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Scott Malloy
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Really? re-sign BBD and let Green walk? I feel the exact opposite. I'm all set with BBD. Mark my words he is done with Boston. If he has to settle and come back for short money he will be a miserable presence on the team. Or if his role is still as a backup (which it is). Green is a good locker room guy with real potential and the type of athleticism we need.
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Glen Davis can be Glen Davis somewhere else. I'm through with this idiot. Everything he has said since the season indicates he totally doesn't get it. Anybody who put in a terrible playoff performance like that and then talks about INCREASED playing time and responsibility must not be living in reality. Glen - you were special at times but you don't seem to have the intangibles to be a great role player. Go break your hand on another friend's face in some other city.
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I don't wanna overestimate the impact of this but I think this is a huge deal if he is able to give 10-15 minutes. If Shaq plays well, and we win the game decisively, this could put a whole new type of energy into this team. The feeling of the series could change, and that's exactly what the Celtics need right now
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May 5, 2011