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Scott Spencer
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I hate bullying. I too am saddened and angered by those who take part in bullying tactics. The criminal students who stalked poor Phoebe Prince to her grave were unrepentant and mocked her even in death. The only time they showed any emotion was when they were taken into custody and booked on felonies. Bullies are demons in human form. Or maybe they are human beings who hate life so much that they have to crush it out of others. But not all bullies stay that way. I am glad to say that I was given an opportunity to meet with a man face to face who was my chief tormentor in High School. It astonished him that I wanted to see and talk with him after all those years that he was mean to me. I explained to him the concept of growth and the concept of forgiveness. We sat down, had a couple of drinks and he said, "I'm sorry." I shook his hand and said, "You are forgiven." He is now a friend.
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Mar 31, 2010