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Masayoshi Sekimura
San Francisco, CA
Interests: music, san francisco, blog, soccer, japan, bike, weblog, hokkaido
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It's my last day at Say Media. It has been a fantastic journey being part of an incredible team here and Six Apart.— Masayoshi Sekimura (@sekimura) January 25, 2013 Time for new challenges. I am so excited to join the team @snapguide. Onward!— Masayoshi Sekimura (@sekimura) January 25, 2013 Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2013 at Masa aka Sekimura
# Problem I do not want to pay $80 + tax + about $15 other charges for an off-contract iPhone. $39.99 for 450 minutes talk, $20 for 300MB data and $20 for unlimited text messages. # Solution Switch to a prepaid plan. Since AT&T does not let us switch from post-paid to prepaid, you got to find other services. There are a lot of services out there. Having two friends using Straight Talk, I switched to Straight Talk and am using it for three months now. I guess it's a good time to dump pros and cons. # Pros You... Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2013 at Masa aka Sekimura
Or maybe they are not. First of all, I don't have a car. I live in the city and I can walk or ride my bicycle to commute between home and office. Without a car, I can avoid to pay for insurance, parking hustle, maintenance fee and more. When I really need a car, like going to [Point Reyes]( for hiking, I use [Zipcar]( "Zipcar"), "wheels when you want them". So I had used cabs a lot in San Francisco. But there are four things I really hate about cab drivers. 1. They **don't show up**. It really happens a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 16, 2012 at Masa aka Sekimura
One of my most favorite football players in history Continue reading
Posted Sep 4, 2012 at En un momento dado
Lille 1 : 2 Paris Saint Germain by Futbol2101 see more at Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2012 at En un momento dado
Video: Swansea City v Sunderland Premier League Highlights 09/01/12 Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2012 at En un momento dado
Chelsea v Atletico Madrid by dm_503958b5a2498 Continue reading
Posted Aug 31, 2012 at En un momento dado
**Don't use it**. I mean it. Do not use auto-reply vacation email setting because there is no effective way to use it. Getting "OOO I'm on vacation" email from a guy who has a desk next to me is just ridiculous. I can visually see his empty desk now and he told me he will be on vacation before he left. Vacation auto-reply email function is not smart enough to determine if recipient knows sender's vacation schedule or not because there is no such a technology to look into my brain from any mail exchange servers delivering the shit. What... Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2012 at Masa aka Sekimura
Image import re def strip_margin(text): return re.sub('\n[ \t]*\|', '\n', text) def strip_heredoc(text): indent = len(min(re.findall('\n[ \t]*(?=\S)', text) or [''])) pattern = r'\n[ \t]{%d}' % (indent - 1) return re.sub(pattern, '\n', text) print strip_margin( """I was reading a book "Programming Scala" and |noticed that there is stripMargin method in |RichString class in Scala. | |It's damn useful.""") print strip_heredoc( """ And... There is strip_heredoc in Ruby's String object. Now you don't need a leader "|". It does do a great job even if the string has multi level indention. It's damn useful too. especially for usage docs like: -h This message... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2012 at Masa aka Sekimura
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Mar 20, 2012
My favoriate two tools git and vim look good in colorful mode like syntax highlight or colored diff. You can put "almost unlimited" 256 different information in your terminal and which is _huge_. Well, using all 256 colors at once is not so useful, but I'd like to share my two coloring configurations. ## 1. Display git branche name in color Using git means you would have a lot of branches in your working repo. And the [git-completion.bash]( is the magic which allows you to use Tab key to complete name of branches, git sub commands and so on. I've... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2012 at Masa aka Sekimura
It was a raining week in San Francisco. We got enough rain to talk about the origin of "raining cats... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2012 at Masa aka Sekimura
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Oct 27, 2011
Linus Torvalds recently put the Linux kernel on Github as well as his dive log software. Here I asked him how he likes Github and what he thinks about it. From Linus: It seems to work well as a hosting place, I'm less impressed with the infrastructure to help "develop" things. It's clearly way too easy to create pointless issue requests, and the "pull requests" seem to be actively designed for somebody who pulls without ever even thinking about what he does - which is against everything I believe in as a project manager. So from the pull request it's... Continue reading
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Sep 3, 2011
I’ve been active in trying to get pipelining more widely deployed, but to date I haven’t tested mobile browsers much. So, one VM and two test pages (20 images on each) later, I asked my twitter peeps to hit it with their phones while I was watching with htracr. The results confirm what they saw; mobile browsers do pipeline, sometimes aggressively. how are the mobile browsers doing it today? First, Opera Mobile: via Continue reading
Reblogged Sep 1, 2011 at Masa aka Sekimura
we originally wrote the server in Erlang (with MochiWeb) two years ago. After two years of iteration, the code has become difficult to maintain. No one on our team is an Erlang expert, and we have had trouble debugging downtime and performance problems. So, we decided to rewrite it in Python, the de-facto language at Mixpanel. via Continue reading
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Jul 15, 2011
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Jul 6, 2011
Root domains are aesthetically pleasing, but the nature of DNS prevents them from being a robust solution for web apps. Root domains don't allow CNAMEs, which requires hardcoding IP addresses, which in turn prevents flexibility on updates to IPs which may need to change over time to handle new load or divert denial-of-service attacks. We strongly recommend against using root domains. Use a subdomain that can be CNAME aliased to, and avoid ever manually entering IPs into your DNS configuration. We also recommend a low TTL value, which will allow Heroku network engineers to quickly make changes to DNS... Continue reading
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So here we are. What should we do? We should seek the greatest value of our action. via This part is much more important than things someone mean about. Continue reading
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May 20, 2011