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Bradley Schenck
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I used Createspace for my book, too - it's in full color, and they're the only company that could do that at a reasonable cost. The quality's great, too, so I don't think you're making a trade-off there. Also, I second the vote for Kickstarter! I've got a drive on now for a limited hardcover edition of my new book and hopefully that'll work out as well as my last fundraiser there.
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This will look complicated, but I bookmarked a post awhile back because it's such a clever way to automate order processing for any kind of digital file. Here it is: ...and in fact it's not complicated, once you follow the description through. Edit: this was, erm, in reference to your audio books distribution. Silly me.
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As I'm an old codger, this is my favorite thing about the way the world's changed - the barriers to publishing and marketing a creative person's work are so low now it's like a wholly different thing. Oh. Right. It is. Last time you blogged about this I pointed you at my Retropolis, which you seemed to like; since then I've gotten excited and made something a bit different, which is here: That's a whole form of publishing that didn't exist when I was a wee sprat. As much as I'd still like my flying car... that's pretty cool.
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You know that bleary eyed old codger who sits in his chair, staring out into space, and then suddenly comes out with a bizarre non sequitur that doesn't make any sense at all until you realize that he's just replied to something you said six months ago? That would be me. My new old school: Thrilling Tales of the Downright Unusual My second non sequitur: I actually drew the maps for the first D&D module of all time. How weird is that?
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Jul 2, 2010