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See, and I never thought Ophelia threw herself in the lake. I thought she was just so far gone at that point that she was in some kind of delerium and fell in the lake. Interpretations abound! :)
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Thank you for this post!! I felt the exact same way in high school, and then I felt kinda guilty years later, like I was a twerp who missed out because of my bad attitude. (Okay, probably that was part of it.) But seriously, the approach in English classes can really destroy the magic of just enjoying a book and not looking behind the curtain to try and analyze why you enjoyed it. I read Hamlet in high school and hated it. ("Resent," your word choice, is exactly it.) Then, a few years back, I watched the Kenneth Branagh version (in a bid to watch everything Rufus Sewell - Branagh's Fortinbras - has been in. I adored it and have since been on a Hamlet journey, watching every version I can find, digging into earlier versions of Hamlet, just reveling in the real pleasure there is in the experience. There's a lot to be enjoyed in studying for pleasure, once the pressure is off.
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There's something kinda cool and charming about the fact that your wife only just now saw (part of) one of your biggest films from your teen era, and she only happened to watch it because it was on TV. I always assumed that actors keep extensive home theater collections of their work and that their families go through and obsessively watch everything they've ever been in. The real version of reality sounds a lot more laid back. :)
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I guess I Facebook too much, because I immediately tried to click "like" on your picture, and there was no "like" button. So... "like," and stuff.
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This was my first-ever Gen Con, just like you (so we're bonded for life, now, right?). I was blown away by it all, and you were the highlight. (You managed to beat out that awesome beholder statue by the Hyatt skywalk to qualify for "highlight" status. go, you!) When I came up to meet you, I was a little dismayed to find myself having an anxiety reaction - I guess your awesomeness was overpowering. :) My hands were shaking really badly when I tried to get my Star Trek collector's card out of the sleeve, so you did it for me - I felt really embarrassed, but you downplayed it. Thanks for being "just this guy, you know?" about it. :) I'm so happy to read that you had a good time at the event. Thanks for the time, energy, focus, and sincerity that you gave to all of us!! -Eva
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Aug 9, 2010