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Armando, you are forgetting that Beck was a 2nd round pick & that most of the talented QB's are gone by the 2nd round. The QB's you have mentioned were all 1st round picks & hurt teams badly financially because they didn't work out. Here is list of all of the 2nd round QBs taken since 1996. Keep this in mind the talent here is far below that of the QBs taken in the 1st round & also that QBs without 1st round talent may take longer to develop. 1995 - Kordell Stewart 1996 - Tony Banks 1997 - Jake Plummer 1998 - Charlie Batch 1999 - Shaun King 2001 - Drew Brees 2001 - Quincy Carter 2006 - Tavaris Jackson 2007 - Kevin Kolb 2007 - John Beck 2007 - Drew Stanton
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