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Kim- So glad you profiled this movie. I saw it in its theatrical run, believe it or not, and was excited to own it when it eventually came out on DVD. Sadly, I've never seen one of those you mentioned and I don't even have a VCR anymore. Anyway, I hope somebody reissues this because it takes the absolute right approach to Willeford's book. I was worried it would turn into a sleazy soap opera when I thought about how one might adapt it, but I agree Devor took just the right sardonic tone, and Warburton was the perfect choice to play this guy. Sorry my comments about the movie are so general, but I haven't seen it in 12 years. Maybe if we all keep blogging and writing about it, somebody somewhere will step up and take notice.
Toggle Commented May 21, 2012 on Mad Man: The Woman Chaser at Sunset Gun
If aggregating all online talk is anything, it looks like Avatar will win--although I'm pleasantly surprised at how many peeps are talking about The Hurt Locker as well: It'll be interesting to see if there's any correlation between online chatter and the winner...we''ll know Sunday! Continue reading
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Mar 4, 2010