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Scott Tyree
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Dec 16, 2011
Really lovely, Alice.
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2011 on Joe at The Feiring Line
Ms. Feiring, A mutual acquaintance suggested I read this blog post if I wanted to see a prime example of mean-spirited character assassination. In your opinion, whom does it benefit by openly trashing a wine director? What satisfaction do you get by describing an industry colleague's wine choices as "deplorable", the list "fun to trash", and the wine director herself as someone who despises the customer. Look, all of us in the industry critique other wine lists, programs, service styles, markups, etc. But to do so in such a harshly personal way is tasteless, rude and unnecessary. The juvenile conversation with Ms. Bowman is especially cringe-worthy. It reads like dialogue lifted from the script of "Mean Girls." Are you not embarrassed by your comments? But, of course, it's your blog and your free to say whatever you please, however tacky it may be. Regarding markups, I'm certain you're aware of the pressures wine directors are under to achieve certain cost percentages. This is especially true of restaurant corporations with multiple establishments like the Danny Meyer group and its ilk. High markups in NYC are hardly rare. Take a stroll up to the temples of gastronomy at Columbus Circle the next time you need a "cartoon-eyes-bugging-out experience." Having read some of your other thoughtful and interesting blog posts, I'm going to assume that this post is just an aberration and that future critiques will be fare and less intentionally nasty.
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2011 on Drinking on 53rd Street at The Feiring Line
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Feb 9, 2011