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Konrad Senf
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thanks for the response! I'm now curious about what the videos directed at men are like. but to start off, I've decided to ask a good friend out ostrich riding, and I hope that she looks at her skype messages before her facebook feed, so that I'll get the uh, rejection that I asked for.
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I'm not hoping that anyone here actually gets a genuine rejection, but I'm really curious to see what that response would look like. anyone got a link? heineken is one of my least favourite beers (do I need to qualify this by stating that I'm German?), but damn if they haven't produced some of the best ad campaigns. the one with the walk-in fridge actually had me laughing out lout the first time I saw it.
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well played. the use of memes reminds me of a video I came across yesterday... though that one was a proposal. here:
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Dec 23, 2011