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Sergii Pylypenko
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One unlucky decision my parents made when I was a kid, and now I can only use a keyboard with a short Backspace and two-row Enter keys. I'm truly sorry, but your perfect keyboard is perfect only for you, I'm stick with my $8 Mitsumi office-plankton-model, because of that subtle difference in key layout (for some reason, Mitsumi keyboards were really durable despite being cheap, my first one served me 5 years, second one - 4). I do not get that ergonomic layout that people want, how can you seriously type on that thing? After trying one, my hands were tired much more than after my usual keyboard, because it kind of tries to restrict your natural hand movement. Just keep your elbows on the desk, with a wide distance between them, and you'll be able to use straight 'murican keyboard with proper square keys, from the picture above, for four hours in a row without being tired at all.
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Aug 28, 2013