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Scott Clark
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Photographs, even when they are not literally reflected in the text, give you a new dimension of metaphor, emphasis, and emotional context. And I'm not talking about the handshake in front of the globe from istockphoto. I always recommend that just as people gather blog post ideas, they also gather thoughts about appropriate photographic images. Many times they can create the photograph they need on their own just by walking through a city with the blog concept in mind. Mildly adding photo effects can add another layer of visual interest (such as Instagram effects, sepia tone, etc.) Even when a post idea is not present, one can gather photos that have "future metaphoric potential" while on holiday or even just around their home. It's surprising how quickly you can build a library of ready-to-use images of high quality when you just stop to grab images from daily life along the way.
So many businesses are setting up their account as pseudo-people and then working to build "friends." I never friend these - but would be likely to join their Page. They must have missed the memo about both facebook pages (not to mention custom URLs) and the lack of any sort of migration tools on Facebook.
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Jun 14, 2010