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Thanks Bill for the insightful post. I am a new reader, I had heard some of what I now know were you comments in other places but only just actually arrived at your site recently by following the trail to your well stated "edu-celeb" post -which I'll also comment on later. As for the native/immigrant terms, I think we in the education field are particularly prone towards labeling various, phenomena, experience, and events and then attributing a value to them "right, wrong, in/appropriate, accurate/inaccurate." Etc. Not a huge surprise really -after all we are teachers and inclined to fall back on Aristotelean schemes of classification. However, the attached value judgments seem to create wholesale embrace or rejection of these definitions and the result is that terms swiftly come "in" and "out" of vogue with undertones of political correctness. One possible causual factor in this is Educational trends are frequently driven by pundits upon whom every word hangs a constituency eager to coin any term that fits the dynamically shifting endeavour of attempting to (effectively) educate our young. In a largely character driven profession, we are indeed, a vocation consistently in search of re-definition... I thank you for thinking deeper about what we say and do and being courageous enough to share your thoughts with the rest of us. Your honestly and acumen is refreshing. Will be staying tuned...
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Jan 20, 2013