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Actually, as a public employee they are different--if they don't like the deal, they can quit.
You are either for legal concealed carry or you aren't--Hardly anyone believes that concealed carry is OK in most places, but somehow a bigger problem in a national park. Rather, you'll find people who don't like concealed carry, and think it is even worse in a park, or a college campus, or a playground, or near alcohol, or in a car, or...
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Margaret There's the bicycle peg loophole, the wrench loophole, the roll of quarters loophole, the flashlight loophole, the rock loophole... The problem is with thugs, not what they carry.
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The real problem here is that trademark laws are messed up. A major company almost has to sue someone periodically in order to "actively protect" their mark and keep from letting it go public domain. If nobody is actually infringing, they find the next closest to sue.
Your attitudes are nearly identical to mine. If drug were legal for adults, but selling to minors remained illegal, we might even reduce use--I think the younger you start, the more likely you will become addicted. When I was in Jr high and high school, drugs were easier to find than alcohol.. Do it for the children.
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2009 on The drug war is a failure at Void Where Prohibited