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We also shouldn't have the inferiority complex that anywhere in Europe > MLS. Or the coaching and talent is automatically better than MLS is Europe. More Americans have an inferiority than a superiority complex when it comes to soccer. Which badly holds us back. At least many of the Yanks Abroad people do. We should start having some pride in our league. Sorry, but MLS will be developing our future. Not League One(thank god), the Championship, or some Euro league. Rodgers is off the grid now. If he were in MLS his reclamation would be easier to follow. Now he fell through Europe's cracks.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2012 on Rogers loaned to Stevenage at Soccer By Ives
Gaudette ended up on the Puerto Rican National team because of his years playing for the D2 Puerto Rican Islanders. Any American is eligible to play for PR if they live there for at least two years. If you look at PR's roster you'll see mostly American-born Puerto Rican Islander players. Gaudette recently won some praise in Europe for playing out of his mind in a friendly against Spain in Puerto Rico. Spain won 2-1, but it would have been 8-1 without Gaudette.
Toggle Commented Aug 23, 2012 on Ryan Meara out for the season at Soccer By Ives
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May 15, 2012