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Gary Johnson is the right man for the Job,The reason I sy this is Based ON HIS Record in the STATE OF New Mexico A he created conditions which promoted business people to wanrt to come to his state and set up shop. B unemployment he brought down to 4% while the nation in general was at 8% or higher. C he vetoed 750 Bills more then all the other state GOV combined. D he got reelected for a second with a higher Margin of win then when first elected. E the people in his loved him and by the way Dems out numbered 2:1 and Gary was able to still get things done in spite of the odds. F Mr. Johnson is HONEST and down to earth. G he is for our liberties and was awarded 23 Liberty Bells the Highest that may be awarded. H He is not beholding to the Lobby Corporations as are the crooks in CONGRESS who do not Represent us. I people do the I side test you may be more for gary then you think. Good luck Gary Johnson Peace Stephen Schweter
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2012 on Gary Johnson sues FEC for $750k at Naked Politics
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Sep 28, 2012