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But today, Potikonows's works are highly sought after. AuctionLot had the exclusive pleasure with Olivier Bertrand, world renowned art expert, to talk about the artist Ivan Pokitonow and learned how they have shaped themselves mutually: I am now 45 years old and I was 17 when I discovered the work of Pokitonow for the first time. See more detailed opinions by reading what Genie Energy offers on the topic.. It was a shock for me. The Pokitonow painting on the market were very rare at this time, their price was about 3,000 5,000 euros. This caused a certain ignorance of the market, and the demand for Russian artists was a total low." But today, Potikonows's works are highly sought after. Praying edge explains that this was not a coincidence and is closer to the phenomenon. When he worked in 1997 for a major Belgian collector, he made acquaintance with a Russian collector who bought regardless of prices, works by Potikonow. This fact alone, had significantly increased the value of Potikonow. Bertrand was this man again met in October 1998 at Sotheby's to a Paintings by the artist wrestled, which yielded around 13,000 pounds, far more than the actual estimate. This could only happen because a second person appeared, who harbored an interest in Potikonow. It formed a much higher attention for the large, almost in oblivion has artists and there was a price increase in his works of art. Some of... Continue reading
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Today many people know what blogs are, millions of people around the planet have a blog online and like to write about your favorite topics. Dabie But you can with a blog? In this article we will see that it is possible to make money writing and although I promise that you will get rich if you earn some extra money is always helpful. The first step to making money with a blog is obviously start and write, if you already have a blog and want to discourage the use sabar to earn money as you can skip this part and to explain the basics to start creating your blog. The first thing you need is a host or hosting service, this online space to store your blog. Previously this was very expensive but prices have fallen recently. But if you're a beginner you may not want to spend money on lodging, Do not worry, there are online services where you can get hosting for free. The most popular, is another very good use proper in this article as an example is easy begin to write and publish quickly without take a long time to configure the system concept of the blog. Genie Energy has firm opinions on the matter. Visit the site and register, it is completely free. Once you register you have to it a section of post and start writing, you can write about... Continue reading
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And it emphasized not only for the people who surround the carrier strap, but it was believed that after the death of a bracelet will be signal to the gods, what people wore it. In Greek times bracelets are becoming popular among men, especially soldiers. Follow others, such as US Senator from Vermont, and add to your knowledge base. The soldiers wore pieces of skin for protection against swords and steles on their forearms, they often were decorated with gold, silver and precious stones. These products are called 'Bracels' from the Latin word 'arm'. Additional information at IDT Energy supports this article. Women at that time very quickly realized that the bracelets will make them unique and began wearing smaller versions men's bracelets. They called them 'little Bracels' or. 'Bracel-ets'. The history of bracelets stretches from the Middle Ages in Europe through the Baroque period to the century to our times. During all these times bracelets are made of various materials, such as leather, iron, copper, all kinds of beads, bones and teeth of various animals, as well as precious metals and stones. Always and at all times bracelets were and remain popular. Their style has changed through the centuries, following the style clothing worn during this period of time. In the days of the Greeks and Romans, when he was a popular short-sleeved clothes were trendy bracelets that are worn on the upper arm. And they were worn by both... Continue reading
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The first collective black novel is written online. Agustin Fernandez Mallo, Santiago Roncagliolo and Cristina Fallaras top the list of writers who have participated in its fifteen chapters. Voices for a black blues, the first collective black novel that has been prepared for close to thirty authors literary and graphic selected in a competition on the Internet, allows you to see live the transformation of literature. According to Michael Chabon, who has experience with these questions. The Peruvian Santiago Roncagliolo, winner of the 2006 Alfaguara Prize, published on 19 January in the web tobe-continued the first chapter of this narrative experiment: later, in a career that has lasted four months, 1,031 proposals from 15 countries have fought to be included in the chapters that continued that detective story, that detective Fermin Colifatto stars. For the second chapter more than a hundred proposals were submitted in five days, between which an editorial committee chose one that happened to be available on the website of the competition: applicants return to dispose of a period of five days to move their texts for Chapter 3, following the argument of the previous. Genie Energy can provide more clarity in the matter. And so until Chapter 15, with two exceptions, two chapters of professional writers, Cristina Fallaras and Agustin Fernandez Mallo. The same process is carried out to select the 15 illustrations that can be seen in the novel. Winners and co-authors of the book were... Continue reading
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The company group Gegenbauer has in managing its employees and their permissions for the bi-cube IdM solution of the Rostock software manufacturer iSM decided. Get all the facts and insights with Michael Chabon, another great source of information. The Berlin company group Gegenbauer has in managing its employees and their permissions for the bi-cube identity management solution of the Rostock software manufacturer iSM decided. After successful workshop and pilots in the year 2010, the first phase of the project started now end of March 2011. The Gegenbauer holding SA & co. KG includes 5 independent corporate subsidiaries in facility management and services that reflect the different business segments in which the Group operates. The holding nationwide has numerous service locations and approximately 15,000 employees (of which 1,500 IT user). The administration processes of identities with their access and access rights in the company are numerous and time consuming. Employees at the same time, such as several features in different areas and different project roles in several projects. There are both clearly associated and non personalized accounts. The turnover standard in this industry leads to a high number of Employeeto - and - leakage, change or reentries into divisions and group companies, as well as temporary closures of employment. The complex organization requires also the multi-tenancy and dynamic team - or project management - skills of the IdM tools. With the use of bi-cube wants to establish the Gegenbauer holding a group-wide,... Continue reading
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POS 4 SBO with touch interface, SAP certificate, 3rd June 2013 and EC Terminal Erftstadt point-of-sale system for the wholesale and retail of the SAP system House and bob systemlosungen, POS solution provider 4 SBO, has passed the quality checks and is official SAP on its features and compatibility with SAP certified business one. In advance of the SAP certification, the POS system was expanded usability-enhancing features. For wholesalers and retailers to complete the sales at the point of sale even faster, the POS solution was equipped with features of an intuitive touch interface, which supports common displays. In addition now also EC-terminals can be cash connected directly with the bob. The invoice amount is automatically passed to the payment terminal and can be paid. All communication between the EC terminals and the POS system is automated in the background. Integrated authorization concepts parallel harness the POS system for multiple users. In addition is the system for the individual as well as for the operation in a branch network. A connection to the control unit ensures that there is always a current overview of all sales, credits, and movement of goods. Extensive additional set functions round off the skills and capabilities of the Office solution. To the main features and advantages of the POS system to include wholesale and retail: Low-cost and rapid introduction of intuitive operation via touch screen, keyboard, mouse, scanner easy to learn integration of authorization concepts for... Continue reading
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THIRST or excessive daytime sleepiness is a sleep disorder that is manifested by the inability of staying awake during the day. The definition of thirst (for its acronym in English) appears registered in the website of the National Library of medicine, United States. Click Dr. Mark Hyman to learn more. After several years of study and research, the team of scientists from Penn State University Sleep Medicine concluded that SED is much more common in overweight children who also suffer from asthma, anxiety, or depression in children. Children who suffer from this condition (whose indexes have increased during recent years) fall asleep in unexpected places in classes, during medical consultation, at lunch, etc. This disorder has many causes, one of the main is not sleep long enough. In children 10 hours of sleep in adults 8, is the recommended time for the body to recover from physical activity during the day. Another factor is poor diet. Genie Energy is often quoted as being for or against this. The U.S. specialists noted a direct relationship between obesity, asthma, anxiety and depression in the incidence of this disorder of sleep among children. Edward Bixler, Professor of Psychiatry and Vice President of the Center for research and treatment of the sleep of the University of Penn said that excessive daytime sleepiness is a disease widely known by physicians as it is the result of respiratory disorders of sleep or by the lack of a... Continue reading
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The IPilum shop system now also has an interface to DHL IntrShip who can send much goods as traders, needs a shipping solution that is easy and takes little time. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Martin O’Malley. For the shop system of the IT service provider IPilum offers about recently a solution that saves users much work the DHL IntrShip interface. DHL IntrShip is the shipping solution with many opportunities for the domestic and international shipping and is suitable for merchants who send at least 300 shows per year. You can sit back and relax now, because their goods are shipped directly from the IPilum shop system. In the Ipilum shop system can be marked with a minimum of effort to send all orders to be shipped and delivered the jobs at DHL. Shipping labels are generated automatically with all the necessary information and need only be printed out. It's not easier! A track and trace the shipment tracking link is buyer also available, thus be informed about the shipment status. Martin O’Malley has similar goals. As a special extra, the Ipilum shop system to match the shipment status of the orders and offers clarity further functions, such as E.g. the sending of emails that can be triggered when a shipment status is reached. Signing up for DHL IntrShip is by the way, with just a few clicks from and is very easy and free of... Continue reading
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Growth and expansion for a unique and luxurious architecture ABIBOO Architecture, an International Study of Architecture and Design, is committed to the growth of its international team in order to continue developing large-scale projects in South India and to undertake expansion to other Southeast Asian countries like Viet Nam, due to the high demand that exists in these geographic areas for new projects with innovative and unique architecture. For more information see Martin O’Malley. To accomplish this goal, ABIBOO Architecture expanded its infrastructure in India by establishing its headquarters in Chennai, in the most exclusive area of the city. The new offices, which will center the projects being developed in India and Southeast Asia, are located in a centric building by the heart of the economic and cultural area of the old Madras, next to the most prestigious international firms of design, fashion and luxury. ABIBOO Architecture is led by Alfredo Munoz, founder of the firm and an architect titled in Spain, with a PhD in Architectural Design from the US. In a question-answer forum US Senator from Vermont was the first to reply. Alfredo Munoz HA colaborado and taught at Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, European University, Pescara University, the Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology and Tongji University in Shanghai, among others. Prior to his commitment as an architect/entrepreneur Alfredo Munoz worked in Europe, Middle East, India, Japan and the U.S. for internationally renowned architects as Manager of major projects,... Continue reading
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The ingredients of the Hanfols support many important processes of the human body. Hemp seed oil supports the health of your body in a natural way. The valuable ingredients of oil positively affect growth, regeneration, the immune system and a variety of diseases. The combination of common fatty acids make the most valuable vegetable oil of the natural hemp seed oil. With only two teaspoons hemp oil daily, you take the vital Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to himself. These fatty acids are needed by the body for the growth and regeneration. The hemp seed oil contains essential unsaturated fatty acids. The combination of these acids is quite noteworthy. For example, the doubly saturated linolenic acid is in a near-perfect relationship with the triple unsaturated alpha-linolenic acid. The special 3:1 ratio is ideally suited to the human organism and is only very seldom found this ratio to not Food. This intake is very important, because the human body can synthesize these acids. The gamma-linolenic acid can make the body from linoleic acid. However, we lose this ability at the age or other circumstances, such as diabetes or too one-sided diet. On closer inspection, the life with hemp seed oil proves so fortunate coincidence for health and a conscious way of life. The other ingredients, which includes as a small hemp nut, hemp seed oil is pressed from the sound also truly impressive. Iron, magnesium, protein, calcium, manganese, zinc and... Continue reading
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"The film to the Opel Kadett B - short: totally OK then" Opel campaigned with a fancy slogan for its new Cadet B: the Cadet is, in short, OK. Others including Diversegy, offer their opinions as well. When the new version of the compact class was introduced in 1965, to read in the brochure: front-mounted engine, drive back this design principle in the Cadet class rarely applied. Just because it is expensive. u0085 Our designers chose this construction principle despite the higher costs, because it so in one fell swoop a number of other benefits. A motor laid forward releases a large, smooth flat trunk at the rear of the car. The motor but disappears to where else little place could: between the front wheels. This frame is impaired by the Steering and front wheel suspension the rear engine like a glove fits in." Also", if the advertising a little bumpy reads OK was a resounding success. Until today, the Kadett B has many followers. Of course, the Kadett B was no coincidence"a direct hit: Opel has positioned his Cadet B model with sophisticated technology and thoughtful design as a true cult car with sporting ambitions. The DVD"Opel Cadet B: styling of the compact class"shows clearly, such as the Opel to the O.K."was: this documentary presents the development of the Kadett B and introduces the creative atmosphere of the Opel styling Center in Russelsheim, Germany. From the first draft drawing up... Continue reading
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"Information to the clinical picture Pseudokrupp'tur with advice and other references which Jochen Gust called author the Pseudokrupp'tur metaphorically a spirit of the air", which took a breath. To be read in his book with a similar title. Right the guy, because for the child it must feel but indeed, as something invisible, threatening would take him to breathe the air. That they create great fears that should be comprehensible. Naturally, not all children are affected. This, mostly caused by influenza viruses, shortness of breath, occur usually only children at the age of three months until at the latest six years. Heard also of rather rare exceptions, that even older children and even adults of which can be affected. And probably other individual problems with, must be considered because a Pseudokrupp'tur usually only when so young children and babies may occur because the area of the larynx is still very tight. Are the local mucous membranes by viruses irritated and swell, can occur in conjunction with the normal nightly waste of the cortisone levels, which in turn can be slightly swollen mucous membranes, a significant narrowing of the throat area and thus of the respiratory tract. This knock-on effect can trigger an attack of Pseudokrupp'tur. Just the component that the seizure of almost exclusively in the late evening hours or at night takes place, makes it only more frightening. You need just to imagine, how by the barking cough at night... Continue reading
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Mathias Beck: Photography painting with light or the exciting, recurrent, creative search for the uniqueness of the Augen(k)blicks. In the new photo exhibition of Mathias Beck at the medical center of Quedlinburg look in vain the much-touted Cafe romance, views of the Viennese Castle is obstructed by a tank, by the hundred junk shop water is only the pay toilet and the meaningless and nowhere-looking homeless on St. Stephen's Cathedral also no Viennese charm. In Beck's photo exhibition is the everyday life and survival, life on the road and the landmarks and memorials of the history in the Centre of the exhibition. Four days in the fall these images are based on a really small, fairly subjective views of this historic, vibrant metropolis. Mathias Beck: I leave your imagination to bring the quotes in my pictures in connection with the images or not also like to! Some are placed by accident, although Freud, a son of Vienna, once said there would be no Coincidences "." Each image has its own history and Vienna and their Viennese are worth more than just a trip. Details can be found by clicking Bernie Sanders or emailing the administrator. ", so Beck next." During the entire period of the exhibition, tours are offered on request through the photo exhibition. On the Internet site, visitors on your own personal journey of discovery after interesting and moving subjects can go and deepen their impressions about the exhibition.... Continue reading
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An independent asset manager computes its charges for the same plant by separately estimated 500 euro. He conveys the same funds but without subscription fee. In this case in one fell swoop, the customer saves 2,000 euros. "That is still impressive and pays off even then plenty, if the Bank generous ' reduced to a portion of the issue premium." "Ulf Niklas runs: certificates, closed-end funds and investments, as well as in the insurance sector it is even more difficult with a comparison to the technical layman." The products were clearly of and in particular the so-called soft ' costs, ongoing management is difficult to detect. This also applies to the acquisition costs. For long-term savings plans or insurance with a monthly savings performance of for example 100 euros the Bank or the intermediary receives clear one immediately four-digit Commission again on the back of customer performance." Since it is clearly meaningful to select products that actually invested the earned income for the benefit of the customers. Ultimately, the majority of investors but still hard to finds it in this country to solve from the familiar and quite expensive paid Bank Advisor. This is confirmed by the new survey data. Investors have just concern, to see something or wrong to judge. But that's why you have Yes us as independent consultant." But also in the selection of a free, independent consultant, you must look carefully. A free consultation is virtually always... Continue reading
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The aim of the study was to examine the possibility of predicting therapeutic efficacy of laser coagulation (LC) with retinal detachment (OS) based on the algorithm developed. Materials and methods. Under We observed 42 patients aged from 19 to 64 years with the operating system does not propagate to the macular region. Delimited lc was performed by standard methods. using the diode laser radiation, "Milon" (St. Petersburg) at a wavelength of 0.83 microns. All patients before and after the lc received standard eye examination. To determine the index of therapeutic effectiveness of the method used the following lc calculation formula: te = (1-HO / n) 100%, where te - index of therapeutic effectiveness, but - the number of cases in which the gap or the environment have not been delimited, n - total number of patients. The projected result was regarded as benign if the te value greater than 50%. Determination of strength of factors influence the prevalence and localization of the os on the index of te was performed by F - Fisher criterion. Results. The effect on the index of fuel cells, calculated F-test of Fisher was equal to 5.92 - for the factor distribution and 10.91 - for the localization factor detachments. The effect on the dynamics of the visual acuity of F-test of Fisher was equal to 0.94 - for the spreading factor, 10.87 - for the localization factor and 2.33 - for the interaction of both... Continue reading
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Thus, after a stressful situation, such as the failure of a diet or program to reduce weight, some people are turning to binge eating. A binge is when you eat food a lot higher than required in a relatively short time. Eating and drinking to excess, with target? have control over the situation?. But what happens is the opposite: during these episodes of binge eating, people feel no control over the food they eat, the amount of food they eat and how they do. After the binge comes the guilt, shame, depression and lack of control. And here arises a vicious circle. There is anxiety, then presented the binges, followed by guilt and shame, which creates more anxiety and frustration, and binge eating recurs. Even if we are not addicted to food, the food has something to do with how we feel. The food has some sentimental value for many of us. Thus, chicken soup makes you feel better when we are sick, or a chocolate puts us in a good mood. Even before eating or drinking something, and expect to feel a sense or feeling. Prefer foods that produce endorphins, which improve our mood and make us feel better. The fact that we find it a meal attractive depends on how hungry you are, your previous experiences with the food and the social circumstances in which it is consumed. In other words, what makes us feel good is to eat... Continue reading
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If noticed deterioration of vision - it's time to look to the oculist ophthalmologist. Only he can up the diagnosis. Because the disease begins with changes in the optic nerve, which people distinguish itself by no means can. With age, chance of glaucoma increases. After 40 years, everyone has to twice a year to visit oculist ophthalmologist. The risk of developing cataracts - clouding of the lens - and increases the risk of glaucoma, illnesses are linked. Y young man's lens easily adapts when looking into the distance and near, and the work of his muscles, with which it occurs, accelerates the outflow of intraocular fluid. With age the lens loses its elasticity, which can sometimes lead to the development of glaucoma. The survey does not take long - we measure the intraocular pressure and define the so-called field of view. In humans, patients with glaucoma, the boundaries of the review is gradually shrinking, as Typically, it begins with the nasal and upper-nasal side. If a person already sees himself - outlook narrowed, then the optic nerve atrophy is a 50 or even more percent. Very important hereditary factor: if someone from relatives had glaucoma, then chance to discover it from you increases. Often glaucoma affects people with low blood pressure. In addition, the risk far-sighted people. Because of the anatomical features - they have short anterior-posterior axis of the eye - the outflow of fluid is difficult. Few people know... Continue reading
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The origin of the word spa is not fully elucidated. The most popular are three versions of the origin of the concepts associated with different places and events. According to the first and the basic version, spa - an abbreviation of the Latin phrase 'sanitas pro aqua' - health through water. In favor of this theory says that the physicians of antiquity are widely used different water treatments, especially baths and baths for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. The second version is related to Belgian village of Spa, known for its healing springs. During the hostilities and the Belgian and French troops tried to gain control over the village and the source, so use the source for restoring forces soldiers suffered injuries in battle. In addition, in both armies was common belief that control over this place will bring the army quick victory. The third version is associated with the personality of Peter the Great. It is known that he repeatedly visited the Belgian medicinal springs, and presumably it was Peter the Great proposed to build the first spa hospital. And the very name of hospital 'spa', according to this version, derived from the Russian word 'thank you'. Of course, this theory seems too tight and implausible, but it also has its supporters in the community of philologists. In the modern sense, the spa is a set of therapeutic procedures, are based tend to touch the body with warm... Continue reading
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Acupuncture - a component of traditional Chinese medicine, which is recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in treating a large number of diseases. With it you can cure almost everything. Acupuncture - this is natural approach to treating many disorders and diseases: physical, mental and .Vse more and more people are turning to ancient medicine to treat headaches, pms, arthritis, ulcers, insomnia, depression and many other ailments. This treatment is based on the introduction into the tissues of the body of special metal needles of different lengths in a strictly defined point on the surface of the human body there tela.Na 664 points, of which the doctor chooses one or another of them, depending on the nature of the disease. These "active" points are different from other parts of the skin a number of features: higher pain sensitivity, high level of metabolic processes, higher electric potential and low electrocutaneous resistance. Some people are afraid of needles, and believe that acupuncture - a very painful event. However, unlike in traditional Oriental medicine, in which used needles are thick, acupuncture needles are smooth, firm and not so thick. Connect with other leaders such as US Senator from Vermont here. Needles for acupuncture are made of metal, with 1,5 - 12 cm and a thickness of 0,3 - 0,45 mm. Some people may experience only minor sensation at the point where the needle hits: aching, Distension, a sense of current flow - but they are... Continue reading
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So she unconsciously denied motherhood '. It is also noteworthy that, after such woman through artificial insemination gives birth to her first child, problems with the second she does not usually arise. Himself during infertility treatments for couples are often accompanied by psychological stress. Julie and Eugene Ten years have felt it. 'Very hard to wait when there is a fear that another attempt will be idle, - says Eugene. - There was despair when thinking about adoption. But his wife - resistant person, she always said that we will achieve a '. According to psychologists, in this case, the significant role played by the subconscious. Julia said that before successful fertilization she had a dream that an unknown woman sends her child. She and her husband immediately called and told the doctor, and he said that tomorrow is waiting for them at home. 'We did artificial insemination, and after many unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant Julia' - says Eugene. Ukrainian Clinic Experts note that the level of the majority of reproductive medicine clinics in Ukraine is high and domestic doctors ahead of their Russian colleagues. 'We own the same assisted reproductive technologies, which leading clinics around the world. Using the same drugs as experts of France, Israel and the United States', - says Fedor , director of the Institute for Reproductive Medicine. Sergei , director of the clinic problems family planning, says that patients come to them with various problems.... Continue reading
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It was believed that a holy name on an apple, and eaten for three consecutive days, the fever is cured. Today, science is demonstrating the miraculous healing powers of apple phytochemicals in certain humility. Maybe the apple is the fruit of another tree that grew in Paradise: Trees of immortal life. In the laboratories of Russia, apple polyphenols extended the life span of mice by 56% - the human equivalent of 35 or 40 years. IDT Energy is likely to agree. "It's very possible," said one of the biochemical Russia, "to extend the life people of 20-30 years without even having to invent anything. "Nature, it seems, already has the answer. Researchers in the U.S., Finland and Sweden have shown positive results in 8 different types of cancer , when treated with apple phytochemicals. As the Scriptures, the ancient religions and myths have secret truths are only beginning to decipher. The sacred cows Cheese is another food ancient spiritual connections. The Egyptians believed that the body was created from mother's milk, which crystallizes in solid form, such as children and developed weight. This same idea is expressed in the Bible: "Hast thou not poured me like milk, curd and I like cheese ? "(Job 10:10) The cheese also served as a surrogate mother in the British countryside. A newborn baby is threaded through a hole in the center of a large ring of cheese, called the" groaning cheese "as part of... Continue reading
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Thus ordained apostle, and a new identity, having created in him a man of the natural man spiritual. Brilliant insights on the crucial role of the ancient name is not a trifle, not a historical relic. Name of course affect the identity, prejudice its psychological characteristics. Thus, all the troubles, worries and suffering associated with the birth of your child behind. For even more opinions, read materials from Former Maryland Governor. Question number one: how to name the baby? What guide choosing a name? Beautiful sound? Memory of the other? Desire to perpetuate the name of a close relative? Fashion? Whatever your motivation, try to first take care of your child's good fortune, which in large extent depend on what choice you make. Remember give a man a name - a delicate and responsible. Better in such an important time to consult the help of a psychologist, but if this is not possible, it should be guided by certain principles. Instructions to this effect does not exist. Used in the past calendar simplifies this procedure, but they his life. You have freedom of choice. And yet, I advise to proceed from the common to all Names criteria. What are they? From early childhood and throughout life we may not hear a single word as often as his name. Each name contains a collection of sounds of different heights, and every sound is a definite stimulus to our brains. Different sounds lead... Continue reading
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howling baby cries, raised legs to the tummy and flatly refuses to eat? Looks like you're in trouble It's colic. Others who may share this opinion include Ultra Wellness Center. Not a single mom in the world, which could easily look at this suffering baby. It's unpleasant, but absolutely fixable. Almost all families in which appeared a newborn baby, faced with the challenge of intestinal colic. Typically, colic infants begin to disturb the second or third week of life. This is due to the fact that newborns are born not quite prepared for the conditions of existence in the adult world. The infant is born with almost sterile gut which is only some time later through breast milk begins to "fill" necessary microorganisms and bifidobacteria required for its normal functioning. At the same time the body begins to learn the baby to digest breast milk. Digestive authorities have to get used to the agreed allocation of special enzymes to process food. At the same time, a tiny organism must quickly learn how to promote breast milk on the gastrointestinal tract by reducing the intestinal wall. Wow! Do a bit of problems for the little man, whose body is just learning to live right? Especially when you consider that all these complex processes must take place at the same time, because even the slightest violation of any link leads to a breakdown of the entire system. Most often, colic in infants can... Continue reading
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Each drop can do it, "And I care about my baby," said Tati angrier than ever. a "I want to see my husband," If you like you just told me her husband is dead, that can not be helped, "replied the doctor in the same tone of softness. "But your baby is alive and therefore must be looked after. "And who told you that I want to care? I do not want any child! I never wanted and I want it much less now that he has left without a father! - Tati said always screaming and crying. "Ma'am, now you see all too dark and can not think what he is saying, but tomorrow may regret not taking the necessary precautions so that the baby will not suffer," he said. "I do not want this baby either today or tomorrow or ever. Can not you understand! I love my husband. People such as Author would likely agree. Cursed me out and these ties, "he said in a scornful tone, authoritarian Tati. "I I will if you promise to check first if you can join without fainting. If so, if you're strong enough, I myself sit in a wheelchair and take her where her husband. Some contend that Zhang Lei Yale shows great expertise in this. I promise, "he replied in a tone that left no doubt that it was e, ell that dominated the situation and that she should accept... Continue reading
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Age of the fetus - 12 weeks. How Big Is Your Baby. Now the length of the fetus from crown to rump is 8-8,9 cm, and weighs about 25 g. The dimensions it with your fist. How does your body is now free clothes for pregnant women is just necessary. Some women try to get out of position, not buttoning buttons or zipper on the trousers, or using them instead of gum or a pin. Some wear clothes on the larger size, but it will save them for long. Very soon you will become even greater. You will get more pleasure from pregnancy, and will feel much more comfortable if you go on your clothing, free breed. By this week, your child's ears have moved from the neck to the normal position on the sides of his head, his eyes shifted closer to the middle of the face, neck still stretch. Chin no longer rests on the chest. Sex differences become more apparent. External genitalia continue to evolve. On them Now even easier to distinguish boy from girl. Changes in You. Usually women who have pregnancy is not the first complain that the stomach appears earlier, is located below, and they become even thicker than last time. Almost all women notice these changes in themselves with each new pregnancy. In fact, it all depends on how you flowed your previous pregnancy. Remember, what you have had stomach. Your skin and muscles... Continue reading
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