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Kitty Schwanitz
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Lesson learned... Bonnie's dark side is not to be underestimated. Whoa.. just whoa.. Also for the next 48 hours I am only 5 years not 6 years younger then you! *slides a pint* Cheers!
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Totally agree with Dedtarget. My brother made a batch and it needed a while to condition. The early stuff tasted bad. Mmmm good beer. [Homer Drool]
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2012 on on the bottling of my Hefewheaton at WWdN: In Exile
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I really wish I could see Robin Hood, I hear it's been really good! I'm stuck up at the Lake with twins and I don't get down to Cbus as much as I'd like!
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Holy crap.. that didn't seem that long while typing. Shit. Sorry Wil for the Teal Deer. [Awkward Kitty is Awkward]
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If you wear a Red Wings jersey to Ohio I might disown you. Kidding. But only slightly. ;) I won't be at Orgins since we have only 1 car to tackle about 2 weeks of events in 4 days. Don't these people know I NEED to game!?! So in my stead is Jamie Chambers, honorary Cbus person, GAMA awesome guy, friend of Felicia and oh yea he wrote the Firefly RPG. I've instructed him on pain of maiming his dice of all the places that makes Ohio awesome if you feel inclined to venture out (and I would- the food court closes early and is terrible and the big bar on 2 is HUGELY overpriced). If anyone says they are making a run over to the North Market- have them get you some food. It's an open air market with some of the best food in the area- Recomend the Greek place (Honey Mustard Chicken- comes with salad and pita) or the Vietnamese place (#6 Grilled chicken and veggies over noodles and rice plus a summer roll*clear wrap wonton with clear noodles, shrimp and veggies with peanut sauce) and Jeni's is there too(Burbon Pecan, spicy chocolate, brown butter almond brittle, reisling pear sorbet). For anyone going to ORIGINS- Places that are awesome include: Jeni's Icecream - Local produce, locally made, fully awesome Dirty Frank's HotDog Palace- Ever wondered what kimchee or siracha slaw would taste on a hotdog? They have it. Plus a dog with bacon, beef brisket, onion rings and cheese: DOGINATOR Barrel 44- Good Hooch (buy Jamie hooch)food is outstanding as well Barley's (Downtown and just 3 miles away): Firkin Friday- hand pumped, hand crafted beer- seriously one of the most awesome things in life. I can't stress this enough if you are any kind of a beer person. Route 33 location (the farther one) has the best BBQ in town and a HUGE ass screen to watch HOCKEY on. IJS. Hint. Northstar Cafe- the best Veggie burger you will ever eat and a healthy breakfast after drinking. Enjoy my hometown, gamers! I wish I was gonna be there. Also don't be a dick. Cheers!
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Sadly Q is just a little too young (9 years old) to play this game but we still have a ginormous Heroscape game, WoW and Star Wars too play with him. When you come to Orgins and are able to get out on a Friday night- MAKE someone take you (I volunteer!) to BARLEY's for FIRKIN Friday. Handpumped, handcrafted amazing beer. And then go to JENI's for desert. You'll thank me later and make Anne jealous (unless she comes too)
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May 21, 2012