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Rob Schellinger
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What the heck? The SCOAMF isn't running on any issues and has nothing to prove himself on any of these mentioned above. Handling foreign policy? Really? Ambassadors and soldiers are slaughtered and he runs off to party with Beyonce and Jay-Z? Really? Did the poll ask those 52% what the heck his foreign policy even is? We don't have a President. We have a contender for MTV Cribs.
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"For many Cuban-American Republicans, dressing up like Che is no laughing matter." Which ones? Did you poll all of them? The point of dressing up like Che and Fidel is to mock them and the liberals who wish to be like them. CommunistsForKerry and the ensuing ThePeoplesCube are satire sites. Perhaps the Herald needs to pull out their handy dictionaries from time to time. Comrade ConservativeMuzhelozhstvo
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Somebody's been spendin' too much time and money at Col. Bubbies'.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2010 on Poseur Alert- Do you know this wanker? at BlackFive
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Jan 18, 2010