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Interesting points in the article, most of it makes sense. OTOH, what if we think of computer languages like human languages, in many high schools in the US, students are required to take something like two years of foreign language instruction, what if we treated computer languages like that? Much of what you're saying applies to learning a foreign language, how many people actually make use of their year or two of high school French? But at the same time, if you took Spanish in the US, you might've had opportunity and motive to continue with it; you might've found the need to speak Spanish, even if that need wasn't there at first. I think this analogizes to computer languages too, you'd need to have a basic background in order to be ready /if/ the need arises. If you lived in India and took Russian, or in the US and took Latin, that need might never arise, but some in the former will happen to take English and some in the latter will happen to take Spanish, and they're better off and their society too is probably better off because they did. Of course, realistically, it would probably be more beneficial for every computer class to be swapped with Spanish anyway! Flipping things around a bit, many high schools offer classes on things like "MS Excel" and the like. What if those classes were replaced with "Python" or "C++" or something? Why use excel to manage tables when programming can do that?
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Nov 9, 2010