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Sounds like my worst fear will be realized, Cam Cameron and his moronic indecision and the yanking of Beck in and out of the lineup has destroyed Beck's confidence and he may be a lost cause already. It is so sad how many young QB's end up getting wasted by these horrible, "try to save my ass at all costs" NFL coaches. Say it with me Dolphin fans - DON'T PLAY HENNE THIS SEASON, LET HIM WATCH AND LEARN. By the way, this is why having Parcells around is so important, he has job security as long as he wants it and therefore so do his hand chosen coaches, his hand will not be forced by losing this year. Keep in mind how long he kept Romo in Dallas on the sidelines.
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We have a veteran WR - Ernest Wilford is his name. Sign Glenn don't sign Glenn it won't matter, he'll get hurt and won't be a factor. That is the story of a 34 year old, history of injuries WR. Personally, I would venture a guess that a less injury prone, veteran WR will shake loose during the preseason from another team so why rush to sign Glenn? It's not like he will be getting a lot of offers from around the league. Why else would he even consider signing with this going nowhere this season team otherwise?
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History Repeats itself indeed: (taken from Edvard Radzinsky's "The Rasputin File") - January 1914, Russia,"...and Bark (my note - think Paulson) was appointed Minister of Finance(in Tsarist Russia). It was the first time that a state rather than a church appointment had come about at Rasputin's prompting (Rasputin - famous common Peasant who had massive influence with the last Tsar of Russia, he was eventually assassinated) Of course, what had taken place was not merely the appointment of a new minister of finance but a revolution, one which Rasputin did not understand. He only knew that money was now being managed by one of 'ours' (think Goldman Sachs). In fact, it was the end of the policy conducted by Stolypin (former Russian Prime Minister, assassinated by the State) and continued by Kokovstev (Prime Minister retired by the State for not towing the Tsarist/Rasputin line). A minister of finance had been appointed who was a PROTEGE OF THE MIGHTY BANKS. THOSE BANKS WOULD NOW THROUGH THEIR MINISTER OF FINANCE BEGIN RUNNING THE FINANCES OF THE QUASI-FEUDAL STATE. Filippov (a witness during this time) who was himself a banker and knew the machinations of banking from the inside, provided an explanation in the File (investigative file re Rasputin's influence on the last Tsar of Russia): 'Bark (Paulson)...gave the banks promissory notes...[which] began the WIDESPREAD SUBSIDIZATION (Bailouts) OF PRIVATE BANKS WITH STATE FUNDS, ALLEGEDLY IN SUPPORT OF INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES...THE FUNDS WERE THEN USED BY THE BANKING CHIEFS TO PURCHASE STOCK CERTIFICATES AND SPECULATE ON THEIR FALL (Shorting Stocks has a long history indeed!), which would PROVE ESPECIALLY DANGEROUS IN THE INITIAL PERIOD OF THE WAR (WWI)..." See we're not like the Soviet Union prior to its demise, we're like Tsarist Russia prior to the execution of the last Tsar. Amazing isn't it?