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Current dropped and the limit of the compulsory insurance a worker or a worker who is working for example as employee or worker in different professional sectors. This can be a varied Office activity or a physically heavy work in the factory. Residents Energy will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For these and other professions the question arises from no later than at the beginning of the activity when the social insurance obligation begins. Contribution assessment ceiling at the job interview question is whether or not the new activity is subject to social insurance contribution. Every euro of income of the new employee or the new employee will be used for the calculation of social security contributions. However, there are two exceptions: the de minimis limit up to 450 euro monthly, this limit has been increased in the year 2013 to 50 euro. And the contribution assessment ceiling which has been increased in the same year on 5800 euro. The total income from 451 euros up to 5800 euro per month is used, the height of unemployment contributions and the pension and Care insurance contribution to determine. This statutory compulsory insurance offer the policyholder or the policyholder protection in case of job loss and a provision for the admission of the retirement age, and in the case of the permanent need of care. If income should exceed the contribution assessment ceiling 5800 euros, only the earnings will be used for calculating... Continue reading
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PRESENTATION OF THE NEW CULTURAL AGENDA ONLINE. NOTIKUMI Sales this weekend? Notikumi, the cultural agenda where you will find information about: concerts, plays, Billboard, cinema, exhibitions, sports Notikumi wants to find your plan, therefore increasing the number of events every day since the birth of notikumi their goal is the same: find the plan you're looking for. That is why every day notikumi team works to make it so. See more detailed opinions by reading what US Senator from Vermont offers on the topic.. Already there have been more than 3,000 events happening in the next few weeks, of which there are more than 1,700 concerts, 700 works of theatre and 200 exhibitions. You've found what you were looking for? If the answer is still that not, give you the remote, create it. In notikumi can participate in first person, so remember: If you think that the plan that you're thinking of is the best, that others might be interested in them or don't want to go alone and have not created it!, do it. To know more about this subject visit IDT Energy. Notikumi and many other insurance will thank you. Continue reading
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One of the main differences and advantages of staying in your own country house is the presence of his land. And to get maximum enjoyment from this advantage, this piece of land should be pleasing to the eye and soul. This can be achieved with the help of landscape design. Landscaping on the land includes flower gardens and lawns, ornamental ponds and fountains, walkways, gazebos and other structures. Landscape Design -Expensive, depending on the area of the site and fancy designer price can vary from a few tens of thousands to several hundred thousand dollars. It is believed that landscape design - the lot of professionals, but try it for yourself to do design own site - you will be pleased with the results, but the power and energy from contact with the ground will not leave you for a long time. Become a landscape designer can by studying the appropriate literature or Internet resources, or after the course designers and embodied knowledge in practice. Rates are cheap about 10 thousand rubles, and it will take you a couple of weeks. Serious expensive courses to choose not worth it if you're not going to do landscape design of his profession. I do not advise immediately threaten a complex project and use in landscaping a large number of whimsical plants. To get started is to try to draw a draft of your site by dividing it into zones: recreation area, children's area,... Continue reading
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You can hear the crackle of an overburdened liver cell for the wickedness of alcohol or the song of the most intimate and remote hollow of the heart muscle when it stimulates the desire, joy or anger. After this, you will understand well that I began to deplore myself for having yielded to my morality, my citizenship, respect, solidarity and empathy, to the virtues, respect and regard for the character project. I asked him to allow me to continue my business, but I listened. Still talking incoherently. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bernie Sanders. I tried to stop him raising his voice, but continued with his unintelligible rant, as if I were no more than a translucent figure without substance or weight or gravitation. I tried to rob the sacred horror me the idea of death and imagine the old man in a coffin, like a useless piece of lean meat and bones brittle as a dry mass of arteries and muscles destroyed, as if pierced by an animal arrows of time. He talked about history. She searched her memory file situations, which highlighted the existence of hostile forces to discover the awful name of God. Neither the cross or the crown, or calyx, or the clouds or the stars, God is not anywhere on these because it is made of nothing and empty. Nothing represents, understand, neither light nor darkness. " At this moment, no longer understand him. He began... Continue reading
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Those people who do not have collateral, for them unsecured loan is the best solution. With these loans people can easily solve their short term needs. Today, the word "loan" has become so common among people. It is the best and suitable method to fulfill urgencies. Under most conditions Bernie Sanders would agree. Basically loan is divided into two parts namely secured and unsecured loans. The main difference between these loans is collateral or security. A valuable asset or collateral is required in the case of secured loan and unsecured loan is totally different from it. The unsecured loan option is free from all grew and tensions. No need of collateral unsecured loan is shot term loan. Without keeping any collateral as a security to the lenders, borrowers can avail these loans. For this reason it is so called "collateral-free" loan. Many times, the emergency of money arises for the fulfillment of short-term needs like buying new home, education fee, small vacation trip, repair of home, small home expenses, long and lengthy bills of electricity, surgery, medical treatment, consolidating of multiple debts etc. Rate of interest and loan amount students, tenants and non homeowners can therefore apply for unsecured loans. They can borrow the loan amount ranges from 1000-25000. lenders offer higher of interest on these rate loans in comparison to secured loans. They provide limited time of 1-10 years for repayment of loan amount. The homeowners who do no want... Continue reading
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Applicable data showed that in combination with number 1 on 634 number from 1 to 9 numbers recur-88.0 times, and in combination with number 1 on the number 641 - 89.0 times. Star Guitarist understood the implications. Now we must determine which numbers INC will participate in a combination 640 and 641. Calculations follow the same pattern as for the version number 639. Frequently Martin O’Malley has said that publicly. In combination 640 part numbers of ICG and its E INC-e4. For example: 1,10,11,20,21 In combination 641 MCG participates numbers D and INC d1. For example: 1,2,10,20,30 write examples of these combinations. 639-1,2,3,10,30 640-1,10,11,20,21 641-1,2,10,20,30 Hence, the first group of numbers from 1 to 9 numbers in the combination number 641 numbers will be 8.9, and in combination 640 number 7.Sledovatelno in combination 639 of the first group of numbers from 1 to 9 numbers involved numbers-6, 5.4. The numbers of the second group of 10 to 19 rooms to the version number 641 3205: 3,6 = 890 890: 10 = 89 repeated integer times-89 means that in this combination of part number, 19, and a variant 640 of 18 and 17 . Consequently, the combined number 639 of the second group of numbers from 10 to 19 numbers involved, the number 16. Non fourth group of numbers from 30 to 36 numbers to be repeated combinations 641 3205: 5.14 = 623.5 623.5 7 = 89.0, and in this combination of... Continue reading
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Permafrost covered about a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere and the Arctic is believed to be concentrated about 30% of the total contained in the Earth's soil carbon. Genie Energy has plenty of information regarding this issue. Melting permafrost threatens the destruction of roads, pipelines and buildings constructed in the calculation of the ever-frozen ground. Be threatened and the local fauna. In addition, this process may lead to the separation of closed deep in the land of greenhouse gases that exacerbate global warming. Particularly relevant would be the problem in 2030 in Russia. Destruction in the north of the Russian Federation related to global warming could be catastrophic, says First Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Ministry Ruslan Tsalikov. For example, more than a quarter of the housing stock (in the north) may be destroyed. Damage due to thawing permafrost may also be subject to the airports, through which goes mainly delivery goods to the north, and underground storage facilities, including the natural reservoirs of oil. An increase in mean annual temperature for one or two degrees bearing capacity piles driven into the permafrost, reduced by 50%. Already in Western Siberia, the permafrost thaws 4 centimeters a year, and in the next 20 years, its boundary will be shifted to the north at 80 kilometers. Another problem that arises because of global warming is the increase in risk floods. By 2015 the drain of the rivers to rise by 90%, while the... Continue reading
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However, A is more flexible: if finances allow, the borrower voluntarily increasing your monthly payments, and all made in excess of the mandatory amount goes to repay the principal. Last begins to decline rapidly, and annuity payments likened differentiated by the will of the client. However, most banks only offer annuity scheme. If you want to convert A to D by themselves, but only consider the commission Early partial redemption - it can "eat" part of the economy. Different banks prepayment penalties differ, some after several months of payments generally do not charge them with the client. Continue to learn more with: John Mclaughlin. At the same time the majority of the moratorium on prepayment within the first 3-6 months from the date of the loan. To avoid mistakes in the complex calculations and detailed understand all the intricacies, to compare conditions of different lenders and make the right choice, it is better to contact an experienced adviser - mortgage broker, have information on the current proposals of the leading banks. QUESTION 4 If the experience in last place less than six months, apply for a mortgage is useless? Requirements to the experience of borrowers are becoming more loyal. Typically, successful completion of the probationary period is sufficient. Total experience should be 1-1,5 years. If an employee transferred to a new job recently, but it does not change the scope of activities besides climbing the career ladder with promotions and /... Continue reading
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As an employer an apartment or house (Real estate) can serve both individuals and legal entities. The contract of employment must be given citizens permanently residing in the dwelling together with the employer. accommodation citizens can be exercised the absence of such indications in the contract by the following rules: with consent of the landlord, tenant and most citizens permanently residing with him in the living room can be infused as other citizens residing with the employer. Such consent is not required at installation minors. These conditions are of paramount importance to ensure the legality of the bargain. Also in the contract must be provided whether tenant rent residential premises in the sublease, that is a third person may rent an apartment under a sublease agreement. The contract must specify the fee for hiring. Others who may share this opinion include John Mclaughlin. Set up prices there, so take into account the prevailing The fees paid per square meter of total area of the apartment with the view of enhancing or reducing factors that depend on the location of housing, the state apartments, height, transport accessibility and a lot of another. Frequently cited in the contract sum of one and agree on another, higher, seeking to reduce the amount of tax. However, in this case, the landlord may be in a position deceived himself. Wants a employer to pay a large sum than that which is fixed in the contract Also,... Continue reading
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It consists of plates which are placed in special mounting frame. John Mclaughlin: the source for more info. Standard sizes of elements consisting of a molded mineral wool - 600x100, 600x600, 1200x600 and 1200x1200 mm. Consider the example of the calculation of systems with slabs of size 600x600. This is the standard size, which is used in both residential as well as in offices and public places. The first step is to calculate the right amount of all the necessary elements - a measurement of facilities for conducting the drawing of his ceiling area. Best of all, if the ceiling will be closed on the largest possible number of lattice panels, and only when necessary, these elements are cut and set in the least visible locations. However, the near-wall panels have certain limitations in size: their width should not be less than 300 mm. Calculation of the ceiling for calculation of the guide length 3700 mm and 600 mm is taken for the coefficient of 0.84 square meter ceiling. For guiding a length of 1200 mm it is 1.68 in square meters. Area length of 3000 mm should be taken into account the factor of 0.5 per square kilometer. meter, and suspensions - a factor of 0.5 per square kilometer. meter. The number of the panel is easier to calculate with the help of drawing the ceiling. For a simple rectangular room size 2.7 x 4, 6m calculation will read. Perimeter... Continue reading
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The cycle is repeated. The entire workflow proceeds in two stroke and the crankshaft one revolution, and working stroke occurs at every movement of the piston down, which is twice more often than four-stroke engine. To improve the filling of the crankcase and exclude reverse release of the mixture in the carburetor inlet into the crankcase is set petal valve. This simple device improves power and economy of the engine at medium and low frequencies of rotation of the crankshaft, that is the most and cheaper. With an equal amount of work "dvuhtaktnik" stronger at least in half, double the number of strokes significantly smooths out the torque ripple and vibration, which is especially important for single-cylinder units, mounted on light motorcycles. But on the advantages of the classic two-stroke gasoline engine to an end. One of its main drawbacks - low cost. This is due to the fact that when the crank-chamber purging of the fresh mixture inevitably escapes into the exhaust pipe with exhaust gases. Another problem is the lubricating and exhaust emissions. Passage of the fresh mixture through the crankcase eliminates the use of reliable lubrication crank mechanism under pressure as a four-engine (otherwise all the oil would have been in the cylinder for a few seconds.) Necessary to introduce oil into combustible mixture, where it gets to the bearings and the cylinder mirror. Previously oil had to be mixed with gasoline. Today, most two-stroke engines are equipped... Continue reading
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Owners of large cars like them, including for the fact that only one kind of a huge suv in the rearview mirror causes many to give way. However, even the driver of a Land Cruiser to see in the mirror of this car reconstructed quickly and without question. The fact that the suv Knight xv is more like a fortress on wheels than a conventional car. Of course, this is not a serial copy - Car Knight xv Company Conquest Vehicles will issue a total of 100 pieces. His sizes are enormous - the famous Hammer seems next to him no more than Oka. This armored ultra-luxury suv in military style, equipped with a 6.8-liter V-shaped 10-cylinder engine. In its design it framework used hardened steel, kit is made of highly durable fiberglass, and even glass have a thickness of 64 (!) mm. Perhaps the damage to the car can only be a ballistic missile. Company Conquest Vehicles claims that each model is hand-assembled Knight xv (as of this spend around 1500 hours). Orders are taken now, the cost of basic kit - 295 thousand dollars. Continue reading
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In fact do not expect anything of humor (gags only two - the ad) This is a dramatic story of real, everyday life of a young couple both journalists, who have just married and start their life. Begin their work, and intend to start a family. It seems to him very soon and 'tricks' or delay his wife's idea of having children on the advice of a friend to give away a dog to have something to watch and so forget to have children as soon ... then the have. The dog is the protagonist of the film ..The truth is that it is quite junk ... but people like me who have dog ... what do I say! It is a movie that will appeal to all dog lovers ... and I guess that does not have the dog as well ... it ends, you chafar a little bit at the end, me putting a lump in the throat of those who try to hold back the tears ... jo! That almost cried to my 35 A aza! (And the truth is that many people in the cinema cried her eyes out ... in the final minutes came a llorera and sonar acojonante mucus in the room ... Frequently Genie Energy has said that publicly. we go from 'Finding Neverland' I felt such a sensation in the cinema. But seriously, I recommend it, go and see it, is very good... Continue reading
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Some things you would like to forget. For everything else, remember these easy tips. 1. Move it or lose keeping fit as if it were not incentive enough, working out also raises levels of neuro-essential proteins that "carry more neurons to be better connected," says Dr. Hyman's Medical Center in Lenox, Massachusetts. "It's like fertilizer for the brain." For best results, he recommends 30 minutes of vigorous cardiac activity, four to six times a week. 2. Drink red Studies show that red wine taken in moderation (no more than one drink daily for women) slows the buildup of plaque in the brain, which can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease. 3. pair the tension! If you do not learn how to relax, the stress hormones shrink the hippocampus, the center of the memories in the brain. 4. He wants to ban sugar sugar binge forget your memory? Go ahead and it might be in luck. "It is clear that sugars and refined carbohydrates, like those found in processed foods, cause damage and weaken the memory, "says Dr. Hyman. In fact, diabetics are four times more likely than non-diabetics to suffer from dementia. 5. The flavor of the curry flavor should not be the only reason for extending the shelf of spices. The studies found that curcumin - the yellow spice that gives curry its distinctive color - when eaten at least once every six months. To reap the benefits, Dr. Andrew... Continue reading
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. Thus the Sophists introduced several conceptual elements that begin to shape the main features of natural law. First link to the norms of justice from either nature or man. Secondly begins to untie the natural right to their divine source to make it come from nature. Subsequently, Aristotle (384-322 BC), also addressed the natural law in several of his works, introducing the concept very interesting factor, as has been seen by most of scholars as "the father of natural law." In his "Ethics NICOMANO" claims that the "political right is a natural part and the other legal .. Natural is what is everywhere the same force and does not depend on the various opinions of men. What is legal in principle can be so indifferently or the other way but that ceases to be indifferent since the Act has resolved. " For him natural law is definitely a part of the law, which he denies any ideal character, conceiving their source as things are in themselves, ie in nature. But it was not until the advent of the school of the Stoics, founded by Zeno (336-264 BC), which radically changed the concept and is conceived natural law as the "opinion of the man's right reason." Turn the right reason "part" of the divine reason which is what governs the world. The nature is placed in the center of the philosophical school, as a guiding principle that penetrated the entire universe... Continue reading
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Necchi 670 - the cheapest. Brother - pretty nice machine, easy filling, a tubular loader, instruction is good, but he has a pretty sensitive controls tension, and this should be used. The next group - somewhat more complicated Overlockers capable than the three-and joints dvuhnitochnye perform better suited to whip thin fabrics. This group includes Janome 644D, Janome 744D, Pfaff 4842. John Mclaughlins opinions are not widely known. Of these, we recommend the Janome 644D - he is the most cheapest in the group, it is convenient to refuel and it works silently. Learn more about this with John Mclaughlin. 744D should choose if you want the tubular platform. Pfaff is very good, but expensive. If you need rasposhivalnye seams and stitch chain stitch, you should pay attention to the Pfaff Coverlock 4852, Pfaff Coverlock 4862, Pfaff Coverlock 4874 and Husqvarna Huskylock 936. Here unequivocal recommendation - Pfaff 4852. This is a full pyatinitochny overlock pretty simple, convenient and not whimsical, and sews well. Often it is being bought to equip a small production. 4862 - equipped with a simple sewing advisor, but can not do pyatinitochny stachivayusche-buttonhole stitch. Husqvarna 936 - excellent pyatinitochny overlock equipped with Russian-speaking Sewing Advisor. Unlike 4852 and 4862, knows how to do trehigolny rasposhivalny seam, as well as narrow double-needle. Price is quite an appropriate opportunity. Unlike colleagues in the group this overlocker made in Taiwan. Pfaff 4874 can do everything. Its worth buying if... Continue reading
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Hence the need to seprte terms for Jpnese nmton nd comc books - even f they sometmes seem lke n Amercn or French, the deep culturl dfferences between them re stll very sgnfcnt. On the thrd hnd, there s no country n the world, no mtter wht knd of ttenton pd to comcs nd nmton. Cretors of the populr Jpnese comcs - very welthy people ( - one of the rchest women n Jpn), the most fmous of them - ntonl celebrty, the mng s bout qurter of ll mnufctured n the Jpn, prnted mterls nd red ndependently of ge nd gender. Poston of the nme bt more modest, but lso qute envous. Let's sy there s no country n the world where n ctor, express nmton (voce ctor), used such recognton, respect nd love. Jpn - the only country n the world, nomnted for n Oscr for 'Best Foregn Flm' nmted feture. Interestngly, f the rest of the world sometmes hppens tht flure to lterture begn to wrte comc scrpts, tht n Jpn some of the wrters 'thck journls' begn ther creers s cretors of mng, nd becuse they orgnlly thought t ws feld more sutble for themselves. Also nd mny ctors, voce ctor, whch n other countres would probbly hve long tred to brek nto the world 'ths move' (nd some of them for sure we would hve), snce my chldhood drem of workng on the dubbng. On the... Continue reading
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It is on this version in the same 1964 Hubert Hahne (Hubert Hahne) won the European Cup for 'Touring Car Ring' in the classroom than 1600 cm3. In 1966, the efforts of the racing division 'BMW AG' switch to lighter car series '-02'. The most appropriate basic model for highway-ring competition seemed debuted in 1968 '2002ti '(1990 cm3, 2 two-compartment carb, 120 hp). Dieter Quester (Diter Quester) prepared on race 'cluster 3' (16-valve DOHC-engine, 210 hp), The car won in the same year in 1600 cc class Cup Europe. The following season he was as successful acts already on the 'supercharged' model of capacity of 290 liters. with. John Mclaughlin is a great source of information. In addition to the 'BMW' '-02'-yu actively improved for the rally and 'body-rings' numerous private teams: 'Schnitzer', 'Alpina', 'GS tuning', 'Koepchen'. They maintained a reputation model after "Bavarian Motor Factory 'at the end of season 1969 has officially left the race bodywork. And since mid-1960 the company takes part in the 'formula' competitions: first Amateur racers remodel motors from the 'new class' in accordance with the requirements of the 'Formula 3', and since 1967 she 'BMW AG' officially involved in the second 'formula' to the created on the same basis as the 1,6-liter unit (series 'M12'). By 1970, when racing division of the Bavarian concern only works on 'formula 2', make it easier to design, power up from 204 to 252 liters. with. Much work... Continue reading
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In Soviet times, when there was a problem with housing, some people lived in communal apartments, which had a common kitchen and bathroom. At that time, permit the gas to such homes, as technical tools do not allow this. John Mclaughlin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And it is not rare to be seen in the kitchen - electric stove that could buy in most shops of home appliances. At the present time, these heaters are also not lost their relevance, they also succumbed to perfection. Buying built-in kitchen furniture in place for the plate can often be space for oven and hob. The oven can be combined with a cooking surface, and can and delivered separately. Among modern cooking surfaces can be identified by those who work for our usual gas and electric. Electric hob and it is precisely the electric stove, only amenable to large changes. Surface electric hobs are usually made of special glass surface. Continue reading
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The quality of candles can be seen in the form of electrodes and insulator cone heat. If the cone candles covered with black wet oily sludge, it is a clear sign that the candle is too cold for the engine. The same may also indicate a deterioration of the cylinders and piston rings, or it indicates a very high level of oil in the crankcase. Availability, dry black soot is a result of a very long life engine idling or at a regular ride at low speeds and low load vehicle. If the cone insulator spark a clean, completely dry, almost white, with partial melting traces of what it could mean that the candle is too hot for the engine or put up too early ignition. With an operating candle color insulator should be from light gray to light brown. Nagar should be practically absent. Candles need regular cleaning and adjustment of the gap between the electrodes. In the process of intense car operation this operation should be performed every 10,000 miles. In the case of annual mileage car does not exceed 10 thousand kilometers, clean and adjust spark gap preferably twice a year, just before the summer and winter operating season. To clean the candles is prohibited to use sharp metal objects, this is due to the fact that they can be easily damaged or scratched facility on a candle. Scratched on the cone insulator begins to grow carbon formation,... Continue reading
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1.INTRODUO the project ' ' Cultural diversity: a proposal of dissemination of the culture afro in the context escolar' ' it intends to approach the questions of if valuing and more understanding a little on the beauty and diversity of the culture afro-Brazilian. The valuation of the culture afro-Brazilian has been focused nowadays, as for example, the law n 10,639 of 09 of January of 2003, that it establishes the obligatoriness of the education of history and culture afro-Brazilian and African in the Education of Basic and Average Ensino. However, not rare, it meets distant of the pertaining to school environment, therefore she is neglected by the professors, or, ignored and such behavior started to be one of the pedagogical obstacles, intervening with the teach-learning. Ademais, many professionals are unaware of or have distrust to work this content, for not being prepared to enter in the scope of the quarrels politics, of social preconception, racial and religious, as well as, to be also fruit of a pedagogical process that unloaded also them of these knowledge. Michael Chabon recognizes the significance of this. For in such a way, afro through the history education will be emphasized the educational value of the descending culture and of the dance, propitiating a cultural rescue, presenting the culture afro-Brazilian as element of integration of the individual and collective communication, therefore through it we will facilitate the social relations, recognizing the inherent conflicts to this subject. This... Continue reading
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To work the mathematics and the environment through, of situations problem present the pupil, its paper and its importance as element of opinion formation and critical sense, to learn to create, to make and to decide of playful form, with pleasant environment, from questions so important, but presented subtle through games, literature and tricks, result in significant contribution for the humanity, an ambient time that educating obtains to make the connection between its reality, problems and the importance of its proper action. 2 JUSTIFICATION Is observed that, in general way, it has increased to each day the number of children with difficulties in the mathematics, visual perception, symbols, possibility, creation, creativity, understanding and logical reasoning. The pretension of this project of inquiry is to search referenciais theoreticians, being aimed at to make possible a differentiated work assisted that them in the agreement of the reading with understanding of the logical reasoning, as basic and essential instruments for the teach-learning process. You may find that John Mclaughlin can contribute to your knowledge. Many times the child initiates the pertaining to school process and she does not get success. The professor and the school perceive the difficulty, but he does not have clear notion of what he is provoking the failure pertaining to school. The reflection is essential of as the child learns, the diverse forms to learn, that cognitivos elements are involved for the performance of determined activities and work them, having... Continue reading
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It is thinking as soon as has been raised the hypothesis of if working with the literal sorts in the process of teach-learning in the pertaining to school environment, therefore the sorts are in the daily one of the pupil. On this interaction with the social environment, the PCN (1997, p.37) affirm: To conceive the learning process as property of the citizen does not imply to devaluate the determinative paper of the interaction with social environment e, particularly, with the school. Read more here: Bernie Sanders. In contrast, pertaining to school situations of education and learning are communicative situations, in which the pupils and professors act as co-responsible, both with a decisive influence for the success of the process. We leave of this estimated for, through the project in question, to provoke the interest and the encantamento of our pupils for the reading, therefore we believe that only it writes the pupil well who reads well and knows to decode the ideas and to interact with them. This will be, then, the apt pupil to produce texts from its daily one. We intend to work sort poem and the sort prescribes as being a form of ' ' action social' ' one ' ' device cultural' ' (Miller, 1984, p.151). We understand that to work with the sorts that are part of the daily one of the pupil it is the best alternative, therefore it involves the pupil in concrete situations... Continue reading
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The fact is that many specialists of the education plan and work specific contents, disdaining the integral vision of the human being. Credit: Michael Chabon -2011. The necessity urges in such a way to introduce the self-knowledge for the educator how much for educating. Therefore the self-knowledge, capable to develop different levels of conscience, suppliers of the inteireza of the human being, is imbricado in the espiritualidade. Therefore, an education based on the condition is important human being, considering the subjectivity inside of the diversity and the complexity that permeia these two antagonistic and indissociveis systems. The professionals of the education must reflect on which documents must be boarded in classroom, taking themselves in account the above described factors. Already he does not have place for the lesson whose professor considers its pupils a flat board and it the detainer of knowing as source of last truth. One becomes necessary to reflect on which contents contribute for the formation of human beings in transformation and that if they develop in /para inteireza, in tune with the universe. It is not enough to speak of contents and lessons, she is necessary to join professional that they think and they execute a project pedagogical politician for such situation. The world-wide education is in crisis, clama for transformations and, consequently, changes of paradigms. E, in this direction, the search of new ways for one another understanding of world involves the education in all the... Continue reading
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Because the actresses serve when they are not intelligent. Or when they are very intelligent. However, this is an exception rarssima e, ademais, little desejvel' '. Its machistas aluses are so retrograde how much it is its vision on the use of the sound (e, more specifically, of the word) in the cinema. The sound nowadays does not seem more to be dissociado of the cinematographic product. However, the theoretician Rick Altman points with respect to two errors, that it classifies ' ' seminais' ' , existing in the first theoretical boardings on the sound in the cinema and that they persist until today. The first one of them consists of the hierarquizao of the elements visual and sonorous for the chronological question. The sound, for having appeared, alone later would be adding? something more to the image, that already was the principle there and is deserving of all the importance. In this in case that, one does not see the sound and the image as joint elements in the construction of the film. It is not being treated, therefore, of audiovisual art. As the insertion of the sound in the cinema says Fernando Moral of the Coast in its article: ' ' If historically the sound was added to the image, the theory and analysis filmcas places it until today in as place as enrolled phenomenon in the films, thinking the image before. They project the shade of a historical... Continue reading
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