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What Armando failed to include is that the Chargers already had a great offensive line and a guy named LaDanian tearing about 1400 yards a season. The Charger offense didn't have to rely on just what the passing game produced. In 2005 LT ran for more that what Ricky & Ronnie did last year combined. Yeah Henne may or may not be the franchise QB we desire, but even if we had Brees right now - he would be a much better QB with a good running game and a stronger OL than we currently have.
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Armando, I liked your column until I saw these recent posts. Sparano shouldn't be TOO happy - his team collapsed - he had his 2nd 7-9 season (Even Tom Cable got fired with an 8-8 season.) He's a good coach and likable guy, but needs to step up and be a GREAT coach. If the offense is slacking - Sparano as HC should TELL the OC to do something about it. He didn't. He didn't take command of his team. There are some redeeming qualities about Sparano, but he needs to address his assertiveness. There is no more Parcells to ask and wait for approval from. I agree there should be incentives added to Tony's contract next year, like a $250K bonus & extension if we hit the playoffs. Adding an extension now will do nothing but reinforce the ways things are now, AND make things even more messy at the end of next season if we go 7-9 yet AGAIN! Win and you're in - its football mentality. Sparano knows this. No needs for rewards. As for Ross... you got to like an owner willing to spend money on the team - whether its for Orange carpets, Nightclubs in stadiums. Waterparks or even high priced FA's like Marshall and Dansby. Have you ever been to a Jaguars game? Boring. You walk by dirt filled lots, you tailgate quite a bit away from the stadium, and if you're lucky enough can park at a coffee factory or pay $10 park at the Duval County Correctional Holding Facility 2 blocks from the stadium. Ross saw a chance to get a hot commodity/proven college coach with a decent amount of NFL experience that wouldn't clash with other players & coaches, like keeping Mike Nolan!!!! Cleveland needs a coach - they didn't make a move. Carolina could use a coach - same thing. At least Ross was looking at the best options available - either through Harbaugh, Cowher or Gruden - and for whatever reason things didn't work out. Now maybe, Ross will focus his $$$ on some good FA's and a high priced, talented OC. Please no more talk about Josh McDaniels to the Dolphins. If Josh and Brandon Marshall didn't get along - why bring him in?? If Josh and Mike Nolan didn't get along - why bring him in?? At least Ross is trying to make things better. It could be much worse... we could have Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, Al Davis, or.... (BTW Armando your editor just interviewed me for your job - should we feel pity for you now????)
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Jan 7, 2011