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Don, it was such a pleasure to have you. Fantastic commentary and insight into how large organizations make the move into social in a way that is both authentic and supportive of real business goals. Thank you so much for attending. I'm so glad you were able to be part of it.
Hi Scott, Fascinating stuff, and a great example of what happens when business and social rules collide. The funny thing about "social" is that it doesn't necessarily mean "nice" (remember high school?) So while guerrilla tactics are annoying (like party-crashing, as you point out), they can probably be effective too, at least in the short term. After all, humans are humans, warts, obnoxious behavior and all. As to whether it's okay, well no--at least, not any more than it's okay to steal someone's girlfriend or trash their house. Whether it works long term is anybody's guess (and a different question), and I bet that some social psychologist will have a field day with that whole topic. Ultimately, you have to abide by your own principles and ethics, and I think that over time the transparency of social media will act as a corrective to the more overtly nasty behavior. After all, people tend to behave better when they know they're being watched, don't they?