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I like Markdown a lot, but for semi-complex to complex work I have to use ReStructuredText, despite what I consider a few flaws. What I think is an important win for ReST is its extensibility, a feature absent from Markdown. Your initiative would certainly, IMHO, be more beneficial if the resulting standard includes an extensibility mechanism with features on par with those of ReST.
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2012 on The Future of Markdown at Coding Horror
Hi, thanks for your feedback. I will reply in english. 1. The PosgreSQL version is currently hardcoded to 8.4 because it's the one that ships with Ubuntu. If you've installed PostgreSQL 9 (which is probably better than 8.4), you can still install the package but only by forcing the installation. 2. "Why Tomcat when we advised you to use JBoss instead 1 year ago?" Well, this was 1 year ago, and things have changed since. We've worked a lot on the Tomcat packaging, and we think it's a best option for small to medium installation. If you want to use JBoss for a large scale installation, of course you're still welcome. Regards, S.
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" Apache Chemistry, which will enable all JCR-compliant vendors to support CMIS." Not just JCR, actually all a repository vendor (open source or not) will need to do is to implement a relatively simple SPI (Service Provider Interface) to add a CMIS connector (AtomPub or SOAP) to its repository. As long as you're using Java, of course. Nuxeo is already doing this for its content repository (Nuxeo Core).
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Apr 26, 2010