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That's a very well thought out post, and some very interesting comments. Great discussion. Like some commenters, I disagree with the premise that the movie has anything to teach us about A/B testing. I don't have to tell anyone here, that A/B testing is comparing 2 or more subtle differences and measuring which one performs better. I don't think Phil did any measuring. If anything this is a better example of iteration, more akin to Agile programming. He made small improvements to his approach every day. Refine, deploy, refine, deploy, etc. I agree with the commenter that mentioned Neil Strauss' The Game. Basically, in about 1 year, the author became an expert pick up artist. I have no doubt that Phil could have conquered his target in 30 days as Dennis said, or even in less than a year, in reality. But this is fiction. I suppose this concept was repeated in the movie, 50 First Dates. Instead of the day repeating, the woman had short term memory loss, so Adam Sandler could take her out again and again and try different things and she wouldn't remember. What did you think of that? (Also not A/B testing.)
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Jul 20, 2010