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Emma is certainly her mother's daughter. Love her face at the lunatic Sabrina who acts younger than Emma. Robin would be proud of her little girl. Love the Scorpio genes. I cannot stand Brit or Sabrina. RC trying to tell me who to like works in reverse. I like who I like. I cannot stand either Sabrina or Brit. I didn't fall for the goody Sabrina either. Patrick doesn't need to date. How about having Patrick use his brain to figure out why Ewen mentioned Robin's name. That is smart Patrick not this one taken in by 2 looneys. There is only one Robin and that is played by Kimberly McCullough. Enough said about that.
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2012 on First Dates and Famous Last Words at Serial Drama
WOW Dawn so many assumptions. You know the saying when you ASSume. Just to clarify,I don't have twitter. So you would be wrong. If we are accusng people then I recognize your name (from SB)from claiming to like Scrubs but even when Robin was onscreen you favored Leyla and Lisa. No way would I consider you a Scrubs fan. JMO like you have yours and others have theirs. Robin and Patrick belong together and FV had a reason she was kept alive. Love how some seem to know what JT wants. I bet TIIC know he wants to leave which is why Robin remained alive. Just like you and LadyBug have your opinions many of us have ours. Some won't bother even posting here but agree about Scrubs belonging together Since I was attacked by Dawn, I needed to respond. Now I am done and won't bother since it is a waste of time and GH will probably be ending soon.
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2012 on What A Day For A Daydream at Serial Drama
My name is CATHY just a FYI. PLEASE get it right and don't assume to know about me or others that don't agree with you or your posts.I stand by MY couple SCRUBS, Robin and Patrick and what I said & BELIEVE. It is MY OPINION not yours. No one asked you to agree since I never believed others like you who called themselves Scrubs fans but never were just like to throw that iut there to try and give credit to their posts. :)
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2012 on What A Day For A Daydream at Serial Drama
Robin is ALIVE why would I want to see Patrick move on EVER. This isn't like soaps in past. Soaps are dying & probably wont be around long,not even another year. Why is it ONLY Scrubs get other women as stories. Why should Robin come home to Patrick moved on again. Robin should come home to a man who waited for her because in his heart he would know Robin is alive.The Patrick I know would know Robin is alive in his heart and not give up let alone not ignore Ewens mention of Robin. As for the newbies and Liz, Maxie just NO!KEEP Liz, Maxie, Sabrina, Britt & ANY other woman away from Robins husb & child.Liz had enough men and lets not forget she did her girlfriend Emilys man Nic. If Liz is so gret let her get her own man not Robin's likje she did Emilys. Maxie is Robins sister/cousin & no way to that. Maxie wouldn't even accept Patrick moving which was a dumd thing the other day when Maxie had no problem with Patrick dating.Sabrina and Britt are bad but better than Liz and Maxie who are JUST VILE with Patrick and Emma.Liz just was all after Jason.Love how some Liz fans want her moved to Patrick so she gets story. If Liz is so grreat let her get her own man NOT Robin's. How about a story with Patrick that doesn't involve women for a change. After Leyla/Lisa I had enough women. I would feel the same if JT left and KMC stayed Robin& Patrick have a deep connection & love that needs to be respected. Would like to add that NO ONE knows if JT wants to stay & he prob doesn't which is why they kept Robin alive. I'm sure FV and RC knew HGH could get cancelled any time and mmust know that JT wants to move on. Also Love how some call out Scrubs fanbase when other fanbases like Liason/Jasam/Lante wouldn't want another women either.
Toggle Commented Sep 24, 2012 on What A Day For A Daydream at Serial Drama
First let me say that Emma is the prettiest baby. Love Robin, Patrick and Emma. As for the Lisa character, I don't care about the character enough for GH to redeem her and keep her. Lisa ia a one note character who played her part and needs to leave. GH needs to know when to end a story and then to end the character in this case the FA character, Lisa. The character Lisa/Actress just doesn't interest me. She did her job now time to move on. Why can't GH know to use an actor for the TIME and then end it. Stories have a beginning, middle and end. GH always does this and did it with Mr Craig who turned into Jerry Jax and was ruined. The FA story and character should have ended with Robin and Patrick rebuilding their marriage. Then I would like to see Robin and Patrick have another baby. I think GH needs to rid the show of many newbies. I want to see characters I care about who have history on GH not ALL the newbies. Pretty sad that many recurring characters have more airtime then regular GH characters. Lisa, Claire, Suzanne, and even this stripper are so not needed. Michael needs a girl his age and show the younger set. Show problems they go through. Then GH needs to show an older couple like Maggie and Victor on DOOL. I'm 30 years old and on DOOL Maggie and Victor interest me. Tired of all the sleeze on G and comedy when I rather see love and romance. Bring back Anna and put her with Robert or someone new without the comedy like Eli Love nonsense.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2010 on On Conflicts and Contrivance at Serial Drama
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