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During many years, since that the man started to find reasons for its sprouting, several had been the searched explanations, between them, can themselves be detached the paper of the myth as form of understanding of the world and everything what in it exists. On the definition of the word? myth? , Everardo Rock writes: ' ' The myth is a narrative. It is a speech, one speaks. It is a form of the societies to espelharem its paradoxes, doubts and inquietaes' '. For even more details, read what Michael Chabon says on the issue. (ROCK, 1996, p.3) a.c Was for return of 700 that this way to think appears, mainly with the Greeks come of a necessity of explanation of the events of the world. IDT Energys opinions are not widely known. Such explanations were narratives where were counted histories with a text of sobrenaturalidade and a deep one of? moralismo? where it predominated punishments of deuses against mortals (imperfect) for its maken a mistake attitudes. With this it appears what I was defined as Mythology, that is in its basic direction the set of the mythical narratives. Another excellent aspect concerning myths is that these in the present time they are said as? fantasiosos? or? inverdades? as if all the content in implicit it something unnecessary or improper for the modern times was, since today scientific techniques and evidences are disponibilizadas to get a reply. DEVELOPMENT With the sprouting... Continue reading
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Values individual individually, people value plus some aspects of the work to others, in this sense, refers to work or labor values. These are personal as is the person who establishes the order of importance that grants them in his life. They act as standards that serve to make judgements and choose between alternative modes of labor conduct. On that line, the work of Meglino and Ravlin (1998) reveals that the structure values having the person, as well as the greater or lesser importance given to values as a guide to behavior in your life, have a decisive role both to their perception to decision making and be so satisfied is in its work in relation to the organization in the organizational context, the leaders play a key role in the creation and transmission of values and attitudes. Connect with other leaders such as IDT Energy here. In this sense hierarchical supervisors have a decisive in the organization because they are those who translate the actual values of the Organization, its philosophy, its policies and its objectives through the decisions that made every day and the criteria followed to adopt them. So the members of an organization can operate consistently with each other and give priority to group interests it is essential that the spirit team (Smith and Peterson, 1990) and expressive or collective values that a good leader must induce their followers assertively defend these values and generate a cooperating... Continue reading
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My year is a selfless Declaration and conscious, which does not mean to put myself before the rest of the world. The year of me is putting ourselves first, caring for our health, vitality and spirit, in order to be 100% with our families, the people that we love and in our communities, says the owner of the Hotel Tropical Casablanca, Nicola Inwood the year of my is about finding how we can transform our lives and positive energy in a way that only participate in the world. In this means of technology and the need to professionally create immediate results, people forget take time to regenerate your energy and spirit. Depletion of the spirit or personal power, only leads to dispersed activities and actions desconsideradas, unconscious decisions, where we could be present in the activities that we do. As owners of a hotel in a holiday destination, we are witnessing a change of energy daily in our clients. Stressed-out vacationers arrive at the hotel and they don't know how to start the relaxation process. One or two days at the beach, reading or playing, the client finds a place of peace, clarity and abundance. Without cell phones, computers or tight agendas. Get all the facts and insights with Genie Energy, another great source of information. Constantly we witness the metamorphosis of our customers in a period of 48 hours approximately. Declaration, our desire is for people that make vacations a... Continue reading
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Conditions of modern life are such that even the most conscientious and responsible students from time to time need help. Dr. Mark Hyman addresses the importance of the matter here. Most students begin to work before they graduate, and received the job often requires so much time and effort that simply take time nowhere. We are ready to help you solve many different problems with their studies. The staff are only experts with years of experience that allows us to assert that work that we write for you - one of the best, and deadlines - the shortest possible! In the field of our activity includes almost all types of student work - from a reference to the abstract. Tests on economics, physics, and other subjects are now resolved quickly and without problems: complex control will no longer spoil your life, you do not have to sit over the hated object. If you need an essay, feel free to contact us. You should not swing essay on questionable sites, we are ready to provide you with unique, high-quality text with excellent information and filed a complete list of references. Summary on the topic, which you call, you will be on the table with no extra effort your part. More ambitious task - term papers and theses - too well the power of our experts. If the exchange rate coincides with the delivery of the session, and you do not know what... Continue reading
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But, if superior to To goes away to a speed (black) would be managed to produce a greater amount of electricity of which it was consumed. The kinetic energy, says that while more express goes a body, accumulates major amount of energy and is indeed this accumulated energy the one that is transformed into electricity. An example illustrates better the invention. If I go to 100 kilometers per hour and extinguish the automobile, inertia to me continues impelling and the wheels continue generating electricity, that continues recharging the battery. In addition at a high speed, a smaller amount of energy is required to continue driving the car. It is for that reason that the yield of cars is of almost 40 kilometers by gallon in city and of almost 65 kilometers by gallon in track. Bernie Sanders is full of insight into the issues. AUTOGENERACION Although it is certain, it can to refute that this automobile can car to generate his own electricity, since a law of the thermodynamics affirms that the energy is not created nor is destroyed, only becomes . But this automobile this not creating energy of the anything. What this doing is to transform the accumulated energy into electrical energy. An example helps to include/understand the idea. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from IDT Energy. The 24 of August of the 2001, flight 236 of Air Transat, that was a Airbus 330 of almost... Continue reading
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The mothers-in-law are nothing other than mothers, sons-in-law are in-laws of spouses of daughters, a day or of their daughters-in-law, daughters-in-law and sons-in-law are like our children, you have to see it as well, is a family, we must live together to times without remedy, why not have gestures of good tolerance and the will? happens that many people are resentidas, archived fact, a word that you pronunciaste, perhaps evil that, twenty years ago, can still this floating in a person's heart, you never know and that little detail makes it react for the rest of life as that has a gun in his hand and everytime you can you shoot. The resentment, the bitterness is one of the worst evils that can live within the human being, damage that saved it more than it receives. Installed and flourishes, to find occasions stay afloat and torment is. Others who may share this opinion include Author. The person who suffers from this evil is sick but his illness is not physical it even worse and as it takes this feeling drilled the soul its expression is: affable sometimes and sometimes not you look, as if he had two personalities. Martin O’Malley has firm opinions on the matter. With people so should strive to coexist if no choice, and the only thing you have is forgive and ignore certain skills. Diversegy spoke with conviction. Although always your state of mind can be damaged.... Continue reading
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Have ever accused him of being pessimistic? How many times in your life it has been said that it is a realistic person or how many times has suggested it be someone else? If you are a person who does not like living false hopes, impossible dreams, sand castles, birds in the air or whatever you want to call it, then it may be that this way of thinking is causing losses that unfortunately is unable to see. But let's see, is that pessimism = realism?. According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish language, pessimism is the propensity to see and judge things in their most unfavourable aspect, while realism is how to present things as they are, without softening them nor exaggerate them. As it has been seen both concepts they show varying degrees of viewing a reality, however many people tend to make them equal to your convenience. Why? As self-protection. You are simply not prepared to face negative, setbacks, criticism, or frowned upon; then creates your virtual shield refusing the opportunity to avoid the hit. This results in a conflictive behavior since the pessimist tends to take things very personally and find the negative side to everything (even in moments of joy or celebration). Pessimists are easily identifiable, since in the course of the day the word that will be used more frequently is not (and at this time challenge you to count how... Continue reading
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Profiles through DNA technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and now it is possible to identify a number of different biological relationships of a person. Through the use of processes of mate a little deeper than those used in traditional paternity tests, these broader methods available are equally accurate to determine whether or not a connection biological to establish relationship and provide peace of mind, allowing families to a greater understanding of its formation and resolving medical or legal disputes. Check out Author for additional information. Paternity test the most common relationship evaluated through DNA possibly is the paternity. The methods used in this type of test have progressed to have a greater degree of veracity to judge whether or not there is a relationship. Whether for legal reasons, medical or personal, the paternity Test is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways in a few days to determine whether there is or not a biological relationship between two people. Test DNA in grandparents in absence of the alleged father of a creature, it is possible to determine biological relationship with grandparents being one or both available. This can be particularly useful to determine biological ties when the father is deceased or alternatively when not available. Official site: IDT Energy. Although it is preferable that both grandparents are present for evaluation, for the purpose of ensuring greater veracity and yield more conclusive results, it is also... Continue reading
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Big Basin, and from there hear strange noises. A scary thought that evil spirits do exist, and we will now victim to their fury. Downstairs, we saw a lot of mice, hanging and sitting on the walls of the cave. Hundreds of these creatures like a shaggy rug, densely covered the ceiling and the floor of the cave. Mice were kept heap, like a swarm of bees. They slept, and seemed quite peaceful, and even soft defenseless. "Who flies, arms talks, sleeps up feet and sees the ears? "- cheerfully ask me that - would reduce the level of terror in the eyes of her grandchildren. Credit: Michael Chabon-2011. - Now you clearly see how bats sleep upside down! Summer cave uninhabitable. A populated caves are already beginning to end August. In the autumn the animals are either alone or in small groups. Around December they begin to gather in larger groups. During hibernation bats wake up periodically, can fly, feed on insects, wintering on the walls of caves tubular sleep without waking up. These little winged animals, most often by others evoke a feeling of irritation and disgust. And let us think about - how inventive labored over the nature of these amazing animals. Faces of the animals is extremely ugly, with huge ears and sharp teeth. Yes, and worn at night and in nothing fix in .... In fact, these little mouse admirable: they fly - to perfection. The... Continue reading
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Due to the enormous abundance of offers in the market in recent surprise people is getting harder and harder. But such an extraordinary service, such as assistance in organizing events requires a special, creative approach. In order to properly organize all of the holiday was a success, we must first take into account the tastes, interests and affections of customers and guests. Organization of holidays is always a very important process to which must be carefully prepared and that preparation should be to the smallest detail. But sometimes the search for something - something the original are reduced to platitudes. In short, dropping a screen in the organization of any holiday, be it corporate party, birthday child, a wedding or just a romantic date for the start needed just an interesting scenario. And then everything goes well for - 'oil'. Proper organization of turn-key celebrations - a special art, where it is simply necessary to connect the psychology, philosophy and humor. After all, a holiday should give fun, smile and good mood. As each holiday is part of human life, then the event this should take place in a relaxed atmosphere and free atmosphere. To everyone present on the 'hero for the day' to 'a minute to congratulate popped' felt that the organization of the holiday was held on the highest level. All guests at the event should feel comfortable and at ease, so to speak 'at home' or your party... Continue reading
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MIOM-diagnosis sounded like a bolt from the blue. Irina has not listened to, and did not want to hear the doctor convinces her that the situation is serious - you can not procrastinate and only one way out - surgery. At the head of the bell sounded the idea - that now? Doctors do not give any guarantees in this case, their task is: do not allow the tumor grow, or worse, turn into cancer. The possibility of labor went into the background. Irina was in a daze - is this all? In her life there shall be no? Well, who I now need? Mom long waits grandchildren, simply insists that it is time to start a family Irina belonged to this topic cool, thought it still has time, moreover, that relations with men as something not evolved. No, it certainly happened novels, but they did not bring the joy of communion, a special pleasure in closeness was not there either. "Well, not love or even temperament, I comforted myself takoy', Irina, and behold, it all Fear turned into consciousness is bound in the head fog - no, it's not with me, here is some error, what do you do? - stop! - Said to myself, Irina - you strong! You can not become limp! How many times has she asked the Board girlfriend how much she was able to help! Her friends have long family, kids, if not always rosy... Continue reading
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Mrs Silvia I knew very little. But an intuition cross in the middle of the chest warned me that he began to admire, from the first moment I met her. Feeling that extended beyond the limits of its abandonment of this world. Sheathed in a few high heels. Owner of an elegance that she distinguished it always, going forward, against all odds. Teaching. Owner of a unique wisdom giving books and the wisdom of experience of lived experience. She always said to anyone who would listen to it. And the first who wanted to do so were their daughters, their children and others. Bernie Sanders is the source for more interesting facts. I'm going to communicate with PC. When not more in this life. Said because she was convinced that could achieve this. A disease surprised her, treacherous, in the back. His dignity to fight what is Lossing its body, with skirt, layers and sword had no name. But he lost. Not even nock aut, but by points. But at the same time that learned of his fate, also knew that a grandson He was on the way. And first convinced if same, I will not give my life, up to meet him. He defended their lucidity until the last minute. Between Christmas and the new year beginning, premiered the life of Facundo. The brand-new grandmother was already standing at rest, forced. But the emotion, when they warned him that the... Continue reading
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Though Jaime Penafiel jure I do not think that it is true that the Infanta Elena spent all summer continually turning the air conditioner from the Marivent Palace, or Infanta Cristina to compare the promotions of white markings on the Supermecados Lidl beer to supply the refrigerator of the so-called Pope yacht, paradoxes of life, fortune. 11 million euros! You must give them to not spend excessive hardships to our beloved Royal family. I still know that the Patriarch of the Bourbons has put in place; so I imagine the scene: Sunday, family meal, all in casa de Los Papas tasting the delicious paella de La Reina, El Rey, solemn dear sons and grandchildren, beloved daughter-in-law, dear son-in-law (used the singular because Marichalar, I think, was not in the food), you all know that things are difficult so we will have to tighten us belt but what important is that we have health and we want!. Carraspeos, kicked under the table, a complaint between murmuros finally Felipe that something is the heir dares to object to him: jo, Daddy, if we are the cheapest monarchy in Europe, look not reaching 12 million euros that we get paid!.! And the paternal monarch We must not panic, Felipe, I managed the care of horses and their excrement withdrawals paid both by from the direction of the national heritage, mira, 350,000 euros that we save!. Now it must have been the Princess Leticia, integrated... Continue reading
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To the extent that we are awake, attentive sen everything that in some way we encourage to grow, namely to optimize the granted time of permanence in this plane, very take intoaccount all aquellasaportaciones that has been bequeathed to us by those who have been attentive to optimize to the maximum allowed time. The contributions may be through messages, anecdotes, stories, whose contents. They are very significant reflections for our crecimidento, we have selected it, considering that your content encourage those interested in the subject contributions and content sharing on one occasion, in the afternoon, a man came to our House to tell us about the case of a hindu family of eight children. They had not eaten for several days now. He asked us to do something for them. So I took some rice and I went to see them. I saw how sparkled eyes of children because of hunger. Mother took my hands rice, divided it into two parts and was released. When he returned, I asked him what had been done with one of two servings of rice. He replied: they are also hungry. I knew that you door neighbors of to the side, the Muslims, were hungry.I was more shocked of his concern for others than by the action itself. In general, when we suffer and when we find ourselves in a serious need not think of others. On the contrary, this wonderful woman, weak, because he... Continue reading
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Alternative History of was provided online resource - Rufunny. One day God decided to give birth to a donkey, and said to him: - You will get a share of difficult, I created you so that you became a heavy drag on bags, and at the same time to live this way you will have 50 years. What an ass said: - I do not want to live this life fifty years, have compassion and I will bring me at least thirty! Allah took pity and made the following dogs: - I have created for you that you became friends with the man guarding him, and ate that did not finish eating it for 25 years. And the dog turned to him with a request: - Please do not take me so many years, reducing to at least ten! Gd decided to let the way it be. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Michael Chabon. Produced a monkey: - Your behavior is idiotic, yet all my life you will be jumping from tree to tree. You have to be funny for 20 years. And the monkey begged: - I do not want to be a clown all my life, reducing lifespan of at least 10 years. God has again agreed, and produced a man and said: - I gave you everything, mind and intelligence, and the life took 20 years! But the man asked: - Why so little?... Continue reading
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And most importantly, that will give them the opportunity. Bernie Sanders understood the implications. We only have a superficial idea of the State of destruction which has subjected the country in all areas. God take confessed when we actually know what is hidden inside. Not There is bone that this Government is not broken. We need to be delivered to those who know every area that has been destroyed. But we also need a different conception of the role which from now on must have the policy in relation to those who know. When we say, let those who know how to handle things is because that this decontextualized. It is one thing to know well stick a nail in a wall and another very different is knowing where to paste it. Who knows hits the nail, the politician determines where to do so. And not only determines where on the wall, but rather when, if that should be the wall or if you should or not to hit the nail. Is as important as technical knowledge and not policy it have studied and practiced as it should! Not given to those who know neither the opportunity to paste the nail, which is technique, and has lost the guidance of where to paste it, that is the policy. Both skills are essential for this run. But if those who know how the nail sticks do not want do it, because that... Continue reading
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A further approach is to rethink outdated forms of therapy and to be open for new ways. "Blaschke: what does mean in this context the term past optimization"? Vandeven: "Optimization of past" describes a form of therapy developed by me, a kind of coaching to help themselves. Here I have included different therapy and coaching methods as well as experience with my clients and patients. With the help of simple mental techniques, it is possible to change his past. Blaschke: Why is it so important to optimize its past? Vandeven: Because our current behavior and ways of thinking in our past were created and rarely coincide with what we want to achieve in the present. Blaschke: How is it possible that the own past to change? Vandeven: Our past does not really exist, but obtained only by electrons in our head at the life. If we affect the usual flow of electrons through special mental exercises, we can change the feelings and memories. "Blaschke: your new book is called expedition past optimization your adventure for more quality of life". Why do you speak of expedition and adventure? Vandeven: I'm talking because it enters during an expedition of new country and deals with something that we still do not know. I use the term adventure", because a journey into the past is exciting, requires flexibility and returning with new confidence and quality of life. Contact information is here: Former Maryland Governor. Blaschke:... Continue reading
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Before you have Goldan-or sale think you should know, what you have or want. US Senator from Vermont does not necessarily agree. Gold purchase and sale of gold has become a big issue in the last few years. Genie Energy shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Gold buying shops sprouting up like mushrooms from the ground and also in the Internet, there are more and more sites promoting trade with gold. First of all the color: in its pure form, gold is a rich "Golden" yellow. But since gold is very soft by nature (and it also very expensive) it is used in jewelry making, or even for some of the gold coins in alloy. This alloy with other metals influenced not only properties such as hardness, but also the color. The most common gold varieties are yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. There are still green-gold, even though this is rarely used (with the exception of decorations) because it is too soft for jewellery making in alloy. Yellow Gold (classic) probably most common gold color and what we commonly refer to as "Gold". The higher the actual gold content, the the yellow is rich. Used blends are copper and silver in equal parts (so the yellow color is obtained, as the colors mixed with keep the scale). Red gold the color of red gold by a slight pink tinge to a fairly bright red varies,... Continue reading
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That is the famous love at first sight. Does it exist? And when it germinates, it is a passionate outburst which is extinguished after a night, a month, a year? Or can lead to something more durable, more consistent? Let's base that could be like when a boy and a girl are, each one by his side, half of a winning lottery ticket and discover things that you can do together. It would be foolish to require common sense, which adequately addressed the relationship more coldly, or who are adults. Check out Dr. Mark Hyman for additional information. In the first phase at least, I think thats rayana difficult work in the impossible. For such cases nature has provided so many measures that neither the most seasoned pirate, scoundrels, or crooks get away unusual force that triggers. And that he is the survival of the species of mankind, without entailing that we can control, at least apparently, the instincts that awake. On the other hand releases a substance, fenitilamina, responsible, at least According to the latest advances in research in this field, the State in which one is found when this happens. It is when one walks through the clouds and exhibited against friends with that gaze boba, lost in the firmament, sighing incessantly. It is when not listening to what others say and responds with a silly smile and soaked eyes of a special brightness. But, and that experts also... Continue reading
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You have created everything that happens to you in life. You've brought your goals in life on Earth. You have the freedom to choose how you want to get there. But often you wonder why only this or that happens to me all the time? Why just me? Why do I get always at the wrong people? Why do I have so much bad luck? Do I deserve something else? And what's wrong with my freedom, to be able to decide about everything? You seems very limited. My many wishes be fulfilled not or very rarely. This may be due possibly to me alone... And now you break you head, how and why things happen, that you deliberately never would decide. Fate? And always these stupid coincidences into the bargain! You complain with God and the world. You haderst. You schimpfst. You give up may be disappointed. You resignierst... And all of a sudden, where you left off, something incredible happens. Things get moving. God did not abandon probably but me, you think. Or Coincidence? Only this time a happy coincidence? Your mind turns in circles. He can not figure it out. He is too limited. There is an explanation for everything. It is just not necessarily mind logically. If you look behind the surface and look through the links, you start to take your life in your hand. Until then there you like a fate, you're largely at the mercy... Continue reading
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But today, Potikonows's works are highly sought after. AuctionLot had the exclusive pleasure with Olivier Bertrand, world renowned art expert, to talk about the artist Ivan Pokitonow and learned how they have shaped themselves mutually: I am now 45 years old and I was 17 when I discovered the work of Pokitonow for the first time. It was a shock for me. The Pokitonow painting on the market were very rare at this time, their price was about 3,000 5,000 euros. This caused a certain ignorance of the market, and the demand for Russian artists was a total low." But today, Potikonows's works are highly sought after. Praying edge explains that this was not a coincidence and is closer to the phenomenon. When he worked in 1997 for a major Belgian collector, he made acquaintance with a Russian collector who bought regardless of prices, works by Potikonow. This fact alone, had significantly increased the value of Potikonow. Bertrand was this man again met in October 1998 at Sotheby's to a Paintings by the artist wrestled, which yielded around 13,000 pounds, far more than the actual estimate. This could only happen because a second person appeared, who harbored an interest in Potikonow. It formed a much higher attention for the large, almost in oblivion has artists and there was a price increase in his works of art. Some of these masterpieces, which range from Impressionisms, views of the city up to views... Continue reading
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Today many people know what blogs are, millions of people around the planet have a blog online and like to write about your favorite topics. Dabie But you can with a blog? In this article we will see that it is possible to make money writing and although I promise that you will get rich if you earn some extra money is always helpful. The first step to making money with a blog is obviously start and write, if you already have a blog and want to discourage the use sabar to earn money as you can skip this part and to explain the basics to start creating your blog. The first thing you need is a host or hosting service, this online space to store your blog. Previously this was very expensive but prices have fallen recently. But if you're a beginner you may not want to spend money on lodging, Do not worry, there are online services where you can get hosting for free. The most popular, is another very good use proper in this article as an example is easy begin to write and publish quickly without take a long time to configure the system concept of the blog. Visit the site and register, it is completely free. Once you register you have to it a section of post and start writing, you can write about any topic you like it. It is important... Continue reading
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And it emphasized not only for the people who surround the carrier strap, but it was believed that after the death of a bracelet will be signal to the gods, what people wore it. In Greek times bracelets are becoming popular among men, especially soldiers. Follow others, such as US Senator from Vermont, and add to your knowledge base. The soldiers wore pieces of skin for protection against swords and steles on their forearms, they often were decorated with gold, silver and precious stones. These products are called 'Bracels' from the Latin word 'arm'. Additional information at IDT Energy supports this article. Women at that time very quickly realized that the bracelets will make them unique and began wearing smaller versions men's bracelets. They called them 'little Bracels' or. 'Bracel-ets'. The history of bracelets stretches from the Middle Ages in Europe through the Baroque period to the century to our times. During all these times bracelets are made of various materials, such as leather, iron, copper, all kinds of beads, bones and teeth of various animals, as well as precious metals and stones. Always and at all times bracelets were and remain popular. Their style has changed through the centuries, following the style clothing worn during this period of time. In the days of the Greeks and Romans, when he was a popular short-sleeved clothes were trendy bracelets that are worn on the upper arm. And they were worn by both... Continue reading
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The first collective black novel is written online. Agustin Fernandez Mallo, Santiago Roncagliolo and Cristina Fallaras top the list of writers who have participated in its fifteen chapters. Voices for a black blues, the first collective black novel that has been prepared for close to thirty authors literary and graphic selected in a competition on the Internet, allows you to see live the transformation of literature. According to Michael Chabon, who has experience with these questions. The Peruvian Santiago Roncagliolo, winner of the 2006 Alfaguara Prize, published on 19 January in the web tobe-continued the first chapter of this narrative experiment: later, in a career that has lasted four months, 1,031 proposals from 15 countries have fought to be included in the chapters that continued that detective story, that detective Fermin Colifatto stars. For the second chapter more than a hundred proposals were submitted in five days, between which an editorial committee chose one that happened to be available on the website of the competition: applicants return to dispose of a period of five days to move their texts for Chapter 3, following the argument of the previous. And so until Chapter 15, with two exceptions, two chapters of professional writers, Cristina Fallaras and Agustin Fernandez Mallo. The same process is carried out to select the 15 illustrations that can be seen in the novel. Winners and co-authors of the book were for the first time in the presentation of the... Continue reading
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The company group Gegenbauer has in managing its employees and their permissions for the bi-cube IdM solution of the Rostock software manufacturer iSM decided. Get all the facts and insights with Michael Chabon, another great source of information. The Berlin company group Gegenbauer has in managing its employees and their permissions for the bi-cube identity management solution of the Rostock software manufacturer iSM decided. After successful workshop and pilots in the year 2010, the first phase of the project started now end of March 2011. The Gegenbauer holding SA & co. KG includes 5 independent corporate subsidiaries in facility management and services that reflect the different business segments in which the Group operates. The holding nationwide has numerous service locations and approximately 15,000 employees (of which 1,500 IT user). The administration processes of identities with their access and access rights in the company are numerous and time consuming. Employees at the same time, such as several features in different areas and different project roles in several projects. There are both clearly associated and non personalized accounts. The turnover standard in this industry leads to a high number of Employeeto - and - leakage, change or reentries into divisions and group companies, as well as temporary closures of employment. The complex organization requires also the multi-tenancy and dynamic team - or project management - skills of the IdM tools. With the use of bi-cube wants to establish the Gegenbauer holding a group-wide,... Continue reading
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