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Scott Whitaker
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I don't post often on such matters, but felt compelled to comment and don't believe my opinion is atypical about the Mark III (and I wanted to major in Transportation Design, so the Miata comparison resonated). I'm a semi-professional photographer, meaning I shoot some professionally, but it isn't my sole career. I was about to purchase a Mark II as I invested in Canon gear years ago and need an upgrade. Knowing the Mark III was so close, I decided to wait, but now won't buy because of the huge price increase. Spending $2K+ on a body should be accompanied by excitement for the new product. I was willing to pay a fair premium over the Mark II's current retail, but $3500 is way too much, especially for a product that doesn't also "wow" me from a design perspective. I'm fine with most of the specs (except GPS capabilities should be included in that price range), but the Mark III's combined price and uninspired design leave me frustrated at Canon after such a long wait. It's a solid body design, but give me new buttons/switches, move the logo, and give me some design joy to smile about beyond the improved specs. Now, it's all tainted. The Mark II doesn't excite me and the Mark III isn't "enough" to pull my credit card. And the Miata's toy look is off the mark too.
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Mar 5, 2012