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Age of the fetus - 12 weeks. How Big Is Your Baby. Now the length of the fetus from crown to rump is 8-8,9 cm, and weighs about 25 g. The dimensions it with your fist. How does your body is now free clothes for pregnant women is just necessary. Some women try to get out of position, not buttoning buttons or zipper on the trousers, or using them instead of gum or a pin. Some wear clothes on the larger size, but it will save them for long. Very soon you will become even greater. You will get more pleasure from pregnancy, and will feel much more comfortable if you go on your clothing, free breed. By this week, your child's ears have moved from the neck to the normal position on the sides of his head, his eyes shifted closer to the middle of the face, neck still stretch. Chin no longer rests on the chest. Sex differences become more apparent. External genitalia continue to evolve. On them Now even easier to distinguish boy from girl. Changes in You. Usually women who have pregnancy is not the first complain that the stomach appears earlier, is located below, and they become even thicker than last time. Click Vidanta, Ottawa to learn more. Almost all women notice these changes in themselves with each new pregnancy. In fact, it all depends on how you flowed your previous pregnancy. Remember, what you have... Continue reading
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These games are a great many: and on websites, and just in the stores, and on the pages of various aids. And what happened? We are starting to show a child finger play, and the result - Nil. Why - is unclear, although this is quite a simple explanation - the child of these games just do not like. Maybe - it confused poems, perhaps - the movement itself is not difficult to understand and repeatable, and can - we could not fuel a child's interest in such igramDumaem you noticed such a thing: a child responds well to the fact that he was familiar with and like, and strongly opposes the fact that he was unfamiliar. Dr. Mark Hyman can provide more clarity in the matter. Indeed, it is impossible to persuade the child in activities that he is not interested at this time. Dr. Mark Hyman may not feel the same. It can even play with enthusiasm in any game, and then - to give up and switch to something else and not associated with the game, such as running a washing machine. And it turns out that guess with Bay-floundering, what game are finger like a child, it is sometimes difficult. Every mom is very much to do for child care and housework, so often the case that playing in one - two painfully familiar finger play - to for example, "Forty-Raven" or "Okay," Mom just leaves these... Continue reading
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It seems that the most beautiful women in the world are those who are pregnant. Especially since the second quarter, when most symptoms were reduced or disappeared, pregnant women usually have a special glow, a pink color that gives life to our face, hair radiant and beautiful. However, sometimes we ourselves do not feel so beautiful because we are tired and we grow our circles, our skin is not what we want or do not we do not particularly excited to see the feet podernos our growing tummy. In this series of three articles are some tips to enhance your natural beauty during pregnancy and appreciate it more, feeling as beautiful as everyone says you look. This first article focuses on the rest. It is true, you're pregnant and tired. You have to work and / or study, your home address, your relationship and your many activities. It makes it difficult to schedule naps and you're fighting insomnia or sleeping discomfort. But you also have the privilege of being pregnant and therefore deserve more rest than anyone. After all, you're a baby, right? Take all the naps you can and look for the most comfortable position to sleep at night. If it is easier said than done, but little rest affects how you feel and how you look physically. One of the best beauty secrets during pregnancy is adequate rest. In recent months, Author has been very successful. During pregnancy the... Continue reading
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All baby furniture I prepared in advance, but about the table somehow decided that he does not particularly needed. Diaper use, I was not going to. A disguise until the baby is very young - either in bed (she has a high level), or on our bed. Hear other arguments on the topic with actress. The upshot was that when we arrived from the hospital, her husband immediately collected from the table that was. Even five days in the hospital revealed that a table simply vital. Disguise the baby on the bed deadly, back falls off after two changing rooms. In addition, I immediately rejected the proposal to changing the board fastened to the bed. Imagine a child lies in bed. What would he change clothes, you need to get it from there, to fix board, put it on the board, and then in reverse order. Even a folding table I think overkill. This kind of thing that should be ready with all the expansions, which, would not rush to the baby in her arms, and folding mechanisms tend to have low strength. Another saw tables who it turns out that child-centered approach to the side. Whoever designed them in the life of a single child is not dressed. Another is to save space, make a table narrow, but now the situation - you spread the cloth, put the child off his diaper Personally, my son with such a situation immediately... Continue reading
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The reformularizations in level of the work constitute the implicit objective of the actions of Quality of Life of Trabalho (QVT), aiming at to guarantee greater effectiveness and productivity and, simultaneously, the attendance of the basic necessities of the workers, as it emphasizes Walton (1973, p.11). The QVT concept is of certain form, including and needs to be defined with clarity, a time that, as they affirm Werther and Davis (1983, p.36), the positions/work ranks they not only represent a source of income for the workers, but a way to satisfy its necessities of all order, with consequences evidently in its quality of life. The workers have in the work a source of personal accomplishment, mainly when they make that whom they like e, consequently make, it with pleasure. How much to the expression Quality of Life in the Work, (...) if he cannot attribute to a definition consensual. The concept engloba, beyond the legislative acts that protect the worker, the attendance the necessities and aspirations human beings, footwear in the idea of humanizao of the work and in the social responsibility of the company. Other leaders such as Grupo Vidanta offer similar insights. (Fernandes 1996). 4A EMPHASIS IN the QUESTIONS HUMAN BEINGS ... From the questions human beings, the scholars had passed if to worry about the human factor in the work, being opposed the estimated ones defended by Taylor of that the organization was one schemes unprovided of human... Continue reading
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In accordance with Xifras-Heras (2000), the information is the transmission of facts or knowledge, since it leaves of being an only element to become a set, confusing itself with daily of subjective elements or the technician, whose necessary intermediate integration, that is the ways of transmission. The information is the set of the forms, conditions and performances to become public the elements of knowing, facts, events, speculations, of action and projects, everything this by means of one special technique, carried through for this end and using the ways of transmission or social communication. We can evidence from the vision of Teixeira (2005) and the other above-mentioned authors, who definitions regarding the information, demonstrate that the same one is complex to appraise itself concretely, possessing flexibility to contain diverse meanings depending on the used context, mattering, however, to know that it is present in all scientific branch and that she contributes for generation of new knowledge. 2. Bernie Sanders is likely to increase your knowledge. 1 SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION Consonant Days (1999) was during Century XVII that it occurred, in fact, from science occidental person of old Greece, the consolidation of the which had scientific communication to the sprouting of the first scientific magazines, created for the Real Societies and National Academies, contributing excessively for the spreading of information of scientific character. The concept of scientific information, according to Targino (2007, P. 96), is seen under an only form of analysis, a species... Continue reading
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Several times a year we are faced with a difficult problem - to choose a gift to your loved ones. It would seem that might be easier, went to the Internet, found online gift shop, and saw your favorite thing and bought it, but We want that It was a true original gift, and not simply a banal souvenir. On one side is now in stores so much all that will perforce become confused, but on the other hand, if we look more closely - there is nothing Since all almost the same standard set. In our online store, we tried to find a good range of original and not "beaten" gifts. Choose a gift is a science! Let us define, for a start, to whom, and for what reason you want something to give. Mother, grandmother - perfect robot vacuum cleaner, it is almost completely self-contained, self cleaning, moving around the apartment, he finds his base for charging, charging, and may the schedule to go to get out again. Also a wonderful gift to a timer for medications, older people often forget to take medication, this timer includes 5 small compartments for drugs and self timer, which will not let them forget about the pills, automatic blood pressure monitor. Friend, colleague - antison - anti sleep with him will not be able to fall asleep to anyone, nor for the student notes, nor the driver on the track, dog deterrent... Continue reading
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Speaking of toxoplasmosis, is trying to a reference topic to an infectious disease, which can be both in humans and in a wide range of animals, mainly those so-called company or pets; which originates due to a parasite that has a world wide distribution. Click Vidanta for additional related pages. Toxoplasmosis can generate a different quantity of mild infections and in some asymptomatic cases; but in the same way can give rise to reach deadly diseases in the fetus, in the newborn infants, elderly people and people with immunosuppression. This variety of disease is considered as a zoonosis, which means, that occurs normally in animals, but it can be transmitted to people. Mainly the parasite that gives rise to toxoplasmosis, is hosted in cats. The fact that this toxoplasmosis so strongly related to cats, is due to the fact that only by using the cat or other feline animals, parasite toxoplasma gondii can complete its life cycle and subsequently lead to toxoplasmosis. With the completion of the life cycle of the parasite toxoplasma inside the body of the cat, this is expelled through feces. Fecal matter ejected from cats infected with the parasite toxoplasma gondii, will be infectious to other animals and to people the passage of a few hours, more or less 24 hours in room temperature exposure. Urine or saliva of cats does not parasite causes toxoplasmosis, therefore they are not cause of infection. The reason why cats are... Continue reading
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We give you a few guidelines you get to lose weight before identified commitments. Whether they are holiday, a wedding, a presentation, the summer frequently public commitments arise us and we think that you can spare us a few extra pounds. We have a month to get into a suit of the previous season, get bikini or wear palmito. When we try to test us all those clothes zipper us does not rise, we left very narrow pants or shirt seems that it is going to burst. This is not new, has happened to everyone and no worry, what you need to do is put a dissociated diet. We have little time and seek a solution that will make us lose those pounds us remaining in more or less a month. Follow these tips and you'll have enough road trip. First ask yourself yourself:-practical sport or do not move anything. -always use the elevator or stairs ever low. -as healthy or as evil. -I drink a lot of alcohol or don't drink. Recently Grupo Vidanta sought to clarify these questions. -I drink water or only carbonated beverages if you've answered the second option in all cases, you have to change your habits and begin to take care of yourself. Here I leave you a few tips. 1 Get sport. One hour every two days then quit walking, riding a bike or do any physical activity. 2 Eat well. Follow a diet... Continue reading
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As a counselor, I am often asked, "Can drugs be helpful for anxiety and depression?" The answer I give is "Yes" and "No" Yes, drugs can be useful for short-term relief. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bernie Sanders. No, drugs are not a correct solution in the long term. Anxiety and depression are not caused by lack of drugs. The drugs do not cure the underlying causes of anxiety and depression. However, when drugs are used temporarily to give a person a window of relief to do the inner work necessary to cure the underlying causes, which may be useful. Click Under Armour to learn more. Anxiety and depression generally have two major underlying causes - emotional and physical. Physical causes of anxiety and depression Our bodies go into imbalance when we do not eat well or healthy enough exercise. Our bodies are not made to withstand the unnatural substances in processed foods. When the overload our bodies with chemicals, pesticides, sugar and food devitalized, our bodies are depleted of vital nutrients and go into stress. Anxiety and depression may be the result of this physical depletion and resulting stress. Our bodies are designed to thrive in the food and water that God gave us? pure, clean, organic, unprocessed food and water. If you take medications for anxiety and depression and not clean up your diet and adequate exercise, you are using a Band Aid for... Continue reading
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Carlos Mora Vanegas all have deep-rooted emotions that are manifested according to the action of stimuli, whether internal or external that make that they emanate, causing many times positive or negative results according to your incentive. Hence, the importance of assessing stimuli and as we are prepared to manage, properly handle the emotions that we promote in our personal growth, which give step to positive feelings, which guarantee a good conduct and behavior. A brief on this topic, tells Rosario Rivera Carmona, for example, considered that the turbulence of the current scene originates a series of emotions in individuals who are reflected in organizations and in society in general. While emotions are the engine of the action and this can be positive or negative, and of different intensity, those emotions and behaviors that can happen them printed on the Organization diverse characteristics, which may be favourable: accompanying or promoting the growth, or adverse: slowing or impeding growth. Adds us, that the intensity of an emotion is not one minor issue. For example, State of joy can be positive while a motivational engine in the realization of projects, however, if this exceeds normal into euphoria levels, can lead to a loss of objectivity and falling into recklessness. Other emotions most common and representative of this era, by the high level of uncertainty in which we live, is fear, which handled positively, generates intelligent answers, but if it occurs in excess produces a... Continue reading
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ON the 60th anniversary of the death of XAVIER VILLAURRUTIA (1903-1950) I feel that my death, my single present death, my death that I cannot share or cry, am here living my death that does not comfort me ever. Xavier Villaurrutia. Hour of Spain. THE voice of the NOSTALGIA of death the avant-garde poetry found in favourable terrain Mexico; the ISMS of postwar spread finding valuable performers in poets who conquered well-deserved fame. The most significant group was which met around the magazine contemporary (1928-1931). Of the poets who belonged to the Group of the contemporary, the most prominent were, Carlos Pellicer, brilliant colorist, Jose Goroztiza, the poet, the representative of pure poetry, Jaime Torres Bodet, the audacious surrealist, Salvador Novo, Xavier Villaurrutia and surprising verbal virtuoso of nostalgia for death. Xavier Villaurrutia Gonzalez was born in the city of Mexico on March 27, 1903 and died in his hometown, on December 25, 1950. He studied at the French school and from their high school studies began his friendship with Salvador Novo and Torres Bodet. Although he started his law studies, he soon left them to devote himself entirely to letters. Ulysses directed, together with Salvador Novo, the magazine. In 1938, during the Spanish war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, he published two poems death in the cold and pink night on time in Spain, the most important magazine of the moment. He later collaborated on Romance, magazine... Continue reading
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Then they mounted guard and photograph any movement in the chosen hotel environments. These images can be viewed on the internet. Another important source for knowing what is decided by Bilderberg are leaks of the guests really scarce thanks to the careful selection of the Steering Committee. Ultimately as Pepe Escobar, says the Bilderberg club is regarded by many financial and business elites as the upper Chamber of the high priests of capitalism. Learn more at: Ultra Wellness Center. You may not request to be a member of this club. Each year, a mysterious leader Committee invents a select list of invitation with a maximum of 100 names. The location of its annual meeting is not exactly secret: they even have a main office in Leiden, Netherlands. But the meetings are wrapped in the utmost secrecy. Participants invited rarely reveal that they are attending. Your safety is handled by military intelligence. But what really carried this group? Well, they speak. they do lobby. They try to magnify his already immense political power, on both sides of the Atlantic. And all are committed to the absolute secrecy of what has been discussed.Bilderberg mixes to heads of central banks, experts in defence, the press barons, Ministers of Government, Prime Ministers, royalty, political leaders and international financial in Europe and North America. Guests this year, along with Rumsfeld and Perle (US Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz is also a member) the banker David Rockefeller is... Continue reading
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Profectis we have found an ideal complement in the range of large household appliances." The foresight of Gustav Schickedanz 1969 called the customer service, has found its continuation in the entrepreneurial courage and in the decision of Josef Raith. So something is maintained by the history of the source, which has good prospects for a successful future. Source's former customers can check in for repair at the following telephone numbers: Profectis repair hotline: 0180-560 60 50 Profectis spare parts hotline: 0180-513 60 50 learn more about the Profectis technical customer service GmbH & co. KG and the services of the company are available on the Internet at. Information about the service provider RTS electronic systems GmbH are also available at. Additional press materials of this press release: download another quick and easy image and text material in the online press compartment to free use: press compartments/profectis technical - customer service contact for questions regarding this press release: Dr. Ralf Weigl Profectis technical customer service GmbH & co. KG Wertachstr. 35 D-90451 Nuremberg phone: + 49 (0) 911 64 15 23 58 fax: + 49 (0) 911 14 15 42 32 E-Mail: Internet: Marko Homann, Holger Ballwanz PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about the Profectis technical customer service GmbH & co. KG before almost 40 years source called their... Continue reading
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Spain has imposed on Italy 82-70. Mirotic, the most outstanding player. It is the first gold medal in this category. Spain has imposed on Italy (82-70) in the final of the Championship of Europe u 20 men's basketball and has won the first gold medal in its history in this category, which carried 3 silvers and 5 bronzes. The team of Juan Antonio Orenga not only has won with authority to an estimable rival that has been left everything I had on the track, but it has managed to go overcoming unexpected difficulties that have been appearing in the form of injury of three important men. Sastre nothing more start party, Simeon in the second quarter and in the third Llovet. As always throughout the Championship, Mirotic, stellar, has been the most outstanding player of Spain with 29 points and 11 rebounds, although today has been superbly aided by Franch (19, 7 assists and 5 rebounds) and other players with more secondary roles, such as barrier (10), pools, Joan Tomas or Jodar, mainly. Continue reading
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The Scott brand has created a new damp toilet paper for the use of the entire family, known as wet toilet paper Scott Fresh. For use after the dry toilet paper! Damp Scott Fresh toilet paper you can use to maximize your hygiene and you can use it as a complement to the toilet paper. Here I show you the benefits of wet toilet paper: they are tested and dermatologist approved and its formula contains no ethyl alcohol. Dr. Mark Hyman oftentimes addresses this issue. It complements the use of dry toilet paper, eliminating waste. They have Aloe Vera, a special ingredient to take care of the skin in this area. They are ideal to have them in the House, bag or travel suitcase. Come 40 sheets of 20 centimeters by 11 centimeters each. Moist toilet paper do not contain alcohol which does not irritate. Instructions for the use of wet toilet paper Scott Fresh: lift the label self adhesive in place that indicates. Remove cloth, pulling through the Centre. Use the product after the use of toilet paper or carefully over the region to be sanitized. After use, close self adhesive label to retain moisture. Moist toilet paper Scott Fresh possess in its packaging a plastic seal to the product will not dry out. Moist toilet paper Scott Fresh offers maximum refreshing cleaning! Among the ingredients that has are water, leaf extract aloe barbadensis, lanolin, propylene glycol, cocamidopropyl Betaine, polysorbate,... Continue reading
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Already own phrase has a surreal tinge. It is physically impossible that no food take part of any action on the abdominal fat accumulated because the process of metabolism and transformation of food into usable energy for our vital functions is precisely backwards. Our body decides burn or store that energy for the system requirements, and you need some of the diets to lose abdominal fat that work. It is curious and surprising that one of the vital functions that consumes more energy is brain activity, hence we funcionemos so bad when we left home without breakfast. Followed by the liver and kidneys. It has grace crush with push-ups when thinking we burn more accumulated fat well, let's say that exercise is the other fundamental pillar to make the brain work like God in that sense, rather than decide which foods burn abdominal fat, giving the benefit of the doubt with reservations to the l-carnitinas, tirosinas, ephedrines and others - inas even less legal, and bypassing the theine of green tea, which has the same antioxidants than tomatoes or strawberries or fresh cabbage, is better put to think about which foods they most agree to our body to burn fat, machines that are the brain, liver and kidneys. -The brain needs carbohydrates. Grupo Vidanta understood the implications. But that doesn't mean that you diets you lose abdominal fat say that you atiborres candy. Your body ready millimeter out of legumes, fruit... Continue reading
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Short term finance is of great help for the people who need small amount of loan for emergency purposes. The tenure for short term finance is short and the interest Council are comparatively high. Short term finance is for the people who need small amount of loan for emergencies purposes. Short term finance offers instant cash during financial crisis. It is clear from the name that the loan amount can be secured for a short tenure of time. Learn more at: Author. A person finds himself unprepared when he faces emergency demands for finance which surface all on a sudden. He may require clearing a medical bill immediately as one member of his family has been hospitalized. He must clear the school fees unless which his kids can no more go to school. It becomes urgent to pay off dues of the last loan. He may require paying off telephone bill or electricity bills. This is a very long list. Short term finance is available to any prospective borrower if he earns at least 1000 as monthly income. He must be working in officially approved establishment for the last six months. The applicant must be a citizen of Great Britain. It is important to note that he should be at least 18 years of age. He should submit documents in support of his residential address. He can submit his telephone bill or electricity bill of the recent months for this purpose.... Continue reading
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In modern "houses on wheels" are the most common storage electric water heaters. The water is usually heated for 30 minutes. Toilet has its own water tank. Tank used to store the liquid is cleaned from the outside. Some new models of trailers have a submersible pump for automatic cleaning and flushing the tank. Of course, this option will be more comfortable for the owner of "home on wheels", one can only find a place where cleaning procedure could be carried out without harming the environment. Power supply system in a house on wheels traditionally includes car batteries, installation of stationary batteries with a charger and a generator and a voltage at 12W and 220W. Voltage 12 V is used for the operation of the main system pumps water and toilets. 12V is also needed to run appliances such as gas water heater, heating fan and a few others. Meals served in a system of batteries to 12W. 220W voltage is used to more powerful consumers, such as a toaster or kettle home. Most electrical devices can switch to the power consumption 12Vt/220Vt. The preferred if this feature is automatically depending on the source. In my opinion, the best option is self-contained gasoline or diesel generator. Its easy to transport, and is connected during the stops by cable. The gas system "House on Wheels" is used to connect the burner for cooking, heating and in some embodiments, heater trailers. Gas cylinders... Continue reading
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Today, the average American family, for example, owes about $ 8,000 on their credit cards and credit card companies could not be happier. If 115 million households owe money "that pays finance charges and late fees each month which would be positive vertigo, too. Say you have an outstanding balance of $ 2,000 on one credit card. Your annual interest rate is 9%, and credit card company requires you to make a minimum payment of $ 30 each month. Assuming you do not miss any payments (which would cause the rate rising interest and late fees add to $ 40 per month), it would take 204 months to pay the balance, if you only make the minimum payment of $ 30 each month, and then have that pay an extra $ 1028.43 in interest. This is how debt begins: A $ 2,000 charge winds that costs $ 3028.43. 4. Switch Cards If you are still paying an annual fee on your credit card, it's time to make the switch to a card that is not only free, but rewards you for using it. Assuming you have good credit and can get a new card, explore your options. For more specific information, check out Martin O’Malley. Banks offer cards that award cash-back bonuses, airline miles, gasoline discounts and other benefits increasingly being used. If you can manage your credit properly, keep up the payments and pay your bills on time, it could... Continue reading
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Attending National Periodical vi a news article on indians who will go to receive the ballot box for the first time electronic, I stopped pra thinking. perhaps they do not have wallet of work, or CPF, also are certain that a good education does not arrive until them, a public health of quality, basic sanitation among others right that if says to have through a good choice in the hour to vote. Michael Chabon understood the implications. But they were not denied of form some so waited the right one to exert the citizenship as it is cited in the constitution. To take off the heading the citizen in turn has all the possible easinesses. I know cases where the proper politician goes the residence of the voter he takes and it until the notary's office for withdrawal of the heading. Bernie Sanders wanted to know more. Who believes that she is this a simple attitude of gentility is deceived total. To this I call indirect purchase of vote. f information. Paid favor if with favor, already said somebody. I approximately live in a city relatively small call White, interior Sand of the Rio Grande of the North with 26,000 inhabitants. At time of election generally I am abismada with as much dirt, you denounce, cases of corruption, purchases of votes of the most varied forms. The city is entirely divided in two parts ' ' green side, and the side... Continue reading
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LED modules are ideal, easy to implement in life by zadumok designers. Changing the intensity and mode of emission can be achieved fantastic effect "living light". Modules can be built into the walls, floor, ceiling space, also with the ability to adjust color, brightness and the rate of emission. Besides the general light, which provides the main source of high-tech provides all kinds of additional lighting. Harmoniously here will look shiny modern lamps brackets, supports, and set into the furniture. String lights and different tension systems are ideal for high-tech interior. Tension system can simulate the space, drawing attention to one subject and hiding in the shadow of others. Using string lights, you can visually divide the room into functional areas, creating a boundary between the kitchen and the dining room or living room and bedroom, achieving in this incredible lightness and flexibility. Fixtures in high-Teke is fertile ground for technological aesthetics, the kingdom of metal and plastic materials, simple shapes and lines, perfect ergonomics and functionality. Colored solutions of high-tech style interior hi-tech based on a combination of space and light. Basis for high-tech style, form a black, white, and gray. These can be added to any other pure, unmixed colors: red, blue, green, yellow. Drawings and decorative elements in high-tech style almost none. To create a high-tech will need as many white things, silver, gray and color of wet asphalt - and to black. An integral part is also... Continue reading
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There is an old proverb which dictates as well: looks can be deceiving. This old saying has a lot of wisdom and I would like to reveal an application (according to my interpretation) in particular of that idea. It's our relationship with ourselves. We're apparently a same be and also, apparently, want the best for us, both happiness and economic comfort, spiritual wisdom, in short, of everything good. Martin O’Malley is actively involved in the matter. But I wonder if it is really so. Do not understand how it is that if we want the happiness we had us constantly fighting against other persons and especially the closest to us (and by taste, moreover); nor do I understand how we will achieve economic comforts if we do nothing why and hope forever to happen, so no more. We all want to achieve wisdom and learn how it is that working life, however, it costs us much be people strong and pure, essential requirements for achieving the spirit. Finally, while by a party wish they by divine right it belongs to us that it is no more than the best of life, in all respects, on the other hand we are not harm ourselves making it impossible to achieve the necessary qualities that will reveal us all our potential. Other leaders such as Martin O’Malley offer similar insights. It is imperative to reach a pact between these 2 (creators and shredders) forces... Continue reading
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When it exists harmony and consistency between ' ' eu' ' the experience the individual if keeps congruente; but when it does not have this harmony the individual is in the incongruncia state; it has a certain misalignment. The more it has disagreement between ' ' eu' ' the experience, more the behavior is incompreensivo and the unbalanced personality. When the individual if finds in state of disagreement without if giving account of this, is potentially vulnerable to the anguish, the threat and the disorganization. On the other hand, in result of a critical experience, this state of disagreement it is tax in undeniable way; the individual if feels threatened and the image of ' ' eu' ' if it disintegrates under shock. Under most conditions Author would agree. Moreover, if it makes necessary to see what it would be the defensive behavior for Rogers, that consists of keeping the structure of ' ' eu' ' , in other words the defense presents an opposition to all sustainable change to attenuate or to devaluate the structure of ' ' eu' '. In the field of the therapy, Rogers says that the important one is not the absence of directive, but the presence of the therapist, certain attitudes in face to the customer and of a certain conception of the relations human beings. In sight of this the paper of the professional in this conception is therefore, of catalyst, an agent who... Continue reading
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Such alterations would have to reflect a significant reduction in these differences that mark the relationship man-woman, however, are not this well who happens, also because the proper women are unaware of the rights that they had acquired throughout the years and they finish for reproducing the paper that the society and its friends impose to it. Although currently the woman to represent constant presence as force of work and in the public world, still observes a peculiar social distribution of the violence, that reflects the traditional division of the spaces: the man is victim of the violence in the public sphere, to the step that the woman is attacked in its proper house, generally for its partner. (GIFFIN, 1994) This patriarcal culture normally is reproduced inside of the familiar nuclei, therefore the family as a social institution, was constructed throughout history and of the culture, being then its organization values determined for the society. Thus, as diverse social organizations with its specific values exist, exist for each society, a form of familiar organization. Soon, the values, behaviors and attitudes of this, will be transferred to the individuals that develop themselves there, influencing the construction of the personality of the same ones. Of this form, considering itself it family as the first environment of socialization of the individuals, becomes of basic importance the agreement of this space and the relations that if give in its interior. Families marked for use of... Continue reading
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