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I'm curious if Microsoft's solution to their out of date browser performance issues of "Throwing hardware at it" - where IE9+ gets a serious performance boost by using the GPU for JavaScript computation, font rendering, animations, Canvas, SVG, Flash, and all kinds of things has an adverse effect on battery life? Besides that Windows has always been a beast for me... A 100% new, fresh, clean system is always trying to run a zillion things and every application feels the need to install "pre-warming" startup utilities *cough* Adobe Reader, Office, Quicktime, Skype, VPN Clients, 3rd party MFGR Utilities that no one -EVER- uses!... I still love Windows as a workhorse to get things done but the idea of it ever being lite on battery use is something I just gave up on.
Ah yes Windows 8 - "the El Camino OS" I know that you're dedicated to the MSFT stack Jeff but I think you're trying to find answers where there is only questions. Currently 99.999% of windows users use a "desktop" PC with a keyboard and mouse... In fact MSFT has spent the better part of 20 years getting us used to doing everything on a PC this way. I can't see a point ever in my life when I would dream of letting anyone (including myself!) put greasy fingers all over my screen... Never! More importantly I'd lose all the precision of my mouse and the speed of my keyboard... Which I use constantly for all my real work. MSFT realized they missed the tablet market completely and decided they needed to compete... But what could MS bring to the tablet that would provide "Value Add" over what other tablets already had? - windows desktop apps! Bingo! Make it so that windows runs too (watch how useless this really is on a tablet in NCIS or on any existing hardware currently on the market) Ok that's their business plan and in all honesty they didn't have any better options. But when they made their touch UI (Metro) which basically steals from their failed mobile phone platform it was a good choice for touch but pointless for desktops... And that's where they blew it. Now as a user I have to get past the metro UI in order to actually do any work... Eg use Excel, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Programming, Database, PowerPoint, organize files, edit audio and video etc. Don't get me wrong - I want the instant boot time... I want the task manager and the IE10 browser capabilities (spellcheck a decade late!)... On my desktop... But I don't want metro... I don't want the compromised browsing experience in Metro IE, I don't want my start bar hidden from view in desktop mode. Similarly if I was going to buy a windows tablet I'd want the touch UI and ability to access a real filesystem but most of the "windows 7 port" would be useless on such a small device screen without mouse input and a well designed zoom. And don't even get me started on the failed attempt at ARM based Windows tablets which can't run any of your existing apps in the "real windows mode" thus totally defeating any reason to get a windows tablet! I'm very curious as to how MSFT plans to market them as I expect most customers would be pi$$ed off if they find out that their brand new windows tablet doesn't run their previously purchased apps. I think windows 8 will be like Vista... I'd rather wait till I can upgrade/patch to Windows 9 - Desktop Edition Ultimate.
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Swoopo has another clone site now at: same scam, different logo. in fact its even in the meta tags! meta name="description" content="This is your websites description here"/> meta name="keywords" content="swoopo clone,swoopo site, telebid action script,"/> unfortunately they'll still make 1,000's off poor gamblers.
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