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I remember the time I flew home from Italy. My host had taken me shopping at the local street market, and I had some fresh fennel in my bag. That made an awesome snack on the plane.
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2015 on Friday Five: 5 Best Airport Snacks at Pornokitsch
I can sign in with Twitter now. Is that new? The early suggestions of Sheep Armistice and Sheep Refuge appeal to me as ideas, but the wording doesn't seem quite right. How about Sheep May Safely Graze as a title? I also like names involving Bluefoot or Bluefoots (not Bluefeet - think of Mr Proudfoot at the birthday party in LOTR insisting that the plural of his family name is "Proudfeet" and how strange that sounds). I can take or leave "Café". (On a Mac the é is Option+E followed by E.) I liked the alternatives like Park, Place, etc. or "Sign of the ..." Would prefer "Slacktivites" to "Slacktivist" if we're going to use it anywhere. I vote for "A Community of Slacktivites" as the subtitle, rather than anything cleverer. How about an "About" page for newcomers, explaining what the site is and where we came from?
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2011 on First order of business at The Slacktiverse
I think time travellers are allowed to mess with other people's pasts, just not their own. That's what the Doctor did wrong in The Waters Of Mars, because he knew so much about Adelaide Brooke and the effect she was supposed to have on history that by changing her fate he was (or should have been) changing his own past. In contrast, he didn't know anything much about how Kazran Sardick came to be the way he was, so it was okay for him to go back and interfere. This isn't a cast-iron argument, because if he'd managed to "cure" Kazran early in life, things would have been very different the first time he met the older Kazran. But it gives me an excuse to stop worrying about it and enjoy the story. :-)
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"If the Daleks think that the Doctor is going to destroy the universe, why are they keeping him alive?" Because of his sympathetic link to the TARDIS. Look what it did when he regenerated - how would it react if he died? Maybe his death is what causes the explosion, so the Daleks have to keep him alive at all costs by putting him in the Pandorica so he will be protected for ever.
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Depends whether the law you're proposing is a "law of the land" or a "law of nature". If the former, and a Weeping Angel forced him to break it, he could get away with it, couldn't he?
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In Blink he got sent back in time, without using the TARDIS, to a place where the TARDIS wasn't. You could say it doesn't count because the TARDIS got sent after him eventually, but I think that's stretching a point.
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What a lovely review. Personally, I'd have felt cheated if he had been completely stable after his regeneration, but I enjoyed the lack of angst and the casual dismissals ("Early days. Steering's a bit off") that sounded completely sincere. It remains to be seen what he'll say when he's feeling brokenhearted, but it probably won't be along the lines of 10's brittle "I'm always all right" that just goes to advertise how he isn't.
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I agree "Clair de Lune" (Debussy not Chopin) isn't very suitable for an ice cream van to play, but he could have meant "Au Clair de la Lune", a folk tune, which would fit better. FCDC? Blimey. I don't think I really care, but I took the middle part of the episode, with smartphones and videoconferencing, to be more-or-less the present day. So the scenes with young Amelia would be sometime in the 90s, and the end of the episode is in our near future. The only reason for putting this type of story in the future is so we can suspend disbelief more easily, as we haven't heard "Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence" coming out of our own radios ... yet.
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