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Sean Hogan
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Hi Kaiser, I don't think anyone is suggesting Contador's result was a false positive. The question in my mind is: Is there any data on how the general population would fare if tested for Clenbuterol by the Cologne lab? If other labs would not have caught Contador's positive then it is irrelevant that they didn't find any positives in non-sports testing. Surely that's logical? Sean
My understanding is that the Cologne lab, where Contador's samples were tested, is the only lab in the world that can detect Clenbuterol to such a low concentration. Moreover, hardly any of the other cyclists in that year's TdF were tested by the Cologne lab and no substantial testing of the general population has been performed there. If this understanding is correct then to me it sounds like there isn't enough data to say Contador's proposed explanation isn't credible.
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Nov 17, 2011