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Hi Katie: Enjoyed this post. However, I think you have to take the nuanced view with these cards. The client gift and the agency card are two very different things. Most agencies have a tight list of clients and other very important people who get a nice client gift and custom printed card. Then there's the ecard that goes out to the broader universe of its social media audience, occasional vendors and agency friends that says "hey. Thanks for being part of our world." There may, in fact, be little ROI for that. Unless you give away a free gift with it, like "download our free report on this" or "click here to come to our free webinar." I think the degree of the warm fuzzies people get from their cards is relative to (a) how much they like the sender in the first place and (b) how many of these their inbox is cluttered with. Count your blessings, Katie. You got a lot of cards cause you're popular!
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Jan 5, 2012