that she is out to extort him by using his weaknesses and pushing all his buttons. If her primary concern is indeed about domestic violence then instead of publically humuliating a man you say you love or at least loved going in to the relationship, and who is especially the father of your child why doesn't she really make efforts to work it out with him in private and if really there is no hope still, indeed seperate in a way that is fair to both people again in private and if she feels she wants to pursue idea of making a difference with "domestic violence" issues she can go volunteer her time towards that then again in private. Sorry but this just wreaks of obvious extortion and of a girl who couldn't manage to get the level of life she desired on her own and now she is middle aged and pretty soon won't be able to rely on her looks anymore either as she has been so is trying to take the "easy" road out by using someone to get a better lifestyle secured for herself. Yawn.
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Nov 22, 2010