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Bryan Sciver
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It seems like the other day, she was drinking champagne, snorting coke and toking a joint within one minute. Then she did something beyond her expectations. Minute Rice. She is an embarrassment to the world. Not just for sleeping with the team. For using the hate of the Christian Right to malign people against Democrats, minorities, same sex marriages, a woman's right to choose, and she is against scientific thought, she is against the idea of the world being older than ten thousand years old since that is what the Old Testament concludes and she loves to support the Koch Brothers terror organization which buys elections for incompetent Do Nothing/ No Nothings like herself who have tried to ruin the United States in the National Debt Crisis. We do not respect trailer trash Sarah because see is dumber than George W. Bush.
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It is a tragedy. I agree that nobody wants her. She was yesterday news after she opened her mouth and spoke. The fact that she occupied the News for so long. That is what bothers me. The Murdoch's News Corporation is fixated on her like she is someone worth listening to. She has never had anything worthwhile to offer this country. The Murcoch Fox News distorts everything which is why she plays so well with them since she is all abort distortion, loud noise, and hissing from the audience
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It is so nice to hear Archbishop Timothy Dolan's viewpoint. Let's get real. If you are against the Nazi in 1939 Germany you got out of Berlin and headed to a free country. The Catholic Church backed the Nazi empire during that time. They just saw the Nazis as a way to get rid of the Jewish race. Throughout Europes history that church did its best to spread hate and suffering against the Jews. As the Archbishop knows it pays to be the key supporter for Italian Mafia activity. Things haven't changed much. The New York Archbishop always gets a lion share of the Italian Mafia money every month. The mafia has said it really doesn't make much after the church gets its cut. So why can't the Catholic Church stop the hate, stop the racist, sexist, demoralizing unethical stupidity which makes it the Vatican of Vaticans. Remember the Pope is God. You can't get God without Pope. If the Vatican could just come clean. What a concept. The Christian Churchs are dropping in numbers like flies during after a hurricane. People are getting to smart for stupid religious rhetoric, hate speech and war mongering. Who financed the Vietnam War? The Vatican. Very good. They have a purpose. They have a map and every country needs a swarm of their churchs or should we just call them safe houses of crime. If the church stinks sir abandon ship. Your life can be saved by education not by mafia speak.
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This whole Gay thing is getting some peoples undies all tied up in a knot! For those here is some free advice: Ever here about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Aye? What you talking about? Bible doesn't mention it. So it isn't in the Old and New Testament so what? Get over it. Get a life. Don't you think that most Christians think that this Gay Marriage thingy is just too friendly. A little too neighborly. To wild and uncertain. Lock up the children you say the Gays are Coming the Gays are Coming! Heat stroke get to you or something? The Bible doesn't have it in their Gospels. It doesn't show in print that Gay Folk even exist. It does condemn about every fun thing you could imagine but sports the most graphic sadist and brutal violence in literature. Yes it is just lit not fact. Princeton Theological Seminary clarifies everything nicely. You can go there and get educated. They say that there is no historical facts in the New and Old Testament. These are myths. You can't base government or society on Star Wars XXXIV and its myths either.
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Jun 25, 2011