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Scott Lumley
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What surprises me most when reading these camera blog comments, are all of those that criticize the lack of a viewfinder... am I missing something here? I actually like using the screen to compose shots... I often shoot from the waist, down close to the ground and from other unusual angles that are impossible using a viewfinder. I do not have focus issues, and I am quickly becoming a fan of the touch to focus option as well. Can someone tell me why they think the viewfinder is so critical? I will even go so far as to say that using a viewfinder contributes to "more of the same" photos... by shooting mostly from an eye level POV (looking thru the EVF)the resulting images tend to be mostly predictable and boring... again IMHO. I am a longtime Canon shooter, and recently shot for the first time with an m43 kit... and I was simply stunned by the quality of the images... I liked the small inconspicuous body even more, which allowed me to get closer to people without making them feel self conscious or nervous. new to the forum and not sure about your rules... but if you are curious to see how I work without a viewfinder... here is a link to some recent images. enjoy!
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Aug 21, 2013