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I restate again, Mr. Henderson: The current situation of drive costs due to the shortage related to Thailand floods is that the price of OEM drives has skyrocketed, often tripling or worse the price, as well as severely cutting back the ability to order any OEM drives at all. As a result of study, the Internet Archive found the external drives are currently cheaper than OEM drives, and are currently using piles of these drives for the need of the archive (an average of three drives a day have to be RMA'd). When the economic/supply issue is fixed, I'm sure the Archive will return to the method and approaches you are more familiar with.
The ASCII.TEXTFILES.COM weblog is currently down for the count due to a hardware failure. I appreciate the irony too. Machine will be back "later". The retail packaged USB3 externals are because the usual supplier of disk drives is subject to the same extortionate prices due to the Thailand floods affecting a lot of drive purchases, but bulk buys of the USB3 externals are, believe it or not, currently cheaper. That will change and I'm sure the Internet Archive will move back to the more intuitive drives when the price comes down.
I'm going to speculate. A lot of pagination of this sort dates back to when companies like Google had to distinguish themselves with the sheer mass of available data they could flaunt and their skill at having a huge field of sites to choose from when a user typed in terms. You'd type in a search term like "Dog" at a time when other search engines and sites might offer you 800 or even 2,000 matches to your query, Google could say "Oh, that's 150,000 matches here.... want to check?" If you spend any time looking down those goat paths, and regardless of your theory, I've had to spend time doing just that, leafing through hundreds and hundreds of search matches looking for variations or possibilities, then you'll find they actually collapse. They're often not really there, not actually present, but just showing you what you COULD get. They almost always require refinement. So either the whole thing is better (people who want to paginate like that exist, me for example) or it's worse (it's actually a lie, nobody is going to give you all you can eat if you try to eat everything).
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2012 on The End of Pagination at Coding Horror
This is an amazing, stunning, beautiful piece of work. Thank you for researching and writing it.
Yes, Graham Nelson declined to be interviewed.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2010 on Review: Get Lamp Documentary at Z-Machine Matter
I normally don't post here, because all I do is watch the awesome artwork go by (and thanks for this blog, by the way). But dude: these are awful.
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Definitely an excellent start, but I'd wonder what part the Fabulous Freak Brothers played a part in it, or, more accurately, whether they're a reflection of the language of specific entities. or something else. Have you contacted Rosenbaum to see if he has a memory of it?
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Apr 8, 2010