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Tony Sepulveda
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Here's the deal. Philbin passed on Flynn because Flynn isnt better than Moore. They passed on Alex Smith because he isn't that much better than Moore. Matt Moore had a 87.5 QB rating last year. 18 TD to 7 INT if I'm not mistaken. That's not that bad for a QB. Had he played 16 games he would have thrown for over 20TD. Miami's best move is to pick Blackmon or Floyd with the 1st pick then Weeden in the 2nd. Weeden is ready to start day one. Imagine Weeden and Blackmon on the same team. From there they can address the pass rusher with one of the remaining picks. I think Ireland has done a good job by passing on certain free agents. And money does matter. It's going to take 6 million to sign the draft picks. Miami has less than 8 million in cap space.
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Mar 22, 2012