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Scott Carmichael
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"It's not so much that the eBay apps are great, but that the eBay website is so very, very bad." ------------------------------------------------------ Actually, if you are smart enough to use eBay properly, you're smart enough to realize the mobile and app versions of the site are borderline useless for discovering deals. You can't quickly and easily sort buy Newest/Buy it Now or Ending Soon/All Prices or sort by Free Shipping or Items Near Me.....instead, you're stuck viewing the "Recommended Listings" (who knows how eBay comes up with those). If you're gonna just bid on/buy what eBay recommends, you might as well go to Amazon and skip all the auction hassle. The problem w/ non-full website experiences is that most companies cut out features they don't think are important. As a result, outside of lazy window browsing or perhaps logging into your account to see messages, they are virtually useless.
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on Will Apps Kill Websites? at Coding Horror
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Apr 24, 2012