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As no proof of identity is required when casting a vote, how does the ECQ manage a situation where a pre-poll vote is lodged, and then a second vote for the same voter is lodged on election day? I have asked the ECQ this question and they refuse to answer! COMMENT: No pre-check is done and the vote is admitted to the count and if it shows up as an instance of multiple voting it is treated as such. The alternative is to count no pre-poll or postal votes until the rolls have all been scanned, in which case no counting can take place for several days. The only state that used to scan the rolls before processing pre-poll and postal votes was South Australia and it was abandoned before the last election because it delayed the count and because the instances of someone pre-poll and election day voting amounted to about a dozen in the entire state, and most of them were clerical errors.
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Mar 18, 2012