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@ guilty pleasure: Thanks for letting me know that! LoL, I really wasn't sure but I figured I might have missed something. However, knowing Asa, I don't think that he would have allowed her the option of giving the mansion to anyone other than Matthew. I am wondering what they will reveal in order to get the mansion back from Cutter though. (Oh, & just call me Miry, lol. Damn typepad won't let me post without signing in & my old AIM account is the only one I wanted to log-in with!)
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2011 on Barreling Through At Breakneck Speed at Serial Drama
My question in all of this is that unless I missed something, NORA is the one who actually owns the Buch mansion! Didn't Asa give it to HER in his will because he knew that Matthew was the Buch future and he loved Nora and he wanted to make sure that they both stayed very close to all things Buchanan no matter who he was or wasn't married to. So, unless I missed that epi when Nora signed over the mansion to Clint, technically, according to Asa's last will and testament (the one in which he made everyone be on the board and get along or they'd lose the company, which they in fact did to Dorian), Nora is the one that owns that mansion and so Clint basically sighed away to Cutter a worthless piece of paper.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2011 on Barreling Through At Breakneck Speed at Serial Drama
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Jun 18, 2011