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Prokofy Neva
I live and work in Second Life.
Interests: Virtual Estate.
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Wrong. After this cliff had been here more than a year -- no one had complained and I didn't realize it was SLIGHTLY encroaching -- you complained out of the blue. Why? Because likely you saw the railroad controversy and wanted to stick in your oar. Oh, you didn't? Well, even if you could be believed, then how to explain? You came far upstream from where you actually live to go boating. You couldn't get past a place which is largely blocked in fact by a Linden game and an area for the purpose of that game. Odd, that. I'll express myself EXACTLY as the situation requires when I see all those factors at issue. Add to that the context of another person haranguing and harassing me for weeks and putting up extortion walls claiming I was encroaching when in fact I wasn't at all and the Lindens not only did not return anything but confirmed this. Again, odd. If you're unrelated to that person and the train issue, and are just "innocently" coming way up stream for a boat ride in a place where you could be boating below, not above ANYWAY, well, gosh, I still don't believe that's all there is to it.
Why do I call for a boycott? Because I was banned from this store by Sinister Sadist, a documented bad actor. The owner of the store then denied having anything to do with Sinister Sadist. I said maybe he is the owner of the sim from whom he rents, I often find that when I am banned, it's from the odious Kalyrra Rentals for example, someone I frequently condemned for crapping up the Mainland with ad farm signs to sell their island rentals -- until finally the Lindens stopped allowing that (after years of protests). Then the owner said he rents from Blaccard Burke. Well, he's no favourite of mine either, I seem to recall him unable to take criticism, and perhaps I banned him somewhere so he is reciprocating, it doesn't matter. I told the Country Living guy (Spanks) that Blaccard is indeed related to Sinister, just look at their group. I don't think he's an alt but he's in the group.
Ok, thanks for that correction. Of course, the window is a big part of this item : )
Nonsense. This was a completely fake exercise that was provoked ONLY by the railroad issue -- which the forums clamorers lost. That's all this is. The river was never blocked. Not after the tubes area, nor before. I went there and saw it was a tad on Linden land and moved it, because I have no requirement to be on Linden land! And I saw the river was passable and that this was a contrived incident merely to put pressure on me. Meg never explains why she doesn't sail downstream; why she had never protested this before (the build has been here for more than a year); why she suddenly has to go upstream and boat, and imagines it is in her way. All very suspect. People who do contrived, harassing things like that get banned, full stop. The general public enjoyed this area for more than a year and I never once heard a complaint about THAT rock in THAT area. I had a whole slew of fake complaints about ANOTHER one which the Lindens confirmed was NOT encroaching and was just in the gallery owner's mind. He relentlessly harangued me over this and it was crazy.
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Oct 7, 2012
Before accusing all the users of being stupid enough to allow malware on their computer, perhaps you should consider that they are referring to a feature you yourself are introducing, which is the forced links appearing at the bottom of every post as you compose it. While you don't *have* to click on those links and insert them into your post, they are intruded into the view, and there doesn't seem to be any way to dismiss them entirely. They are generally not helpful, as they merely pick out Wikipedia entries for the key words. I don't want or need this "blogging assistant" and I wish I could get rid of the view of it completely.
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What you're talking about is a different issue, whether a person who starts a thread can delete someone they don't like in that thread -- the way you can on Lithium, on Second Life. I hate that, I think it's ridiculously infantile and close-minded. I won't go on the forums for that reason. Don't talk in public if you can't take the feedback, and if you need to be in a self-perpetuating and self-reinforcing little circle, you're merely revealing your level of intolerant close mindedness. But what I'm talking about is something different. It's the request of some people that when they block you from view, that you can't find their stream anywhere, not in search, and not in public chat, so to speak, even if you opted for "Public". I hope Google will resolutely oppose that. After all, if you have opted Public as your choice, then expect the consequences and simply mute or block people you personally don't want to see in your stream (you have the option of muting people or individual posts). And more importantly, with the Circle concept, if you have something you can't bear to have your enemies see, why, you can post it only to that Circle. In fact, we'll see a lot more of that, people, especially these high-end influencers, creating circles where they give specialized content and create a feeling of exclusivity from which others are left out. More and more, you will hear people muttering that they've circled someone who hasn't circled them, or that they suspect that that person is putting stuff out to some circles and not others and excluding them. And what is said in an exclusive circle is easily copied by the Internet's obvious copybotting functions, and sent to other circles, just like emails and tweets not intended for "the wrong hands" or "other eyes" -- but it will be even more of a coup to have gotten content out of a closed circle. I hope Google can track how many people post to closed circles that aren't "family" or "friends" I imagine that no politicians, especially after Andrew Weiner's mishaps, will be stupid enough to think they can create a Circle called "$5000 supporters" and only post certain gems to them, and not to others. Of course, that's essentially what happened when Obama spoke to his $5000-a-plate crowd in Silicon Valley or whatever, where he expected the audience to be lefties, and spoke about "folks clinging to guns and religion" -- a statement that flew out of that closed smug circle in a heartbeat and got twittered and blogged and haunted him ever after.
Why do they have school uniforms in that fabulous future, that's what I want to know.
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This information isn't in the knowledge base; the article there is from 2009. I haven't heard this issue yet of "25,000 unique visitors" -- where was that said? I also don't see where I can get that information on my blog. For example, right now I'm showing "31,875 page views" for 30 days, but where can I find the unique visitors? It's not a metric that the Typepad platform provides. I've suspected that something like this was "up" for quite a while because I can't get any straight answers about the ads despite repeated contact in person via email with staff who assured me at first they were going to send me code. So it sounds like even if we were accepted into the old Six Apart ad program, even if we were transitioned, if we failed to have 25,000 unique visitors, we were dumped without notification?
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I love Typepad. It is freedom. Freedom from Steve Gillmore, who forces opensource on everything everywhere, with a vengeance. Freedom from the horror of open source cultic commuuuuunity. Freedom from "thought leaders" and all the other dreck of the TED-educated. Freedom! Simple, easy, and with a helpdesk that in fact works. They are always speedy. But it's pretty simple to use. I don't need more virality that I already get from people pushing Youtube links at me. I don't like RockMelt, when all those FB friends came cascading down at me, I shut it off. I already have them on FB. That's enough.
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Alexander Shatravka Only one of four friends who decided to escape from the USSR and flee to the United States managed to land in America, after they were all arrested in 1974 in Finland and returned to the Soviets. What was their fate? For their desire to be free, to... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2010 at Alexander Shatravka
Hamlet makes his claims based on information that the Emerald developers gave him, and they are not to be trusted. They are not independently verified by any other service. In the past, Emerald has given out as "users" the numbers of downloads of their viewer, for example, and they've had thousands of "try-mes" and attrition from people who face problems with it just like any software -- and many defections in recent days because of their involvement of users unknowingly in a denial-of-service attack on another griefer. Only Linden Lab knows how many Emerald viewers there are, as they can identify the client used, but they aren't telling. I don't see that it is anything near 50 percent of the concurrency as claimed. It's a little more complicated than just Emerald qua Emerald being the copybotter viewer. They would staunchly deny they have any such features that violate the third-party viewer-policy. But the same devs have a shady past in making Vlife and other rogue viewers used to copy and grief, and that's the problem. They also have an even more disreputable caper of selling "anticopybot" devices for a fortune -- Skills Hak sells the gadget to undo the harm that his buddies created on other viewers and alts as everyone knows. One Emerald dev, Discrete Dreamscape, put up a copybot patch on the JIRA (bug reporting system and issues tracker) and it sat there for months for people to download before finally the Lindens were persuaded to remove it). We all "get" that yeah, "if you can see it you can copy it". That doesn't make this technical imperative a moral law for a virtual world based on tying intellectual property to commerce -- so unlike the Creative Commons shill, which browbeats everyone into "sharing" without embedding a payment system and a close tie of property rights to earning a living. It is possible to create a regimen protecting copyright with the simple permissions system and creator identification system in SL, and that's all a good thing. I wouldn't say that it is content theft that has devastated the economy in SL at all, as again, as people show remarkable resilience and they also fight copyright violation in real courts of law -- and win. No, the economic troubles happened for other reasons: o land glutting by Linden Lab -- they make their revenue by selling land (rental of server space) but then there is a glut of it and that undermines the existing wholesale buyers who bought up 100s of islands for retail development o Linden Homes, a new development that steers all newbies into standard prefab homes where they have more prim allotment for furniture -- that means Linden Lab again competes against their own customers in the rentals business and prefab business o Slow enforcement against ad farms and bots -- while Linden Lab took YEARS to develop policies against these twin scourages of the sims, and finally did ban ad spamming all over sims and bots that faked traffic statistics, they then took awhile to enforce it. The damage was done by then. Much of the "enhancements" of the Emerald viewer are about devastating the privacy of other people, and that should be changed -- things like outing the decision of people to put "hide my status on line" or making it easier to grab their avatar key to track them and their purchases. It's true that Viewer 2.x hasn't had uptake because it's got too many huge annoyances in it like the chat cluster and the non-detachable sidebar of actions. Eventually LL says they are changing some of this. The SL economy has actually proved pretty hardy, withstanding all the depredations that Linden Lab throws at it in all kinds of ways. In fact, the economy has steadily grown in 7 years, and there is one number that ceaselessly climbs upward and always improves with very few exceptions: number of avatars who have spent more than one Linden dollar inworld. Today, that number is at nearly half a million. It's important to keep in perspective that half a million people logging on regularly and spending money make it possible for several thousand people to make a real-life living from the platform, and for many more to get various RL expenses of being online paid for. That's something Facebook and Twitter don't do for you, and it's a promise of things to come in the 3D web.
Well, as long as she merely stays a view, and doesn't herself become some sort of pesky neighbour, it should work out. I'd much rather look at her textures, even if it means more lag, than look at the cascading brown boxes and disco club I looked at for 4 years lol. Life is about choices; Second Life is about happy accidents. This turns into a chutes-and-ladders situation, however, when you go two steps forward getting rid of a pesky view and have a nice view and then whoops it's a view generated by a witch. I'm hoping she will simply stay out of my hair, as there is no reason for her to be contacting me or saying a thing about my land. She moved into land knowing it was next to me, and that I have build rules, but that they may not deliver builds to her taste. She is welcome to buy the view for $10/meter.
Um, I'm making sense, you're just trolling and trying to find some "gotcha" to be abusive and be the asshole we already know you to be. 1) Some iterations of search ago -- I'd say 3-4 but definitely before viewer 2 -- at least a year ago -- I was suddenly showing in the top of search/all. This was bizarre, because I had no reason to be in the top. My rentals are of modest size, even likely being the largest, or among the largest on the mainland -- but that's not saying much. My parcels are smaller and aren't high-traffic. I never buy expensive classifieds. I have parcels in search as my vacancies list, but others have zillions more. I don't sell picks or use traffic gimmicks. I don't have any special SEO gimmick in my descriptions. And so on. So what is it? And I *speculated that* it could be picks *at that time* that kept me at the top. I was up there with the gaming-picks Elanthius and Cherry Rentals which is also often on top, either due to actual traffic or gaming, I don't know. The, *after Viewer 2* -- as I wrote but *before the Lindens took out picks* -- I fell out of the top again. Nothing on my end changed that I knew about although possibly I ran less classifieds. So 6 months ago when yet another version was being made and viewer 2 was rolled out *when picks were still included* I did NOT get to the top. So, so much for the theory that picks get you to the top. It's picks and something else that maybe was in the formula for that flavour of the month; but picks alone wouldn't float it. So LONG BEFORE this latest version I fell out of the top, and who knows why. Yet people still find me on some key words or they find a classifieds or they find my inworld kiosk. So unlike other businesses who report sharp drops as the Lindens began to heavily monkey with the search, I didn't experience any terrible losses. Today, without the picks -- and supposedly then without gamers like Elanthius -- I'm still not visible on top -- and that means 10 pages or more under "rentals". And that's because proliferation of key words may still keep people on top, but who knows. It doesn't matter to me if I'm on top in search or not. It has wildly fluctuated over the years and I just keep doing my best and trying different things and trying to make it. If it becomes so impossible to be seen, I will go out of business and find some other form of involvement in Second Life. So your silly notions that I'm some terrified self land baron who is gasping in pain because my lucrative land deals are drying up over some search bork are really misplaced. Go try that on somebody else like Elanthius, your fellow cynical geek who deliberately gamed the system and has been a winner and now a loser. Picks belong in search. Obviously you're of the geek religious denomination which is why you can see the destruction of user-generated content and organic connections made with software as a "problem" and not as a "nerf" but as "using the software as intended". It's the usual geek doctrinal approach that must be smashed if we are ever to have a free world. And smashed hard. Personal recommendations are "likes" -- they are links in this system. When you link a page, you recommend it. Google takes links and builds the search ranking on that basis. It's the same notion, and it is totally legitimate. Land is a page; picks are a link to the page. Eevn within your own geeky universal you can concede that. And indeed that was the basis for search until Lindens found that either a) it just bothered them in narrow, sectarian ideological ways b) some people were in the top in search they didn't like, and they didn't know what to do about it except kill the system. I'm betting it was a) because I'm not as conspiratorial minded as b) would indicate.
What can be done about the JIRA? It really is such a malicious evil. I wonder if a group of people bought or rented the JIRA fresh to make their own if they could construct an alternative SL.
Darienn, I'm not getting why someone who has been in business longer, who invested their time, treasure and talent in SL earlier than you do, should be denied the fruits of their labour. That's life in the big city in a free market. Anything else to "undo" that is uravnilovka, levelling off people artificially, artificially punishing them merely for being successful in a free economy -- and that's socialism, and it's not free. Someone who has more connections, more picks, more traffic, more whatever by dint of their honest labour deserves to be higher in search and to have more customers! Why not?! That's socialism to expect otherwise -- and the worst kind of manipulative controlling socialism because it would substitute a normal organic system that rewards people's labour with an artificial system of arbitrary rotating or cutting off or randomness that would then be at the mercy of coders -- who would once again gain power without transparent participation -- and however their mechanic system gets gamed. Wildfire, you're not making sense. Why would someone use your name in their picks -- unless you mean the name "wildefire" somehow is on land somewhere and then shows up in a search with you? Is that your land? And if it shows up in searches on that term, so what? That's what random search *does*. Not getting your point. When you talk about "use cases" of this technology, Wildefire, you are still talking about it in this mechanical, geeky way that makes it sound like some false symmetry "requires" that we "make" people stop using something the way they are using it, and use it some other way, or change the mechanics. Why? People like stories right on their picks. They usually associate it with a place. Not always, but ususually. So why not leave it alone? Place matters in a geographic world. Does this "unfairly" reward landlords who make nice areas where people stand and make picks? No, it's a just reward for making an area a person wants to be in, either as a literal place, or as merely the setting for their other objective, which is to write "My boyfriend" or "MY RP Limits" or whatever. So what? The Lindens are not going to be coding new tabs on the avatar. I think we can safely expect that. They will plead insufficient resources of programming labour and also a database to handle those inworld assets. Instead, they will want the Avatars United to do this, and if that flops, as it seems to be, eventually they will put it on the avatar pages associated already with They are working on some kind of tab somewhere already (I hope it's not on the avatar, but I bet it is) that will say "Connect me to Facebook/Twitter" blah blah. Simone Linden even asked this on Twitter the other day, what would be a good name for such a connect button. I said the name for it should be GO NAKED as I think many people do not want a tab on their avatar that would take them to Facebook -- they just don't require it. I have a Facebook profile and I wouldn't feel a requirement for it, either. But the Lindens are hell-bent on doing this. What they won't do is have more tabs on the avatar doing things that aren't of interest to them like enabling people to write more about their immersive inworld experiences. They want to drag people to the outer money-making social media, not deepen their own world that serves as a heavy cost center for them.
Wildefire, the Lindens have the capacity to have individual avatar pages on the website to make a kind of SLacebook if they wanted to. But they don't, maybe due to management/server issues. Those pages in fact do exist and even search in Google like a FB page, it's funny. But you can only add to them from inworld. I think everybody would love to have more space on those "pages". I do wonder about making the RP and other sort of SL "stories" that emerge out of Picks separate from land. I think that might be worth doing on the web page, but I don't see how they can fit more on the avatar inworld and they'd claim dbase issues. And I don't mind that "stories" are land-related. This is a geographically contiguous world with a geographic location metaphor. And I'm for keeping that. In real life, your first kiss doesn't take place in outerspace; it takes place on a front porch at a certain house or in a certain movie drive-in or at a certain high-school dance. It is tethered in space and time to a PLACE. And the stories like that in SL are place-related and that's ok. The other sort of long RP things like "My best friend" "My daddy and mommy" (yuck) "My policies for talking to you -- ever -- if I agree to do that, and only if you never write Hi and wait and never teleport me without notice and never ask a question -- then I'll talk to you" -- sort of stuff - well, why not have those on land? I mean, people making "business policies" pages tie them to their office. People who make elaborate rules about teleports and unsolicited friending etc. are at their homes when making them. Why not?
Yeah, I get that Ann. I realize that Google keeps their algorithm secret. And there are legions of SEO experts as a result who play the knowier-than-thou game to scared people who will pay them to reveal these secrets. And it's no different with the mini-version of SL. Generally, I've done the basics to stay in search in reasonable ways but I've refused to pander or game the system. I find doing something like buying a sim and naming it "rentals" pretty tacky and disgusting even if legal. I'm not going to write "rentals" ten times on a search ad myself, but if there isn't a clear-cut rule against it (there should be) then if a tenant does it, I would have to tolerate it. I'd have to point out that it doesn't work as well as another simple device, which is to find something you're selling that has a niche and a following and figure out a key word that people will look it up under, and put that in your description. Often you will find for niche items you are sharing a page with only 10 other people or 30 other people on two pages. So from there, you get people in the store to look at the other items. I agree that the land-for-sale stuff is for the birds. It's currently what really skewing up the "rentals" search quite possibly and explains why so many parcels are just showing up randomly -- they may be for sale, in the for sale list, and search is capturing them in the "places" search as well. i don't know. I don't get why so many of those items say "Land" and "mainland" and "auctions" like the land-for-sale interface does in the results under "places" unless that's what is happening. If LL really is starting to eradicate sectors where there has been heavy gaming, then good, that makes sense, but I don't know if they are doing this with sense and proportion, since I don't trust them not to be narrow minded and sectarian. You may find it abhorrent that people sell picks and that Elanthius had 100 fake picks. But I won't find it as *sufficiently* terrible to warrante deleting picks from search UNLESS you can show me that was so widespread that it trumps the authentic Picks. And I don't see that it does. It's like traffic infusion. Some people want to get rid of traffic entirely, as visible inworld and as a search function. The Lindens are heavily prone to that lobby as they think like this -- it's a geek religion doctrine. But it's also fixable by policing bots, removing those lots from search, and enforcing the *policy* and not just achieving it with blunt code (deletion of traffic). And even if not perfectly fixed, when we see that first few returns on popular words like "hair" or "rentals," we can figure they're gamed and skip on -- at least, under the old search, the interface made that possible for us. I'm finding that 50 percent of the annoyance of the new search in viewer 2 is the graphical lay out. The excess space, the green colour, the slider, the strange junk words filling in, etc. The old viewer worked for me primarily because it gave me a clean, economical interface that returned very visible and straight results on one line with a picture to teleport. The new one is something you feel you are literally wrestling with.
Darienn, you have a touching faith in the mechanical system and its "perfectability" that is belied by the actualities -- that what is on top now, as I explained in detail in this post, are just those repeating words. That's all. "Keyword stuffing" measures apparently aren't robust enough. Just "clicking on search" as a means of purity? But what is on top, surfaced, to be clicked on, is already pre-advantaged by having used traffic infusion or in this case increasingly repeat words. The presence of Elanthesius being unethical in this system and somehow getting away with making 100 alts (I know that if I try to make more than the standard number allowed, I am stopped by the system if I use my regular name and regular payment information -- that means he overrode those systems, too, with fake information) -- even that sort of cynical story doesn't undo for me the value of picks which is vastly more organic and true than his cynical manipulation of it. You, like the geeks programming search in Linden Lab, have this rigid belief that if there is one geek like yourself that beat the system by knowing how it works mechanically, that trumps the vast normal and organic use of the system for its intended purposes and means all of that democratic participation legitimately in the system has to be overthrown. It's really a terribly skewed and even cultic logic. Eli, people who "just happened to be standing on my rental" have *chosen my rental* out of all the rentals there are in Second Life. They were happy there with low-cost rentals and were happy with the buildings and infrastructure or with the freedom to put up their own builds. So it's perfectly fine, organic, and normal and not "gaming the system" to be showing up as a business in people's picks as they record their SL. In fact, some businesses like BlogHUD imprint their company logo visibly on to every picture that a person organically produces so that they have endless advertising and "brand recognition" (to the point of becoming annoying, as BLogHUD) does. I don't see anything wrong whatsoever with people "just happening to stand" on a parcel *they chose* out of the sea of rentals in SL. That's good. As for "reaping the benefits" -- there haven't been any benefits to reap. As I noted, about 3 versions ago, I found I was in the top. It made no sense as I wasn't the largest, didn't have traffic of any significance (say, only 1,000-2,000 at the most highly visited locations) and didn't have any particular reason why I among all the many mainland and especially island landlords should stick out. So the only reason I could have been there was likely because of the picks. But who knows. Maybe it was something else. THEY DON'T TELL YOU WHAT THE SECRET ALGORITHM WAS. Since viewer 2 started, like others I experienced a drop in business because search just doesn't work even to find what is in there by a total search phrase, and is often buggy. But since I use many sorts of alternatives, I still get customers. Lately, I've had many more customers, some of them finding me in search anyway, even though I wasn't showing in the top 10 pages (pages!) even *before* this removal of the picks. Although I appreciate your usual cynical trolling here Eli, I'm afraid your "gotcha" just doesn't work. My protest about the removal of picks isn't because I don't benefit any more -- I didn't benefit even when they *had* the picks for reasons that are totally obscure. My protest is generic: I don't see that the overwhelming good of the system should be killed for the sake of edge casing. Now, the fact that other much, much larger rentals agencies like Anshe Chung etc aren't complaining about this yet means either they haven't figured it out, or they figure that most of their business and their appearance in search comes from paid classifieds and they'd rather stick with that model. But as institutions like Fermi's Sandbox discover that the deserved and merited "picking" that they got has now lead to them being dumped out of the lead and put in its place others who are there now accidentally, we'll hear more protest. If we *don't* hear protest, it will merely signify that a group of leaders have figured out how to cynically game the system as Elanthius has done.
And you're here commenting on my blog because...why?
Why don't you file a ticket with the LDPW? They would probably pave it in a day, it doesn't take that much.
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Stand-alone products are fine. Maybe they don't need to be so expensive.
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Um, stalking? Huh? Pathfinder is a very public figure. Pathfinder is publicly going around the lecture circuit to various *public* conferences. And making presentations of ideas that I find reprehensible. Ideas that need to be challenged, and aren't. Ideas about how a certain class of people, with a certain agenda, should take over the Metaverse. This is all definitely fair game for criticism; indeed, it's a civic duty. These ideas of the opensource shill, the coercive collectivism in education, the pseudoscience, the inducing of control over people's emotions -- these are all ideas that you find compatible because you're one of this class. So naturally you'll do anything to distract from any controversy and criticism and fall back on the old coercive geek tactics: o call any criticism "trolling" o declare any critic to be "mentally imbalanced" o if they persist despite this atempt to delegitimize and bully the critic, accuse them of various crimes -- stalking is one, libel is another Fail, Velvet.
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One of the really retarded things that Soft Linden and one of the freaks on the OpenSource list did during all this is to start reprimanding anyone who posted a list of all the fired Lindens. A full list went up on the coders' anonymous posting haven Pastebin. And the cry went up from these no-privacy, open, "information wants to be free" freaks that "no one should publish this" because it would harm job-seekers. That in this cut-throat industry, as you are saying, if you are known to be unemployed while looking, you can't be considered for employment. That's harsh. But stands to reason in a region of oversupply of these nerds, and a need to winnow them out using some easy function. I know because the times I've posted to Craigslist looking for a simple database or web developer, I will be inundated with resumes even having put that only people from the tristate area who are citizens should apply. Deluged, and deluged by angry fucks who keep angrily insisting that you confirm receipt of your resume, that you explain where you are in the recruitment process, that you get back to them just because you interviewed with them -- they are impossibly arrogant and obnoxious as a group, never seen anything like it. No one is required, when deluged with thousands of resumes, to acknowledge receipt. Looking for that is retarded. And even if you got an interview, demanding instant answers is what gets you put in the round bin in my book, because employers sometimes change course after these see what the interviews turned up, or something some other manager stalls them, and you again do not owe any niceties to people you interviewed other than to say thanks, and send me your writing sample or whatever extra thing you wanted -- and that's it. I would now never, ever go to Craigslist or any open list looking for IT help because it's a recipe for harassment, deluging, and of course zillions of resumes from Russians and Chinese *in* those countries still or trying to come here. Even so, you can't get good IT help. I work in quite a few different offices so I see an outrageous range of really incompetent to really good that happens because people don't know how to comparison shop and demand quality. Geeks still terribly intimidate a lot of office managers and executives. That has to stop. These people are garage mechanics, and in an office setting, they should be as courteous and helpful as the cleaning ladies and the security guards instead of being arrogant fucks.
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Wow, that was quite the trip down memory lane! And quite telling, eh?
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