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I'm a role player & strategy gamer, not a video gamer, so I asked, "What is the ECA? What is GamePolitics? What does it have to do with role playing? What does Net Neutrality have to do with role playing? What am I missing?" Then I saw it had to do with video games, so I said, "Whatever. . .it's not something I'm interested in. . .." As an amateur writer, though, I can see the room for misinterpretation in GamePolitics statement of "Yeah, but. . .." We all dread hearing "Yeah, but. . .." Perfectly human reaction that escalated into a perfectly human cycle of anger and misunderstanding. It'd be cool to see this whole thing develop into something positive. Sometimes that happens with initial ignitions of conflict. At the very least, I learned a teeny bit about video gaming and might find myself looking to learn more later. Can't see myself getting big into video games, but I run with those circles every once in awhile.
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This entry reminds me of the tragic loss of the four-page hex half continent map that I spent months, if not a year or two, making as teenager. Colored it in with colored pencils & made it all shiny & stuff. Now all I have left, after about 20 or so years, is a map of one of the kingdoms & one of the villages. Have no idea where the larger map went. Moved so many times, it probably just got lost in the shuffle. Maybe it's mixed up in all my crap still. My mom did say something recently about one more box or bag leftover in my childhood closet after they converted my room into the master bedroom (& their bedroom into the amazing luxurious bathroom with the jet tub). What I've got left & the years of ruminations on a campaign have made for a lot of fun ever since I started DMing with 4th edition, though!
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Jun 28, 2010