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It was my first game day ( < 5% complete ) so the system was still very unfamiliar. I tried to call another horse, but no horse came when I whistled and I didn't have any deeds or an improved campsite yet ( nor the sense to use them ). Now I know that you have to wait about a minute before calling a replacement horse ( 98.9% complete - wtf am i missing?? ). In hindsight, I am sure there is some license in that story as well.
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Wil, I was playing RDR today and a strange scenario unfolded that I thought you might appreciate. I was roaming around Cueva Seca gathering desert sage and doing some hunting. While in the middle of gathering some herbs, I heard a commotion coming from the road. I looked up and saw a highwayman trying to bushwhack a traveler and steal his horse. Naturally, being an honorable bounty hunter, I decided to intervene. I rode up on the stranded man, but he didn't ask me to retrieve his horse. I decided that I would pursue the horseman anyway. I rode him down and lassoed him from the horse. Up to this point, I had expected to be given the ok to apprehend, but it never was granted. I suddenly realized that I had apprehended the horse owner and in a panic, I was trying to decide how to handle the situation. The man was still writhing on the ground caught in my lasso. While I sat atop my horse and visions of a kidnapping charge passed through my mind, a cougar suddenly sprang from the underbrush, attacked and killed the man I had apprehended. The cougar was then upon me, so I drew my pistol and shot it dead. It ended up being a win-win situation as I claimed a cougar pelt and the loot from the man's corpse. Also, don't feel bad about shooting your own horse. I did the same thing out in the wild when I was beset by a pack of wolves (this was on my first game-day) which swarmed around my horse. When my horse fell, I fought off the wolves only to be attacked by a pair of cougars. I won the day, but lost my golden pearl stallion and had to walk five miles back to civilization. I love this game, heh. Although, I wish you could slap the horse once you dismount to get it out of a gunfight.
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Well I vote you take a proactive approach and protect your IP. I respect your integrity, but Wil if you let people walk on you they will. It's not you being a dick, it's you standing up against the dicks (that sounds so bad). Good luck and I hope you find a resolution that works for you.
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Web hosting is actually very cheap, dirt cheap in fact. Generally, the price of a book or CD can get you two months of hosting, of course depending on the cost of the media or the provider. A domain is cheap, cheaper than the cost of a book for a full year of registration. Bandwidth is what is expensive, but of course that is the exploit you are proposing.
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Wil, I have so far enjoyed the podcasts, but I do have to comment on the self-deprecation of Wesley. Wesley was not and never will be the most annoying child role on a science fiction series. That honor must always be reserved for Boxey and Muffit from the original BSG. Even as a child near the same age as Boxey, I, nor any of my peers, identified with the character and found the role the most annoying part of that low budget, high imagination experience. Rest assured that even though you may have tapped the honor for a later generation and the personal experience heightens your perception, there will always be another character less useful and more annoying than Wesley Crusher. Break a leg and keep up the great work. You have come a long way and I, at the least, very much enjoy what you are doing these days.
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