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Saul Quinn
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Rick Perry is collecting points all right. Most of the time he seems to get away from the subject. What is Rick Perry doing now? This is insane. I think he is just trying to dog the fact that he is gay. Some are reminded by old articles regarding his fling with the former Texas Secretary of State, Geoff Conner. The year was 1984 and this love trist almost cost him his rocky marriage. No wonder Rick Perry with a college GPA of 2.0 is trying to think of other topics. What is next? Watch out for the next time the teleprompter fails. If he has to speak live you can expect stupidity. Who would have thought that Rick Perry was so inclined. Bashing gay marriage is a form of denial. You have problems in your past. So what is really going on between you and the Koch Brothers? Frankly I don't care. But why not give Geoff Conner a lie detector. Get it over with. Vent your inner feelings on live CNN.
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Sep 20, 2011