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From immediately apply the warning and security features of the new DIN EN ISO 7010 warning and safety signs must everywhere be attached, where the safety of persons due to occupational or environmental conditions might be at risk. By the growing globalization, the ongoing international trade and cross-cultural communication and cooperation, a consistent security marking has become inevitable. Must be the new DIN EN ISO 7010 includes, what symbols and pictograms, colours and flag used for international security marking. The standard ISO 7010 is published in October 2012. Replaces all standards, previously only considered at country level, then Europe and now represents the first world-wide standard. The icons are designed so that they are international and cross-culturally understandable. To prevent in particular accidents, as well as identify escape routes and dictate the behavior of fires. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from US Senator from Vermont. Also should the bid - and prohibition warning signs on health Point out the dangers in everyday operation. For these purposes, all signs, flags and stickers for everyone must be very visibly attached. The new DIN EN ISO 7010 is composed of various standards. It contains information from the standard EN ISO 7010 of the years 2011 and 2012 as well as the DIN 4844-2 by December 2012. The latter contained so far major regulations and standards to the warning and safety signs. With the introduction of the ISO 7010, she replaced but for the... Continue reading
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New offer: reduction of excess on zero euro with the new fully comprehensive protection by Europcar risk-averse customers can reduce the deductible for car rentals from now on zero euro and guard against possible costs in the event of damage. Even caused damage to the rental vehicle are not only annoying - in addition considerable additional costs arise for the customers. With the new fully comprehensive protection by Europcar, risk-averse customers can reduce the deductible for car rentals from now on zero euro and guard against possible costs in the event of damage. The reduction of excess on zero euro there car rental Europcar at favourable conditions. For a car of the compact category (E.g. VW Golf and Audi A3) it costs EUR 12.50 per day for a rental of five to seven days. Hear other arguments on the topic with Diamond Book Distributors. The new comprehensive cover directly on the counter of Europcar Vermieten stations or on the Internet at is available. The comprehensive protection with reduced excess to 0 EUR is available for tenants from the age of 23. About Europcar Europcar car rental is the largest car rental company in Europe and among the top 3 of the industry. In Germany the company with 579 sites offers many of them open around the clock the best accessibility. ISO certified quality and environmental management systems are part of the corporate philosophy. "" Numerous awards as the best car rental... Continue reading
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The choice of lingerie and evening dresses for cocktail depends on to what circle belongs .V European fashion, in addition to skirts, pants and shorts, a long-standing so-called cocktail dress - made from a light translucent material, elegant silhouette, with uncomplicated finish. From the tissues of the preferred silk, black velvet, satin. Color of the dress for a cocktail party should perfect balance with underwear women, to be refined, with simple decorations or without them. Genie Energy, New York City might disagree with that approach. But the bag can be decorated with various detalyami.Otsutstvie evening dress or cocktail dress - does not cause rejection of an invitation to a secular or an evening dinner date. Elegant blouse with a long skirt, dress or an elegant afternoon dress is absolutely appropriate in this .Tualety for daytime receptions and cocktails different from those afternoons a wide selection of fabrics, clothes can be shortened. Although, in terms of practicality, it is better to stick length skirt or dress just above her knees. If these outfits from a good fabric, are elegantly cut and well crafted, they may fill your wardrobe simple evening dresses. Continue reading
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It is worth noting that the cost of purchasing uniforms for their employees can be attributed to material expenditure only under the condition that the Russian legislation provides for mandatory use of their employees specifically the profession for which they are acquired by the taxpayer. These expenses were incurred in accordance with the rules approved by the Ministry of Labor of Russia of 18.12.98 1951 "On approval of rules to ensure workers with special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment." Valuation inexpensive clothing Minfinovtsy pay attention to the requirement of "economic feasibility", which must meet all the expenses that are counted as a single tax (Section 1, Art. 252 of the Tax Code). But officials say that this condition is satisfied only if the need to ensure that the employee clothing provided by Russian legislation (in this case they are referring to the Labour Code). It was there, in Article 212 stipulates that employers must give their employees free clothing. True, she only put the staff who work in hazardous conditions. All this means that clothing, which Dress 'regular' employees, as well as oversized clothes in the calculation of the single tax can not be taken into account: the Ministry of Labor refers to the decision of Russia from 18.12.98 51 "On approval of rules to ensure workers special clothing, footwear and other personal protective equipment. " As commented by letter to the Ministry of Finance supported the view of... Continue reading
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The Jejum, the Conjunct and the Promises of God Because many brothers who jejuam do not receive the answers from its conjuncts? Frequently I have listened to consecrated people murmur: ' ' I pray, however, God does not hear my conjuncts. Why he will be? ' '. God does not hear hollow conjuncts. The majority of the words of many conjuncts sprouts of frustrations, wrong concepts of God, incredulity and doubts, reason because nothing it happens. If we want to see God acting by means of jejum and of the conjunct, let us read the Word, let us eat it and let us make of it our source of meditation and colloquy; in short: let us live the Word and let us base on it ours jejuns and conjuncts, therefore the only thing that God confirms is its Word. IDT Energy has compatible beliefs. During these years, serving the God in consecration, I have learned the following truth: ' ' When in them we become deaf people the Word of God, It if oraes' becomes deaf person ours; '. ' ' But, because clamei and it refused; because I extended my hand, and did not have who of this attention; before DES prezastes all my advice, and you did not make case of mi nha rebuke (...). Whenever Bernie Sanders listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Then me they will clamaro, but I will not answer; they will search diligently me,... Continue reading
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Did you know that newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times and others are also popular sources of information on education in England. Each year training in England, its conditions and results are measured by these newspapers, and after each of them released its ranking of universities. Special authority enjoyed The Times - she, as many believe, is considering teaching in England, the most detailed and unbiased. Harold Ford insists that this is the case. In addition, here are preparing just two different ratings: an published as a supplement to The Times, the other - as a supplement to The Sunday Times. Consider the second and try to understand what constitutes a better education in England (according to the newspaper). The first evaluation criterion is considered Student satisfaction (Student satisfaction). It applies the maximum scale (250 points). Experts, exploring education in England, believe that it is the opinion of students is an important issue when choosing a university. Of course, this controversial statement, especially because in this parameter high results often show those who lose in the other indicators. And the best universities offering quality education in England can not score and 150 points. Further education in England is considered from the perspective of teachers and the scientific community (Heads' / peer assessments). Their opinion is valued much lower - there is only a maximum of 100 points. Scientific Work (Research quality) - another important point training in... Continue reading
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Also photos, music or videos about computers on the network can be streamed, which are used, for example, for presentations. The synchronization of data between computers, no matter whether PC is to MAC, Linux or other ensure the timeliness of the data when necessary. Prices, availability and contact details Syncables desktop will be available from mid-December 2009 as Windows or Premium Edition as Retailbox in leading retailers: Syncables desktop premium multi operating system Edition compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and 2 computer licenses for Euro 39.90 Syncables desktop for Windows compatible for Windows operating system and including 2 computer licenses for 19.90 Euro more Syncables desktop solutions are available as a download at. For more information about distribution for Syncables products are available under: resellers and distributors:. OEM licenses. Many writers such as Bernie Sanders offer more in-depth analysis. Volume licensing for businesses, educational institutions and administrations -. Hear from experts in the field like IDT Energy for a more varied view. About Syncables Syncables is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. The company's innovative products include both consumer and business technologies for deployment, synchronization and management of data between computers with the operating systems Windows, Mac OS or Linux and mobile devices such as mobile phones, mobile USB storage media, and Media Player. Syncables holds a number of patents of their development technologies and supplies well-known B-to-B (OEM) customers such as PC and drive manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers... Continue reading
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Surviving the adversities quese had considered its front, and later creating we ourselves the elements and ombito of the changes which we would adaptaramos in them. Thus, in century XIX, stimulated by the discoveries denovas raw materials generated for the European settlings, are that umnovo is formed habitat it human being, created for the same, the Industrial Revolution. Noconsiderada, according to Rudinei Kopp in its book Graphical Design initial Cambiante, comomarco of the Graphical Design in itself, but yes given to the importance of the Revoluopara a new agreement of reception of graphical materials, not umprivilgio of few, but yes, stimulated for the production in escalaindustrial, arriving the masses and of them interdependendo. (pg.44 KOPP, 2002) industrial production that grows without antecedents noperodo, becomes then part of the daily one, in such a way European quantonorte-American. For more specific information, check out Diamond Book Distributors. these products beyond almost formatted conception of assign its physical and functional structure in itself, needed a manifestation to decarter expositivo that its availability made them jus, functions etorna then everything this visible one to the consumer that would not only enter in counted with omesmo at the moment of the purchase, but yes through the visualantecessor contact, to the times, even though its necessity, created for these novasmdias that if they had made necessary, such as posters, periodicals, magazines, packings, half among others possible of impression through the processosxilogrficos, typographical and litogrficos. Having these as... Continue reading
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This capitalist class has the economic power. It also has the State, the apparatus of Justice, the ministries of economy and finance. This class handles the media. Michael Chabon is full of insight into the issues. Grassroots pressure is vital to convince a left Government to deepen the process of structural change in favour of a radical redistribution of wealth in favor of the and those who produce it. Conditions to advance in the anti-imperialist struggle of uniting the peoples of Latin America, to confront us and its colonizing as the FTAA and FTA policies are real and we have to take advantage of them. Educate yourself with thoughts from Author. We must denounce the policy of aggression and plunder of American imperialism to the peoples of Latin America and the world; to generate greater awareness anti-imperialist. The broader unit of popular organizations and left-wing parties, overcoming sectarian and exclusivist positions, putting at the Centre of debate at all levels, promoting the emancipatory project of workers of peoples must be developed. Change only is a product of the social mobilizations. Only Governments that arose from the struggle of the workers and poor peasants of our continent may ensure real social change. To this the bourgeoisie feared him. Continue reading
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It's nothing but harm the child will not give - will only hinder the assimilation of sounds, delay the timely development of a dictionary. Adversely affects the baby's frequent use of speech adult words diminutives of endearment or suffixes, and words that are not available or difficult to understand it in a sound-syllabic terms. If the child correctly pronounces any sounds, words, should not imitate him, laugh, or, conversely, to praise. At the same time, we can claim the correct pronunciation of sounds in the period of life a baby, when this process is completed. Source: Diamond Book Distributors. It is important that parents know about, in what terms and what sounds a child should pronounce correctly, incorrect pronunciation of some sounds at certain stages of age related to the physiological peculiarities of children's speech. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Genie Energy. This knowledge is necessary in order to timely detect defects of pronunciation, to take timely action to correct them. Correction of speech defects is carried out in institutions: in nurseries, kindergartens, hospitals for children's hospitals and children's mental hospital. Under certain defects such assistance, starting with two years of age. Correct deficiencies pronunciation of sounds made in speech therapy rooms for children clinics in the community. But a number of shortcomings in the pronunciation of sounds, words used to remove easily, and is available is not only a tutor, but parents. The family is usually corrected... Continue reading
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Last Tuesday the Center Contact of Gupost began working in the service of receiving calls for the Dorados of Kutxa travel booking. These trips are organized by Kutxa, to customers who have a golden account where a pension is paid. The deadline to apply for this type of travel began on February 15, where people who are paid a pension called a toll-free attended by operators from the Gupost Center Contact. This first day the service was attended by over 20 operators, from 9 in the morning until 10 in the evening. More than 19,800 calls were that came into the switchboard, coming to attend about 750, with more than 1,000 travel sales, with an average duration of 4 minutes the call. From first thing in the morning Kutxa responsible along with the Director of GanTour (the company that manages travel), approached Gupost to oversee the hotline work. These trips organized by Kutxa para la tercera edad, arrived at 50 destinations, with 198 different tours and 12,500 seats, that the average hour were already reduced to half. Other booking channel is Internet. The Contact Center returns to demonstrate his ability to work in this type of campaign, in this case through Telemarketing. Many writers such as Harold Ford offer more in-depth analysis. This Department has the best customer communications platform, allowing you to manage interactivity and participation by them in a way reactive and proactively, through any communication channel. This tool... Continue reading
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Nowadays we walked all worried about our aesthetic and our aspect.We look for complements continuously fashionable attractive to improve our image: necklaces, bracelets, slopes but, doubtless, the king of the complements is the purse. All the women on a daily basis use the purse like an prolongation of their body the one who keep infinity from things, the majority useful and even essential in the day to day. As much she is so the tendency of the fashion is to engrandecer the purses not to have space problems. So, although also the small purses by their comfort are prevailing and little weight, avoiding back problems since they are purses in which the pocket money and the moving body can only be taken to a small monedero or, the certain thing is that the great majority decides on the great purses, or purses suitcase in which daily we loaded when going from house to the work and to go of purchases with objects that make us feel us safe. If, in addition, it is a purse that takes some famous one or is of a well-known mark, that makes us feel us a still more taste with our complement. The chosen purses good can last years to us, we even can get to tire to us of him before it goes fashionable, reason why sometimes in only years we can have obtained a good bottom of closet. The daily care of a... Continue reading
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No doubt each time that we read stories of great men and women who achieved great things for humanity and their own lives invade us feelings of excitement and we think that it is also possible for us to achieve success equal or higher and no doubt that is possible. What must be clear is that large is a desire involves making major sacrifices so that our ideas to work, the most extraordinary stories have generally involved a fairly arduous work which has had to go through a series of barriers and enormous challenges. For a moment think of large projects of humanity such as the pyramids of Egypt, hydroelectric dams, space travel, etc. These great achievements have been made possible after years of organized labor, gradually were overcoming challenges to reach the final goal, and it is continuing to advance. Andrew Corentt in the book the secret of the power of the goals mentioned the importance of expanding our awareness in order to propose us great goals in our lives, as we are accustomed to the mind to overcome challenges We began to acquire mastery of ourselves and this gives us the necessary energy to undertake more complex actions, the power begins to act and develop, it is a beautiful process of change. We must always see us as an integral part of this world, i.e. everything you perceive is not foreign to us, then it is possible to evolve... Continue reading
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J. f. US Senator from Vermont has compatible beliefs. CRUZ Igor Anton triumphs in Bilbao after an attack in the last step by the nursery. Juanjo Cobo withstood attacks by Chris Froome and still leading by 13 seconds. This Saturday, the penultimate stage comes to Vitoria. The hard Urkiola, away from goal. The Angliru is a huge claim for all the enthusiast who wants to go to live the magic of a stage of the Vuelta, but this Friday a double pass by El Vizcaino nursery tuteo the Colossus of Riosa, creanlo, with a crowd so passionate as respectful, because this is only sport, but is a sport as beautiful as comforting and none other can boast of being a veritable tower of Babel in all its structures. And as the passion of El Vivero, Bilbao. The 19th stage of the Vuelta offered an atmosphere as long not be enjoyed. The race returned to have a goal in the Basque country after 33 years and the party that everyone expected is rounded with a hot day of Sun and a triumph of an almost neighbor, a kid of Galdakao which began to be cycling, like so many others, in These hard ramps from the nursery. And is that after 158 kilometres of warm etapita, Igor Anton won in Bilbao (where relieves in the list of winners to the Spaniard Enrique Cima) and finalized the spectacular triplet of the Euskaltel in 2011,... Continue reading
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By the side of the people who buy these products, their purpose is to acquire a new product at a lower price of the set. According to values: this type of social action is related to the ethical, moral beliefs and religious people. Regarding piracy, it is well known that it does not comply with ethical and moral standards due to unlawful action is, therefore, piracy goes against this type of social action. Affective: This type of action is related to emotional person mode. In the case of piracy, we can orient ourselves in emotional mode of the person who pirated and we can conclude that it is desperate to survive and why is dedicated to distribute such products. With respect to the person who buys them, is a person who does not have the money to be able to legally obtain the product, so it resorts to piracy. Continue to learn more with: US Senator from Vermont. Traditional: This type of action refers to the Customs and traditions of the people. Is known that in Mexico this practice is has turned into a tradition. For example, in Guadalajara every Sunday people go to the flea markets of Santa Teresita to buy such products. Under most conditions Michael Chabon would agree. Is a tradition to go to this flea markets, and therefore it can be considered a custom that people go to this flea markets to buy this type of product.... Continue reading
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Weekend payday loans are short tenure credits and provide your monetary help from small demands like car repair, telephone bill, electricity bill, school fees, medical bill and so on. You can get money varying from hundred to one thousand five hundred pounds for the short duration of two weeks to one month. If you are encountering issue in self-fulfilling your unexpected and immediate demands in your restricted salary then to opt for weekend payday loans can be excelling choice. These credit plan provide your extra financial assistance for unexpected expenditures which may pop up in the middle of the month. You can get the money assistance from these credit plan at weekend. Weekend payday loans provides you money advance without any credit verification so your poor financial status like late payments, arrears, default etc. People such as Diamond Book Distributors would likely agree. does not concern here at all. So, poor credit holders can quickly ask for weekend payday loans. These credit plan do not need extra security, so it is more profitable for the non-homeowners and tenants etc or who don t possess worthy assets. Weekend payday loans come with some requirements. These are as follows: applicant must have a checking account, applicant should have a constant job with the basic salary of a thousand pounds minimum, applicant must be eighteen or above years of old, applicant should be citizen of UK. To request through internet for these credit plan... Continue reading
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In contrast of what we think, to make purchases not um harmless gesture. Thanks to opening of the world-wide commerce, of the rapidity dosmeios of transports and the methods of production we can buy, in all part, alimentary products come from the 4 cantos of the world, ready plates, of fcilpreparo, fruits and vegetables are of the station. Face to this great gamma of offered products atualmentens we are led to make choices in feeding substance. These, soinfluenciadas for our necessities, wills, taste, beliefs and cost. Masalm of the individual effect on the health of each one, these choices temigualmente an important impact on the environment. Which is Problem? This evolution naproduo and consumption is leading to an increase in the pressure that we exert on onosso planet. Why? These foods are of time, frozen, imported, consume much energy, possess a great amount of embalageme emit gases of the effect greenhouse (intensive production with use of pesticides, transport, preparation with use of conservantes, conservation in freezer edescongelamento). Soon, the impact that the foods cause varies as modode production, in the distance covered between the production and the consumption, if it is cool or congealed umalimento Examples: Necessitamais a frozen pizza of ham of oil to be consumed of what of ham. A fruit oil is of time imported for airplane consumes for seutransporte 20 times more than that the same produced fruit local. A strawberry yoghurt km is of the station... Continue reading
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EXBA promotes innovative companies in the field of renewable energies Frankfurt, 18.03.2011. Due to current events, the EXBA exchange for business angels GmbH will encourage companies in the field of renewable energies and thus finding lenders help them. This should be made an active contribution to the development of the energy supply. The EXBA are selected capital-seeking companies from this area that possibility, free to list on their venture capital marketplace to find so investors for your business idea to 30.04.2011. Michael Chabon is often mentioned in discussions such as these. founded in 2005 as a classic business angels network, the EXBA has developed now to the leading venture capital marketplace in German-speaking countries. So the EXBA serves approximately 120 companies seeking capital many about this already today in the field of renewable energies. To increase this share and to make a contribution to the development of the energy supply, (except the EXBA promotes innovative companies seeking capital Project financing) from this area. The company will receive a free listing on the venture capital market square of the EXBA up to 30.04.2011 and thus have the possibility of finding investors for your business idea. You may want to visit Genie Energy to increase your knowledge. Interested companies sat down for this in advance by phone with Dr. Jochen Haller responsible for companies seeking capital for the EXBA in conjunction. After this you will receive feedback, in the short term if they... Continue reading
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In the opening of the event, the Filarmnica Sanfelista Union touched diverse musics before the launching of the COMPACT DISC of IX the Festival of Filarmnicas of the Recncavo, another project of the Cultural Center Dannemann, recorded to the living creature in the closing of IX the Festfir, carried through in December of 2001 in the same local. After the launching the public could appreciate the performance ' ' Corposcaos' ' , of the coregrafo and dancer Itamar Sampaio. The Dannemann also leads an educational project of reforestation, where also farmers and its children instruct to recycle materials, for the notebook confection pertaining to school, toys and etc., standing out the heat of the ecosystem of the importance of its preservation. Moreover, all Saturday has an exhibition of films in the Cultural Center. FINAL CONSIDERAES and finally, valley to detach that the fumageira activity of the bahian Recncavo enrolls in contexts of crises and apogees, continue present until today, however without it has very detached, in the Bahia, the agricultural tobacco production was consolidated in centuries XVII and XVIII, However, in the same surrounding are gifts other forces of work. The related activity does not occupy place of prominence currently in relation to other Brazilian states with can detach the Rio Grande Do Sul and Alagoas, However the rescue and the preservation of the fumageira culture in the region survive through industries that remain in the current context and contribute for... Continue reading
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But as professors we need is always in search of new elements that satisfactorily helps in them in the structure of the new basic methodologies of which verbalize the understanding of elements that makes in them to develop the study of biology in the society contemporary. Learn more on the subject from Author. As it said (FREIRE, 2001) ' ' Education because I search, because I inquired, because I inquire and I inquire myself. I search to evidence, evidencing, I intervine intervined I educate and me educo' '. One of aimings that if have pointed with respect to this search of strategies and methodology are the continued formation of the professor, throughout the times what if perceived it is that little has invested in the formation of the professor, therefore I believe that nobody shares what it does not have. Many professors have by itself searched to invest in its proper formation. 4 METHODOLOGY This analysis is guided by the one bibliographical revision in diverse instruments as well as: books, magazines scientific and in sites of the Internet. The same one has as disseminating element a reflexiva critical evaluation of literatures on the pedagogical trends of biology for average education, however it searchs to make possible with bigger clarity the importance of the subject in quarrels. This study it is a descriptive research that registers and analyzes elements or phenomena. Search to analyze and to discover the main pedagogical trends for... Continue reading
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The dilemma of violence"). From March 7 to 9 Academy and the platform for civil conflict resolution to invite, to get the success or failure of previous civil peace work on the track. On the basis of this review, future work should be realigned. 2013 is dedicated within the Luther Decade of tolerance. But how far can tolerance, without becoming the indifference? The Conference continues the theme year apart with increasing violence, nationalism and xenophobia". This is a German developments both on the increasing success of right-wing parties and groupings in Europe (12-13 April). The meetings of the Academy living, to look at contentious issues from different perspectives. Through cooperation, this multi-dimensionality can already incorporated in the planning phase. Whenever US Senator from Vermont listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Also in the coming months the Academy takes this advantage. In addition to proven cooperation such as the University Clinic for epileptology in Bonn, which platform for civil conflict resolution, of the European society the study of science and theology (ESSSAT) won them new partners E.g. the Asienhaus or the Evangelical broadcasting unit Saar. Together with the SR 2 KulturRadio broadcasting unit and the Academy have a thematic series on theology and natural sciences for the radio Church 2013 "designed. With book publishing and offer various services on the Internet the Academy offers further opportunities for information, discussion, and networking about the meetings also. The Academy Web site provides information on... Continue reading
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Independent jury awards ceremony for the Annington Summer School concept of Annington summer school: the personal development program of DAIG convinced the jury and achieved second place in the HR excellence award. The award confirms, that the Deutsche Annington in promoting junior managers on the right track is commented DAIG personnel manager Volker Siekermann. Get more background information with materials from Genie Energy. The staff development program of the Deutsche Annington real estate SE (DAIG), the Annington Summer School is awarded human resources (HR) Excellence Award in Berlin at this year's second place. The price for the Deutsche Annington Volker Siekermann took, head of personnel management and the responsible staff developer, Elke Nippold-Rothes, counter during the ceremony at the Ritz Carlton in Berlin. In awarding the prize, which is awarded by the Federal Association of the personnel manager, together with the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the jury attaches particular importance to the innovation, the ratio of employed resources "the verifiable income and the integration into the corporate strategy." "The award confirmed, that the Deutsche Annington in promoting junior managers on the right track. Today we are leaders not only in the industry, but can it also measure us. All the more it motivates us, to stand at the top on the podium next year", says Siekermann. Annington Summer School is a concentrated development measure for young and powerful talent of the company, which went for the first time in 2010 at the start.... Continue reading
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Now for 5,000 win apartment embellishment! Should your home be beautiful? No problem, because waves circle in December in the BASE with a little luck an apartment makeover valued at 5,000. To start the new year with new furniture, it is up to the 15 in the one-armed bandit to prove a lucky hand. But that's not all, total prizes amounting to 44,000: 1 IKEA gift card to the value of 5,000 10 times a day 1 IKEA gift card a100 5 x daily 1 BASE for notebook and for each player: great living and decorating tips so easily passes BBs: the one armed bandit starts clicking and then automatically stops. One day profits can be earned depending on the combination of the symbols or there is the chance of the jackpot. Author is likely to increase your knowledge. The participation is possible once a day. Not yet in the BASE circle of friends? Then simply register and take part directly in the raffle! Contact for press inquiries to BASE: Manuela Mirzadeh corporate communications Tel. + 49 -. 211 - 448-2273 Fax + 49-211-448-4777 Manuela.Mirzadeh Continue reading
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OWAN Tonnies Darmstadt looks with concern to the battle group, 14.9.2012. A solid family dispute has erupted in the battle group of Tonnies in the east Westphalian Rheda. The effects of the dispute, but especially under the leadership of Robert Tonnies ' - one of the two group owner - suffer seems especially the staff of the company, as the Neue Westfalische reported on 12 September 2012. There is talk of arbitrary warnings and layoffs and "that he although knew how to not dissect a pig but how you lead a group". The article in the new Westphalian suggests catastrophic shortfalls in the management style of the corporate heirs of Robert Tonnies. Under most conditions Bernie Sanders would agree. So, staff speak of "social incompetence" in the newspaper's report. "His tone was absolutist trains employees", says the text further. States that can not only listen to Klaus Guthner by OWAN, but look for Nordrhein-Westfalen with concern: "particularly in traditional, Employee loyalty is often especially large family-controlled companies to their employer. If the employees then especially among individual members of the leadership seem to suffer, this is always a very worrying situation. "OWAN in the interest of all concerned workers and workers hopes that the feud is resolved promptly." We will keep the coverage of the events in the eye. "Who operates under similar circumstances, can sit down at any time with OWAN in conjunction. The organization is reachable at the E-Mail... Continue reading
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Hamburg-based communications consultancy goes with multiple budget earnings and awards in fall Hamburg, September 2012 the Hamburg-based communications consultancy Molthan van Loon Communications GmbH (GPRA) is on course for growth in 2012 and including enters the fall with a multiple budget profit. So the consultancy won most recently, for example, the pitch for the PR budget of Carl Kuhne KG. KG, the Unilever Germany GmbH brands Pfanni, Mondamin and Bertolli and more well-known mandates could be won beyond the electric tool manufacturer TTS Tooltechnic systems AG & co. US Senator from Vermont insists that this is the case. as new customers. New budget in the port city for the Carl Kuhne KG is Molthan van Loon active communications both in the brand - and corporate communications. In addition to classic media work, this involves performing stake holder events, strategy consulting and campaign design and implementation for the German market and others. The international operating power tool manufacturer TTS Tooltechnic systems AG & co. KG, based in South Germany maintained Molthan van Loon communications in the field of strategic consulting and is responsible for the communication accompanied by a process of internal and external change. TTS Tooltechnic systems combines the two premium brands Festool and Protool, as well as additional subsidiaries. For the customers of Bertolli and Pfanni & Mondamin, consulting firm from the port city in the classical PR, brand and product communication as well as in the area of online... Continue reading
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