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Literally one question: It's anonymous and you can pick more than one thing! Feel free to expand on it in the comments here -- if you picked Web Soaps, do you have favorites? If you picked 90210, what are your favorite seasons? Etc! Edited to add: I want to clarify one thing. I'm probably not going to cover the best new shows on television. Or the best old shows. If I can't have a little fun at the show's expense, for the most part, you can find lots of much more high-profile commentary on just about everything. I'm not here to recap Friday Night Lights or The Wire. I even dropped The Fosters because I like it and other places covered it well (Previously TV, Autostraddle, etc) but I noticed some sites dropped them so, hey, low-coverage shows are more likely to happen here if they're worth it. Maybe I'll pick it back up. This is kind of stream-of-consciousness, but I just wanted to offer up a sense of what's behind the thinking here! Continue reading
Posted Aug 20, 2016 at Serial Drama
Come back here tonight to play along while we all sit on the edge of our seats to find out if this year's ceremony will be laughable, extremely laughable, or too embarrassing to feel comfortable laughing at. But there's one thing we know we can count on with Tyra Banks hosting: there will be smize-ing. Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2015 at Serial Drama
Well, they announced the nominations. The ceremony is, indeed, back on actual television this year! But that doesn't exactly fill us with excitement or optimism. It's not like the last ten times that happened were anything less than a shame spiral. So who's in? Let's take a look: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series PEGGY MCCAY, as Caroline Brady Days of Our Lives NBC ALISON SWEENEY, as Sami Brady DiMera Days of Our Lives NBC GINA TOGNONI, as Phyllis Newman The Young and the Restless CBS MAURA WEST, as Ava Jerome General Hospital ABC LAURA WRIGHT, as Carly Corinthos General Hospital ABC Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series ANTHONY GEARY, as Luke Spencer General Hospital ABC CHRISTIAN LEBLANC, as Michael Baldwin The Young and the Restless CBS BILLY MILLER, as Billy Abbott The Young and the Restless CBS JASON THOMPSON, as Dr Patrick Drake General Hospital ABC Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series LINSEY GODFREY, as Caroline Spencer Forrester The Bold and the Beautiful CBS AMELIA HEINLE, as Victoria Newman The Young and the Restless CBS ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON, as Chloe Fisher The Young and the Restless CBS FINOLA HUGHES, as Anna Devane General Hospital ABC LISA LOCICERO,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2015 at Serial Drama
Our thoughts on General Hospital and The Bold & the Beautiful were featured in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, currently on newsstands. My Take by Mallory Harlen Yes, it’s true that the season of eating, drinking and merry-being is winding down and the weather isn’t getting any warmer, but the upcoming weeks have their own special charm. Think about what the next month affords us: a new year, a fresh start and the opportunity to dream big. Anything can happen—even in Port Charles! And in case the writing staff needed a few prompts to get their creativity flowing, I’ve come prepared. You’re welcome, GENERAL HOSPITAL. It’s the least I could do. Has anything brought the GH audience more soapy glee than the assorted adventures of the Scorpio family? The return of Robin has been quite nearly perfect: her search for a polonium poisoning cure (I love when they show her being smart), her bonding with Nikolas and getting the Cliff’s Notes version of what’s gone on in Port Charles since she “died”) (I love that the show remembered that they were friends), her reunion with her parents (do I even need to specify that I loved it? Robin’s... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2014 at Serial Drama
Our thoughts on General Hospital and One Life to Live were featured in the September 30th issue of Soap Opera Digest. My Take by Louise Schwarz As of this moment, we still have no idea when (and if?) ONE LIFE TO LIVE will be returning to our computer screens. While I dab the corners of my eyes with tissues about that uneasy status, it seems like the perfect time to pick out a few superlatives for The Season That Was! Let’s go back to the very beginning, when the return of Victor Lord, Jr. was The Most Anti-Climactic Back From The Dead Story In History. While the reveal of Victor tied to a bed by Alison Perkins was a fantastic last moment for the original run of OLTL, his return to town barely even raised an eyebrow. A couple of characters half-gasped, while some others just mildly annoyed by his undead status. Dani was the only one who had a big reaction, but even she accepted it and moved on quickly. While it’s perfectly understandable that to the citizens of Llanview, a once-dead man just sauntering into the room isn’t actually that rare, it really undermines the dramatic stakes when... Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2013 at Serial Drama
It's "everybody's" "favorite" night: the night that the "world" "honors" the "best" in daytime televion while a "massive" audience watches at home. Yes, it's time once again for the Daytime Emmy Awards, which almost always turns into two hours of us making cartoonishly over-the-top confused faces at our televisions while former popstars and sitcom child actors perform in skits and thinly disguised commercials for tourist destinations. Also, the best actors and actresses on soaps sometimes walk away with awards and when they don't, we say angry things and swear a lot. Aren't you excited to spend the evening with us? <a href="" _mce_href="" >The 2013 Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Liveblogging Extravaganza</a> Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2013 at Serial Drama
We have been terrible at posting these, but they are still happening! Check out our monthly column in Soap Opera Digest, where this month we sounded off on our thoughts on GH as well as the returns of OLTL and AMC. My Take by Mallory Harlen I’ve become increasingly concerned for the citizens of Port Charles. And not just because of the dangers they face on a regular basis: constant mob wars, plans by supervillains that throw the entire town into chaos, the constant threat that you’ll catch Carly on a bad day and you’ll be collateral damage in her latest vendetta (or, worse, that she’ll start to confide in you about her problems). No, I’m more worried about what will happen to them once they are admitted to General Hospital, likely for injuries sustained in any of the aforementioned situations, because the medical care they are likely to receive there is questionable. Does anyone really feel comfortable right now putting their lives in Patrick’s hands? It’s not that I object to Patrick being trapped by a crazy woman claiming to be pregnant with his child—well, actually, I do object to that because of all people on this show, Patrick... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2013 at Serial Drama
The most ridiculous part of my day was not the sheer and utter GLEE I had at the return of All My Children and the way I actually squealed when the show opened with Brooke and Adam, because none of that is ridiculous at all. It's expected: Chandlers and Hubbards and Cortlandts are back in our lives. The only reaction a person should be having is GLEE. No, the most ridiculous part of my day was looking at the AMC/OLTL Premiere note I had written in my planner, as if I actually needed a reminder. I have an impeccable memory to start with so I almost definitely wouldn't have forgotten it and also, it's kind of a huge deal that I've been talking about incessantly for weeks to anyone who would listen and by "would" I mean, "was in close quarters in which escape wasn't an option". So why I felt the need to write myself a note is a little beyond me, unless Early-April Mallory just wanted to leave it there as a treat so that Mid and Late-April Mallory could get all flaily everytime she noticed it. I'm not even going to pretend like I have the presence... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2013 at Serial Drama
Our afternoons have felt undeniably sadder ever since ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE aired their finales. There are still times that we'll look at the clock during the 1 and 2PM hours and sigh wistfully. "What sort of nefarious plots would David Hayward be hatching right now, with that smug smile of his?" We ask. “In what regal and well-intentioned manner would Dorian Lord screw up the lives of everyone she loves this week and, most importantly, which hat would she be wearing while doing it?” We wonder. Our lives were a little emptier without the Chandlers and the Hubbards and Ryan Lavery (just kidding--we wanted to inject a little levity here before the schmaltz police arrested us.) The days seemed a little longer and lonelier without the Buchanans and the Hubbards and Robert Ford (okay, kidding again on that last one). But--and it's actually impossible for us to overstate our excitement about this. It's like our birthdays and a year's worth of holidays, plus our teams winning the Super Bowl and World Series all at once. And even that comparison is a little subdued compared to how we're actually feeling--we are finally going to be reunited... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2013 at Serial Drama
Our celebration of General Hospital's big 50th anniversary continues, and this look back is accompanied by a soundtrack of some classic slow jams. That's right: it's time to talk romance and it's really an embarrassment of riches. So many wonderful couples! Way too many to name, so we apologize in advance for any omissions--please post your favorites in the comments and join as as we swoon, sigh and get all giddy as we reminisce about our Favorite General Hospital Couples. LUKE AND LAURA Duh. BRENDA AND JAX...AND BRENDA AND SONNY We could argue about this until we are blue in the face (and we really do mean "we": Louise and Mallory could easily debate this pressing issue for hours, loudly and passionately and with various YouTube clips as evidence. "AS YOU CAN SEE HERE at moment 4:02, Brenda's eyes literally light up when Jax enters the room!"), but nobody can deny that both of these pairings (and the triangle in general) are iconic. Vanessa Marcil, chemistry magnet that she is, sparkled with both Maurice Benard and Ingo Rademacher. You could almost (almost!) admit that you could even see why the other Brenda-loving fanbase was so popular (even though they were... Continue reading
Posted Apr 3, 2013 at Serial Drama