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Cristian Fernandez was barely 12 when Angela Corey sought two indictments for him. If convicted he will receive the mandatory sentence of life without parole. When the defense rejected a plea deal that could have exposed him to time in an adult prison along with having to carry a felony murder conviction she retaliated by seeking a THIRD indictment for a charge she had been sitting on for EIGHT months. David's death was not intentional. His mother waited six hours to seek help for him upon learning of his injury. Doctors said if she had acted sooner he might have lived. This child has been physically and sexually abused his whole life. What Angela Corey is doing to him is unconscionable. Hopefully she will do the right thing for Trayvon because she has said repeatedly she does not "prosecute by petition". She ignored what more than 182,000 people said when they asked her to move Cristian's case back to juvenile court.
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Mar 22, 2012