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Alan Seeger
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I'm so very, very sorry.
Toggle Commented Jan 22, 2016 on Til Death Did Us Part at Kathryn Cramer
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What's even weirder is thinking that someone at Highlights magazine is cool enough to be a reader of Wil's blog. ;)
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'Bout time you did something important with your life, Wheaton.
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Josh Sgro said... "I recommend calling amazon and letting them know that your kindle was stolen and you need the IP address that was most recently associated with it. With that info you could track down the person's home yourself and contact them, or go to the police with the info." Yeah, then he could pull a Sheldon Cooper and go bang on the person's door and demand that they give Wheatley back. He might need to take Felicia Day with him, though. Dr. Cooper needed Penny's assistance, after all. ;)
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Apr 18, 2010