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Oh my god, I cannot believe there are people who don't get this. Really. The world is a lot scarier place than I thought. The idea, you know, in code is to describe things in the world. It's not the other way around. And usually those descriptions are pretty bad. Usually all they do is to work out where the complexity is then run like heck to get away from it. All that coding can really do for you as a human being is to constantly remind you of how dumb you are and how limited to your own little world view you are. Look, there is a pattern! Wow! A pattern! But you are actually inside a pattern, yourself, already, now. Seeing the pattern is a pattern. It took Christoper Alexander and his companions eight years to write _A Pattern Language_ . Who else has spent that time on a book about coding? Knuth, OK. But the next level up from there? Essentially it is like, coding creates all these vast problems. Then coding solves a few of them. And we think we are geniuses. People actually choose to code in languages that make all this process really involved and elaborate, because they feely even more like they are geniuses. I mean really, face it, there is nothing out there that is coded in Java that cannot be coded better and more cleanly in Smalltalk. Really. Or Self for that matter. But people love Java. They love C++. They talk about these little efficiencies they get. Meanwhile, processors have increased in capacity by a gazillion (approx.) since Java and certainly C++ came along, so what is the point, really? And concurrency, etc, will be solved at that level eventually. Not in code. Because code should be describing the world, not the way the world-emulating symbolic machine works. The code that enables the machine needs to do that, but not the code that engages the machine with the world. It's nuts. Truly. Just nuts. And the great big wonderful programs that change the world? What do they get written in? Really? Fricken PHP. I mean. And not O-O PHP. Twitter. Facebook. Then they fall down. But it doesn't matter. Because they have MONEY!! If you have MONEY it no matter code all fall down. You buy more code. WHEEEE!! More code. Then you have Scala. Look, real objects. Look real class methods. It's sad. But what's really sad is not understanding how great and funny this post is.
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May 17, 2012